Weekend Update: Tina Fey on Protesting After Charlottesville – SNL

Weekend Update: Tina Fey on Protesting After Charlottesville – SNL

100 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Tina Fey on Protesting After Charlottesville – SNL

  1. All the political points and brilliant satire aside, I now very desperately want to dip a hot grilled cheese into a cake <3

  2. Tina Fey is a goddess. Collin is the fuckin worst [closet neo-Nazi] [obviously you've never given a woman a REAL orgasm.]. Thanks for buying Jewish cake, Tina! Let's next order a Somali-American Presidential cake with the words 'Ilhan Omar for President– End the Natural-Born-Citizen-Law'!!!

  3. I still don't like that joke, "You know what a drag queen still is? A 6' 4" Black man." That's still offensive and perpetuates this stereotype that Black men are bigger, stronger, and scarier than any other men. And the joke would have been just as funny if she had said "A 6' 4" grown man".

  4. Don't bring native americans into your identity politics bullshit.  If the liberals didn't rig their primary against my man Bernie, we wouldn't have Trump.  Black and Jewish bakeries.  Drag queens?  Fuck you.  You have no right to bring entire races into the discussion.  What about 'white female' delis?  Oh wait, 53 percent of white women voted for Trump.  Fucking liberals racists.  SNL has never had a native American cast member and yet Tina Fey assumes they're on the side of liberals.  Fuck you.

  5. raised in VA. Undergrad and post grad at UVA. I am so proud of Tina, and all the other intelligent funny beautiful people who represent the 434. Hey all my homies on The Grounds!

  6. Oh I get it! It's not funny, so that's the joke…. Or… I'm just trying to figure out why people say this is funny.

  7. The is 99% awesome, but what is the message? “Don’t show up?” Thats a terrible message. The only way this scourge of far-right lunacy is defeated is with louder voices and bigger numbers. It needs to be made clear that fascism doesn’t fly. The whole reason it has gotten so bad is that people are no longer held accountable for their contemptible bullshit. That’s what needs to change.

  8. 250 Well Armed Militias all over the US ready to mobilize in any minute.

    I suddenly want ice cream with the cake I’m baking after I SMOKE WEED.

  9. Where was Tina Fey two months later when a jihadi loyal to ISIS plowed his car through crowds on the West Side Highway right on the west side of Manhattan where she lives, killing eight times as many people as died in Charlottesville? Was she as upset then, ranting in public? Obviously not. How symbolic of the progressive left. Obsessed with one person's murder because it checks off their identity politics boxes of prejudice, while ignoring many more murders happening right under their nose that don't fit or contradict the demogogic false narrative they're trying to push.

  10. Funny how her glasses got bigger for this. She was once the perfect example of an actual feminist and cleverly crafted comedienne. This is not Tina Fey. This literally sounds like an imposter.

  11. I feel like old Tina Fey would be so against this. Dipping a grilled cheese in to a cake because "woman like food" feels like something she'd mock along with things like Fat Albert or male SNL cast members in dresses taking over the actual funny woman's spot. The actual fuck is this.

  12. Ryan 5:10 finally sprouted a pair of balls, (or maybe conscience) this week – two years too late – when he came out with his book on the insider's view of trumpworld. Better late than never. Can't wait until Nazty Mitch or bootlicking Lindsay publish their version of reality, after they lose their re-elections. trump would rot in hell if he had a soul, but we KNOW he'll have someone write a book for him. Please vote!

  13. “Who’s that hot light-skinned girl over by the butter churn?”

    Pretty sure I saw that on a tee shirt for sale in the gift shop at Mount Rushmore last summer.

  14. 3:51 go ahead and eat a cake once a week just don’t complain about your weight you fat pigs.
    And from my knowledge there hasn’t been any fights STARTED from the right group it always starts with a small left person who will attack and run away so they don’t get their asses beat.

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