Which Celebrity Has The Best Pancake Recipe?

Which Celebrity Has The Best Pancake Recipe?

(rock music) – Hey, everyone. My name is Jesse from
the BuzzFeed food team and today I’m gonna be cooking up four famous celebrity pancake recipes to see which one is actually the best. I have recipes lined
up from Gordon Ramsey, Ina Garten, Chrissy Teigen,
and for a little bit of fun, I even have a recipe from The Rock. I measure all the ingredients precisely to make everything fair. I picked my winner but I
got three of my friends to pick their winners
in a blind taste test to see which one is actually the best. So, let’s get cooking. Gordon gets all fancy and
separates his egg whites from the yolks and whips them until foamy. This is just to incorporate
air into the pancakes to make them nice and fluffy. And he must be cooking for a crowd, because he used an entire liter of milk, eight teaspoons of baking
powder, and 640 grams of flour, which, if you’re not familiar,
is a shit ton of flour. After that, he mixes all
the remaining ingredients together in a separate bowl, he folds the whites back into that mixture and that batter is good to go. (upbeat pop music) He cooks them in a buttered
skillet until browned but no lamb sauce this time. (upbeat pop music) – I feel like these celebrities
have their coloration of pancakes down, pack. – A little thinner than I am used to. – Mmm. – They missed a few ingredients. – I love it! It’s like Sunday morning. – These are Gordon Ramsay’s? I would expect any recipe of
his to be pretty top notch, and I have to say that these were. – [Jesse] Up next is Ina Garten’s recipe for Banana Sour Cream Pancakes. She starts by sifting all
her dry ingredients together in one bowl and mixes all her
wet ingredients in another. This includes eggs,
lemon zest, good vanilla, her secret ingredient,
sour cream, then milk. She stirs that until
smooth then adds that back into her dry mixture and
mixes that up until smooth. She heats up a skillet with
butter, adds the batter to that, and tops each pancake with one
tablespoon of diced bananas. Flip ’em, then serve them with
butter, even more bananas, and garnish with maple syrup. – Ohh, these look like
Instagramable brunch pancakes, that you pay like $20 for. – Mmm, never had banana pancakes before but this tastes like banana
pudding for breakfast. – But it’s like nah. – The banana provides
an interesting contrast in taste and texture which is really nice. – Whoever made this is heaven sent. – I’m so disappointed in myself,
I wish I liked this more. – [Jesse] Up next is Chrissy Teigen with a recipe for her Dutch Baby Pancake. Chrissy goes super simple
and just dumps everything straight into a blender
to make her batter. She blends it up until smooth and then dumps it directly into
a heated, cast iron skillet with two tablespoons of butter. She transfers that to an oven, let’s it bake for about 17 minutes, and it comes out looking like this crazy, crackly weird looking thing and she finishes it with
butter, maple syrup, and a generous dousing of powdered sugar. So, Chrissy must have a sweet tooth. – It looks kind of like an elephant ear. – If you look at it, it looks like almost like
gelatinous in the middle. – This is like a french toast pancake. – You can taste a lot of egg in it, which I’m not used to in pancakes, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just really different. This is Chrissy Teigen, okay. – I like it, I love it. – [Jesse] Dwayne The Rock Johnson uses traditional pancake mix. He posted his video on Instagram so I tried to mimic it
as closely as possible. He adds milk chocolate
chips, not semi-sweet, as he explained that sweet chocolate was his nickname at University of Miami. He cooks them on a stove top, flips ’em, and, as if chocolate
isn’t enough for this guy, he finishes them with maple
syrup and whipped cream. This would certainly make
the perfect cheat day meal. – So these look like
IHOP birthday pancakes. – This is really good. – This is it. This is the shit. This is my jam. The chocolate chips are like
super gooey on the inside, the dough is perfect, it’s not too eggy. – These are The Rock’s pancakes. I smell what The Rock is cooking. – I’m so ashamed! (laughing loudly) Whatever, I have low
brow taste I admit it. (hard rock music) My favorite celebrity
pancake recipe is The Rock’s, and, honestly, it’s because
his has chocolate chips, that’s it. – I would say my favorite of
the celebrity pancake recipes was Ina Garten’s. Her’s had a really great
taste with the bananas and also the bananas in
the pancakes themselves provided a nice change in texture. – My favorite celebrity
recipe is definitely The Rock, I mean, I don’t know
how this fluffy monster made this beautiful combination, but I think it has the
right amount of chocolate, it has the right amount of pancake, and it has the right amount of sweetness, and it’s still fluffy which is dope. (victorious music) – [Jesse] So, it turns out, The Rock has the best
celebrity pancake recipe. (loudly burps) – So sorry, so sorry. Damn, those pancakes were good! – [Jesse] Which celebrity
recipe do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments below. (energetic music)

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  1. Goes to people that have the worst sense of taste.

    Asks them to try pancakes

    “Thats it the rock has the best pancakes

  2. That guy (one of the judges) looks and sounds like Chris from Until Dawn…kinda
    Amiright? No?? Just me??? ok..

  3. Not a real comparison. Should have been basic recipe vs basic recipe, or all the same kind of pancake.

  4. Three types of judges:

    1.) the one who is easily impressed and says garbage tastes good

    2.) the one that is not really satisfied with anything

    3.) the beanie guy.
    Three words…
    👏🏻 Most👏🏻 definitely 👏🏻 not

  5. Gordon: i am gunna win they are all gunna vote for m-

    The Rocks Wins

    Gordon: Uhhhh……..

    Gordon Ramsay has left the chat

  6. Jesse is a traitor his last name is Polish so he is too it's not good for a polish person with an American accent

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    Finds out it's Gordon Ramsey

    Guy: omigod it's so good, top notch pancakes,,amazing sksksk 👌👍👍🙌👏

  8. I think only like 2 people will actually use these recipes.
    I just watch this because I'm hungry, and I dont't really have anything else to watch.

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    Since The Rock is strong and handsome the girls choose The Rock.
    That man doesn't like Chrissy Teigen so she choosed the other woman.
    gordon ramsey, oh gosh i wish u could win 🙁

    -Why did Gordon Ramsey lost? Write in 1 sentence.
    Ans : Because the Chef didn't cook Gordon Ramsey's pancake properly.

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