100 thoughts on “WORLD’S LARGEST DIRT CAKE (1,800+ LBS)

  1. Child: “Momma? Where does the money Vat19 makes goes?”

    Mom: “Probably to pudding or something like that”

    Vat19: —-

  2. Vat19:uuhhhhh we cant finish this
    *calls matt stonie
    Matt stonie:im coming and im ready to fight diabetes

  3. The world is running out of chocolate but watching this pisses me off more chocolate is being wasted that means these guys are the reason why the world's chocolate is running out

  4. Me: tries not to get a drip of chocolate on my hand while eating pudding

    Vat19: Casually Jumps in pudding

    Me: how…?

  5. Diabetes: I WILL GIVE U ALL DIABETES!!! 😈😈😈
    Vat19: Gets 3 billion views shield UH UH UH! NOT SO FAST!!!
    Diabetes: runs away

  6. Seeing half naked men and women in tops while digging in in candy dirt and a giant dirt pan while eating giant gummy bears and gummy worms with definitely a fantasy I just created for myself

  7. Jesus Christ is this the only way to get views, wasting over about 500$ of food. I don’t care about the money, but the food that others could’ve eaten

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