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Hi. I’m Mindy from Cute
Girls Hairstyles, and today we are
going to film one I’m calling wrap-around
Dutch pancake braid. Now you are going
to love this one. We kind of stumbled onto it one
day I was messing with her hair and I was doing the crown
braid but then– anyway, we just came up with this one. You’ll love it. She wore this one
on Anderson Cooper, and she also wore it
while we were walking around New York a lot, and
we literally had like 20, 30 people stop us just to
talk about this hairdo. So– The point is we’re going to
start this braid way down here, right below her ear, right here. That we’re going to
come up around her crown like you’re going
to do a crown braid. Now just so that I kind
of know where I’m heading, I like to just sort of
section off a hair– sorry– like a little
bit of a hair line so that I don’t pull
too much from the back. Now– put your head
up a little bit for me– it doesn’t have
to be a perfect line, just kind of a rough one. And then I’m just
going to kind of pull the rest of her hair out
of the way for a sec. This just helps me know the
pathway I want to follow. Starting way down
here behind her ear, I am going start
my three sections. And we’re doing
a Dutch braid, so an outie braid,
reverse French braid, it goes by lots of
different names. And we’re just going to
do a regular French braid, regular outie. If you don’t know
how to do this, I have another video
showing very detailed how to do this braid. So you can watch that. I’ll link to it below. We’re just going to go–
now as we get up here onto her forehead,
I’m going to try to stay as close to the front
of her forehead as possible. While you’re doing
this, just try to keep the braid towards
the front of her forehead. This really isn’t super tricky. You can see our braid
starting to emerge. And you can see that
I’m only picking up hair back to that part line
that I left before, and that it isn’t very
deep– tip your head down just a little so they can see. Like you can see, I’m
not clear back here on the back of her
head, and you’ll see why in just a second when
I get a little further along. But just trust me when I say
you don’t want a very deep part line. Now when we start getting
towards the side of her face, again we’re still
just kind of trying to stay close to her hair line. And when I get to usually
right around here, so right around the top of her ear,
then I let this other hair go. And now I’m going
to start pulling just a little bit of
the hair from the rest– the section we had
held before and start braiding it in as well. So you can see I’m now adding. Just continue to work
that French braid. If you’ve watched the
crown braid video, this is very similar. We just finish it off
a little bit different, and then we’re
going to pancake it. Do you see her little pink ears? They had a school fair yesterday
and were out in the sunshine most of the afternoon
doing a Renaissance fair, so they’re all a little slightly
pink from the spring sunshine. Let me turn you some more. So we’re still
gathering in the hair. We’re almost done. When we get to
this last section, you want to keep this
one as close to the head as possible, so make sure you
give it a good tug when you get right there so that
it stays up tight. Now normally on a crown braid,
you’d finish braiding this off and you’d add an
elastic at the end. And then you’d wrap
it back up like so. We’re just going to let it
hang down and leave it down this time. I’m going to go ahead
and secure her hair. She has some layers
to her ends, so I have to secure
hers up pretty far or you’ll see that I have
hairs that start popping out. Now this is what makes
the braid really fun. We’re just going to go
back and pancake it. So you’re just going to
grab that very outside edge and give them a tug, which is
just going to pop them out. Makes them nice
and flat, which is why my girls have nicknamed
them the pancake braid. And I’ll show you
as we go along. So tug, tug– this
doesn’t hurt them, it’s just loosening the
hair a little bit as we go. Tug, tug. Then you can go back up and
on top do the same thing. Now you can see I’m kind
of hanging onto the end here because, as you
pull some of those, you’ll see that we’re
pulling the hairs out of the elastic a little bit. So I’m just hanging
onto it to make sure that we still keep our ponytail. Turn. And the further up
the braid you go, the easier it’ll
be to pancake them. And you can do it as big
of puffs as you want, or as little. I like mine pretty puffy,
especially up on top. My favorite part to puff is
right here by her forehead. Now look. Here’s normal French braid,
here’s pancaked braid. Normal Dutch braid,
pancake braid. You can see there’s a
humongous difference in the way that they look. Just give them a tug. A little bit more. Tug, tug. So we get some nice,
really soft pancakes. There you have it. Now look at the front
of her braid right here. I love this, just how it
looks like this big crown of puffed braids on her head. That’s what catches
people’s attention. Like they stop all the
time, how do you do that, how do you do that. You can see it all
the way around. And again, you can tug
them as much or as little as you want to make
them nice and puffy. And if you have to, then,
if you have ends popping out like this, you can
go back up and just move your elastic
up a little bit. Just let that lay
on her shoulder. There you go. Makes a beautiful,
beautiful braid. I’m sure you guys
are going to enjoy. Please don’t forget to subscribe
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