Zombie Cake / Cake Decorating

Zombie Cake / Cake Decorating

73 thoughts on “Zombie Cake / Cake Decorating

  1. can u make a purse cake a cake that looks like a purse please because on my birthday I did not get a cake so I got cup cakes so a purse cake would be cool please

  2. Sorry, i just got this, For a school girl dress, i think it could be a plaid skirt, with a white blouse top? And you could make decorations if you can. Thank you for taking my suggestion! And I am sorry again for responding a little late…

  3. Hi Arwa, that's what I was going for a Zombie Graveyard gown!:) I thought it was kind of ironic, a graveyard dress. Thanks

  4. I love your work but can you show us how to make shoe cake. Like the ones with heels and I know you will be able to do it because your great with this stuff.

  5. Hey Liz,   I just started following you and I cant keep my eyes off your cakes!!!!!! Question…..how much would you charge for a cake like this?

  6. I just started watching like five days ago and I can't stop. You're awesome! Question, what do you do with these cakes after the videos?

  7. gracias Liz Larson me encanta que este en español siempre me e conformado con mirar por que no entiendo ingles. sigue haciendo más vídeos así subtitulado. gracias. saludos desde México

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