Yummy Pound Cake Recipe [ENGLISH SUBTITLES/CC]

Hello, Welcome to Desi Yummy Cooking. Today we are going to show you how to make yummy pound cake. Pound cake is one of the simplest and yummiest cake. Let us see the ingredients needed to make this cake. one cup butter one cup Sugar four eggs one tsp lemon juice one tsp vanilla extract and we need 1 tsp baking powder half tsp salt and we need two cups all-purpose flour Prepare pan by lining with parchment paper. and preheat over at 375 degree F First of all we are going to mix dry ingredients, that are baking powder and salt, to flour and stir with a fork or spoon. and put the mix on a side for now. Then we are going to beat butter. Butter must be at room temperature. Beat it well. When butter turns creamy, add sugar to it. After adding sugar we have to beat it till it changes its color and turns creamier. It would take about 3 to 4 minutes of good beating to achieve the results we want. Here is how it should look. Creamy and fluffy. Now we are going to add eggs ideally one by one, but since one of our yolks broke so I am adding two this time. You should add only one at a time. After adding each egg, we need to beat it for at least one to two minutes. This beating will make your cake taste yummy and look consistent. It is beaten well. Time to add another egg. This is our third egg. Doing the same beating again. It is a good idea to use spatula to clean up walls of the bowl now and then while beating. We just added our last egg. Beating it once again. The whole beating process would take about ten minutes. It looks good now. We have also cleaned up walls of the bowl. Now we are adding vanilla extract to it. Beating it one more time. We are going to add lemon juice to it. After adding lemon juice Beating it one more time. So all these ingredients combine into one. Now we do not need electric beater any more. Now we are going to add flour little by little to the mix and using spatula we will combine the flour to the mix. You can use wooden spoon if you do not have spatula. Do not over-mix. Adding some more of the flour. At this stage do not use electric beater. Hand mix only. See how we are mixing by hand. Not over-mixing at all. Adding flour little by little at a time – it would take about four or five iterations to completely add all the flour. Combine lightly – do not force it. Do not over-mix. See how the flour is getting combined in the mix. Cleaning up the sides as we go. Mix always tend to stick to the sides of the bowl, and we have to stay on top of it by cleaning it up using spatula. Adding rest of the flour now. Combining again. We have our baking pan ready. Our oven is pre-heated. Time to transfer this mix to the pan. and then we need to transfer it to oven soonest possible. Since we added lemon juice we need to be quick Lemon juice is an acid and it will work with baking powder to help cake rise. Tap it a couple times. Transfer it to oven quickly. It may take a little more than an hour to completely bake may be five minute more. Test it in an hour for readiness. Here it is after one hour and five minutes. and we are testing it by using wooden skewer. Skewer looks clean this means the cake is ready. Our yummy pound cake is ready. Let us cut it. Very yummy, very soft. When you will make it yourself you will enjoy every step of the way to make it. Do try it. Take it with tea, or snack. It can even be used to make some other things (hint: more recipes later). Look at the texture! How cool is that. Definitely make one yourself and please do give us your feedback.

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