100 thoughts on “Vanilla Sponge Cake

  1. Watching your serene baking video is so therapeutic. Your cake looks lovely. Thank you Mr.Lim for all your videos.

  2. hello, why did you make vinegar with egg whites? What's that for?
    Hola, para que hechas vinagre en las claras de huevo? Para que sirve eso? Of Lima Perú 😊

  3. If it were English measurements I would make it, but I'm done with trying to figure it out and then it doesnt turn out. How many cups, teaspoons, tablespoons, temperature in Fahrenheit!

  4. This is such a fool proof recipe!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I couldn't make stiff peaks but still the cake came out such gorgeous ❤️🍰😍😍😍😍 thank you for this recipe.

  5. المقادير :
    – 4 بياض بيض كبير الحجم
    – ملعقة صغيرة من الخل
    – 120 غراما من السكر الناعم
    – 4 صفار بيض حجم كبير
    – 12 جرام دقيق عادي
    – 1/2 ملعقة شاي من الملح
    – 30 جرام زيت 30مليلتر
    – 40 غراما من الحليب 40 مليلتر
    – 1/2 ملعقة شاي من الفانيلا

  6. I am trying this right now the cake is in the oven! I will update my results later😊 (update: It tasted really good (not to sweet which I like! :)) but while I was letting it cool down the middle sadly sucked in a bit so it wasn’t as "big" anymore 😓)

  7. I tried this and turned out PERFECT, After 2 years of my trial period in baking, this is the texture i was looking for, Thanks a lot for your GENEROSITY in sharing knowledge…God Bless you and your Family…
    Loads of love

  8. Parece un queso, perfectamente hecho Michael! 😀
    No usaste polvo de hornear cierto? Sólo huevos? Y la vainilla era transparente o azúcar vainilado?

  9. Just made it, nice texture real soft… A bit dry for my taste and kinda smells like fried egg, maybe because the ones i used were nit fresh, idk… Taste is really good and not too sweet.. just nicez👏

  10. That’s one sexy piece of cake.
    I must say well done Michael 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  11. @Micheal , I recently started watching your baking video's and tired 2 of your recepies and it came out good. My 2 year old loved the cake i made. I was so happy watching him eating. I will try your other recepes in coming weeks. Thank you chef for the wonderful video and yummy receipe

  12. Hi , i want to ask . The sponge cake can be the based of birthday cake ?
    Can i put an egg yolk & egg white mix together ? Or can i use all in one method ?
    Cause i can't make meringue 😭😭

  13. Suprr. Very tasty cake after baking we put in the fridge and take it in the next day it ws then like a white forest cake first we eat it that time it was like a sponge cake and then we put in the fridge then it like a white forest cake without frosting… superrrr

  14. بصراحة جميييلة وراح تطلع نفس الفيديو بالضبط اذا اتبعتوا طريقته بحذافيرها 👍🏻🥰
    Just like the video lovely fluffy and very tasty not to forget the balanced taste
    Thank U so much I’ll make it every now and then 🥰👍🏻

  15. @michael Lim can use this recipe to make cupcakes and if so, how many can it yield and for how long should i bake them and the temperature thank you

  16. @michael Lim can use this recipe to make cupcakes and if so, how many can it yield and for how long should i bake them and the temperature thank you

  17. tried so many different sponge cake recipes without a leavening agent but this by far is the only one that succeeded & rose wonderfully without deflating much at all. This will definitely be a recipe to keep! Thanks so much Michael:)

  18. I made it 2-3 times. Excellent formation., in 8" (20cm) tin. So as to make 3 layer birthday cake base i need cake height 2.5 to 3" ninnum. Could you suggest double the ingredients and go for with same heat and time slot. Pl advice.

  19. hi, may I ask you, why did you put the vinegar? what is function of vinegar in this cake? – I am just curious

  20. Hi chef..! I dont have oven. I use turbo broiler can you help me for a perfect temperature for 8" inch or 10"inch cake..thank you in advance!

  21. I really want to use your recipe to make my mom birthday cake, but I want to make a 12 inches cake, how much ingredients should I use?

  22. Hello..thank you very much
    If the pan size is 25cm
    Can you please give me the changes in gram and how many eggs i should put..?
    Thank you

  23. I was just trying your recipie n whenever i try to fluff up eggs adding vinegar it deflate does not rise n end up some kinda gooey texture which i hv to throw away infact Without vinegar everything goes perfectly fine…y is tht so?

  24. Sir Michel Is the eggs in your recipe. Cool temperature of the fridge or is it room temperature? Please answer my question 2) Is the egg completely fresh?

  25. New subbie, i just finished baking this cake and i will admit that this is one of the best cake recipes ever. It turned out better than all the recipes i have. I am so glad i came across your channel. Chocolate cake next. Thank you (^O^)/

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