Will She Judge Him For His Wig? | Tell My Story Blind Date

Will She Judge Him For His Wig? | Tell My Story Blind Date

– My idea of a perfect date is spontaneously going skydiving. – That sounds awesome. – Right?
– Yeah. – It’s gonna be just a lot of that. – So I’ve had people tell me before, oh, you look like such a
sweet, good little girl. And then I go off on
people or, let me tell you about this, they piss me off. And they get a little bit surprised because I don’t always
seem as sweet as I am. I like to think, I hope,
I’m a really nice person. I just don’t like to
take shit from anybody. – I’m wearing this wig today, and I wear wigs sometimes, just in my life because it makes me feel good. When I first meet people
and I have a wig on, they’re usually like,
so, what’s with the hair? And I’m like, it’s cute, isn’t it? I also like it ’cause it sort of to me, I hope, to encourage people to get beyond it, you know? Yeah, it feels great. You should wear a wig some time, you know. Really, it’s freeing. It’s like being naked
but not, it’s bizarre. All right, your name is Alice and this is your story. You’re 26 years old. For work, you’re an educator. You grew up in the South and your culture-ethnic
background is American. – My name is Virginia
and this is my story. I’m 29 years old. I actually work in Tech
at a university here, so kind of education. And I grew up out in the country, rural Acadia Parish, and my cultural and ethnic backgrounds
are Native American, Cajun, and white ambiguous
American I guess. – Mm-hmm. – Your name is, forgive
me, I don’t know, Keith? And this is your story. I have no idea. I’m really bad with names. – I’m with you, that’s’ okay.
– Okay. You are 30 years old? For work you’re an artist, you grew up in the country, and your
cultural or ethnic background is mixed or creole. – Okay. Yeah, you just hit them all on the nail. – What? – My name is Yamil, I’m 35 years old. For work, I am a filmmaker
and I clean houses. I grew up in Miami and I am Puerto Rican, which has, I mean, some creole in it. – Yeah, yeah. – Yeah that was good. Wait I was curious, why did you think I grew up in the country? – I don’t know, I kinda, I
guess the hair made me think that you were the youngest
and you were like rebellious, and you came from like a really
straight-laced upbringing and you’re like, I’m
gonna do my own thing. – That’s right. – Yeah. – So I was directing this
music festival in Miami, and I was working in an environment with a lot of money and a lot of sort of money-hungry people in Miami, and I wanted to work for no money, and just have my hands as deep in the earth as possible. And so then I decided
to wolf and that led me to a farm in the lower ninth. The ninth ward is part of Orleans Persia. The lower 9th is sort of
always really hit by Katrina. It just so happens it was Mardi Gras, and I walked around and was like, okay, I’ll stay here. – For a very long time I didn’t feel like I was enough, and
in the last few years, I don’t know what it
is, I guess it’s like, it’s your twenties right, when you come in into your own skin. And I’m like, you know
what, I’m pretty cool. And I like my self a lot
and if other people don’t, then that’s okay, I might
not like them either, but we can all live on
the same planet together, and not, you know, kill each-other. It’s a really good
feeling to just be like, you know what I’m just gonna be me, and the world can deal with it. – Your first job was probably at home. You were probably like,
you were probably like me. Like you had to work and do your chores and take care of stuff. Your idea of your perfect date is probably something laid back where you can talk to somebody and get to know them with no pressure. So not at all like this. And if you had an alter-ego,
they be named Alice. Ooh, yes. – Well I mean, my first jobs were definitely at home. I mean those, that was real. But my first job was been children party clown. in the Miami Summer heat, it was crazy. – Awesome. – My idea of a perfect
day is spontaneously going sky diving. – That sounds awesome. – Right?
– Yeah. – It’s gonna be just
like come out of that. If I had an alter ego it would be called Penelope. So, I mean you were definitely in the right direction there. Okay, let’s turn it around on you now. – All right. – Your first job was at a restaurant. Like your first money making job. Your idea of a perfect date is really good food, dinner and then maybe some dancing. And this is like a long shot but if you had an alter ego they’d be called Dance
Trance Hood Medallion. – That’s kind of cool. – Yeah that’s, I just, I’m
just getting to know you. – Right, right, we could work. – But I just feel like there is, this like, none tech world side of you. – Oh, hell yeah. Tech just pays the bills. – Right? Yeah, I got a just got a feeling. I mean you know.
– Yeah. So, my first paid job, I think got paid like a dollar by my grandparents to hang up dry cleaning bags
of their dry cleaning plant, when I was like three or four. So yeah. My idea of my perfect date. Is actually not really even a date just like, I think going out and doing something with someone that has meaning and just see how they are in real life. So, one time I went out and this guy that I
really liked at the time. Came and planted Native trees and stuff with me as part of like this kids group with the United Houma Nation to teach the kids about our Native plants and, yeah that was really cool. – Yeah, that sounds awesome. – So yeah. – Definitely, not what I wrote down. – That’s all right. Despite the appearance
and because I work in tech like I’m really not a tech person. Is not what I study. Actually, kind of really hippie at heart. And if I had an alter ego, I don’t know but one other name that I do like to go by is, my Native name that my uncles gave me when I was a
baby, which is Py’ce-Howe and that’s Muskogee, it means dove. – Py’ce-Howe? – Py’ce-Howe. – Py’ce-Howe, that’s lovely. Yeah, that’s a great name. I think you should rock that
at the tech-house you know. – Yeah. – Wow. When things get a little difficult in a relationship I tend to
sort of retract and go in. But I just had this conversation today with like, The idea of committed relationships and like sort of realistic models on how to have that, be something sustainable, sort of, I’ve been condition to thinking there is a certain way to do this. Do I know even how to communicate enough with my self to be able to communicate with somebody else to have like, you know. Committed relationships that’ll last more than 3 1/2 years which seems to be always be like my expiration date. As, I grew, I mean
that’s one of the biggest challenges of relationships. Is like communication
thing I was talking about. Learning how to really
listening to somebody else’s truth and understand
that is not yours. And approach situations with compassion and try to check your ego. – Everybody always wants to know how much Indian you are and blood quantum is a European socialist construct. That really doesn’t
fully encompass identity but was something that was super handy for basically, getting us down on paper and then committing slow paper genocide by saying, well you’re not really Indian enough to be Indian. So people would always
ask me, how much I am. And I would even get told some times by people, you’re not enough to count. You’re just, like you’re white. Like, everybody is
mixed in South Louisiana you’re not enough to count. And, it really ’cause at a young age me to question my identity and I felt at some points growing up, that I had to go as white. Because I felt like I didn’t have the right to identify as Native. Because I wasn’t enough. – You are not ready to
settle down with me. You do believe in a strict up-bringing. You do not believe in soul mates. I just feel like anybody,
after high school has to realize that is
not that simple, I feel. It just like it seems like such a hallmark concept, that’s just not profound enough for you know, our spirits journey. You know, I don’t know,
that’s just me tho. Obviously I guess, now
you know how I feel. And deal breaker in a relationship for you is, this person not embracing your culture. – I do feel like I’m ready
to settle down with somebody. No pressure . – Yeah, yeah. No, it was confusing cause’
you said them and I was like – I know, yeah like them and you, yeah. – I mean we can’t settle down just yet. – Right, I know, I know. We need to like at least know each other maybe 30 more minutes. – My last name, you know, we got to get You know.
– That too. – A little, you know,
just a little background. – I do and I don’t believe
in a strict upbringing I think that it’s really important that You teach kids certain values. Like how to be self starters and how to be good people but I also think there need to be a lot of freedom for them to decide who they are to find out who they are and explore that. And really be able to embrace that. I think like really strict people I think of it like, I
guess military style. Where there’s not like, individualism and I think is really important to listen to your kids about who they are and what’s important to them. I do believe in soul mates. – Oh. – And one of my biggest deal breakers is someone that I can’t feel at home with in my soul and that I don’t feel really loves me for every part of me and who I am. I put, you are ready to settle down with someone but you’re hesitant to. Deep down inside and you don’t. Something is stopping you. – Okay, going deep. – And I put that you do not believe in a strict upbringing for kids as long they’re good people. I put that you do believe in soul mates. Oops. – And I put the same deal breaker that for you a deal breaker would be someone you can’t feel at home with in your soul. – Those are really lovely. I mean is not that I don’t believe in soul mates, like I’m just so romantic it just like your heart, you know you just like go through so much And your just like, I thought that was it! – Yeah. – So, it’s funny because I was going back and forth and I put I’m not ready to settle down because I was like with you right now. I was like, “You’re not
ready to settle down.” – Yeah, awkward. – But I mean, I definitely, I feel like yeah I’m getting it done. I wanna like, anchor. I did I put that I believe in a strict upbringing, just because my parents were and not like. They, I mean they were like strict yeah. They were like, “No you’re
not going to eat sugar, “you’re going to eat
healthy food, you know. “You’re not going to watch TV. “You’re not going to own an entertainment “like a video game thing.” – Yeah. – And like and I feel like all those things, even tho at the time they were like the things that
hated most in the world if they wouldn’t let me do it. I think its made me, sort of
a more connected person to, a world that I care for, you know. – Soul mates it’s a complicated one. But I did put that I did not. And I put the same deal breaker. Just not embracing my culture just because, and it’s not necessarily I guess like, you know my cultural background but sort of like, my friends and you know I associate with a lot of
very alternative people you know, that are really sort of breaking a lot of things down and like, you know And I think that’s important
to embrace you know. – So, when I first saw you I thought I would not date you. Now that I’ve gotten to know you I still not date you romantically but we could definitely have friend dates and go sky diving and eat. – Oh, everybody wants to go sky diving. – Virginia, when I first saw you I thought I would date you. – Really? – I mean, why not? – Okay.
– You know. – Fair enough. – And now that I gotten to know you I still would. – Aww. – Happy face. – Aww. To show my artistic side. – That’s a very artistic happy face. – It is, it is. But what’s great is that, I am probably one of the coolest friends you could ever have. So, there’s a party
tonight you should come. I’m trying to get the
director on board too. – What? – We can make it like a whole group thing. – Hell yeah. – May I. – Give me some hugs and shit. – We’ll hang out later. – I said a bad word. – Oh I– – Which is another thing actually I curse like a sailor. It’s really. ♪ SoulPancake ♪ – Thanks for watching, Tell My Story if you wanna see more
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