Visit The Slayer’s Cake In Downtown Whitestone!

Oh, hello there! I’m Taryon Darrington of the Slayer’s Cake. The Slayer’s Cake: your pals in a pastry pinch. Go now? Okay. [clears throat] Heading to a fancy banquet and not sure if
your hosts are undead? Ooh! Slayer’s Cake. Say it’s Winter’s Crest and you don’t know
what to get your Secret Sarenrae. Possibly because you’ve never given a gift before! It could happen. Slayer’s Cake! We even have miniature cakes for that
special gnome-one in your life. VEX: [offscreen] Those are cupcakes, Tary! Okay, well, I mean. Mmm! But hey! If I still haven’t convinced you,
don’t take my word for it. Are we still– Mmm! Delicious. [awkwardly] Wow, so light. And I would know, I’m a cleric. Er… …what? So come on down to the Slayer’s Cake located
in downtown Whitestone! Look for the big unsanitary bear. You can’t miss it! And don’t forget: don’t step in bear shit! KEYLETH: [offscreen] Bumper VO. The Slayer’s Cake. Open ’till 6 p.m., 7 on weekends. C-closed Thursdays for adventuring. Slayer’s cake aprons available now. [gasps] What?! We have aprons? Tary, you didn’t tell me we have aprons! ♪

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