Vanilla Cake Recipe From Scratch

Vanilla Cake Recipe From Scratch

hi everyone it’s Lorelie i’m here today
to show you how to make a vanilla cake we’re going to start with 3 cups of
sifted all-purpose flour so you sift it first and then you
measure 1 tablespoon of baking powder half a teaspoon of salt 1 cup of butter
which is softened so you leave that out and let it get to
room temperature and then we’re going to do two cups of sugar granulated sugar 4
eggs separated so I’ve got the yolks and the whites in separate bowls one cup of milk and a teaspoon of
vanilla start with your flat beater place your softened butter into the mixer
and blend that increase the speed and whip that until
it’s light you might want to scrape down the bowl
before you add the sugar turn your mixer on low and add your sugar
slowly and then slowly increase that speed I’m going to put the speed on 8 you’re gonna whip that until it gets light and smooth but there’s a little bit of grit in
there if you took a little bit of the butter sugar mixture and you put it between your
fingers you’re going to feel that grittiness and that’s okay about halfway through you want to scrape
your bowl again i just use the actual beater ok the next step you’re going to take
your egg yolks and one at a time you’re going to add them and just give it a scrape this time I’m using my spatula you can do either one okay looking good next you’re going to add the baking
powder and your salt to the flour and then give it a little stir for the final step you’re going to beat
your egg whites so you’re going to need a clean bowl
clean beater and your egg whites you can put your egg whites in the bowl
start off slow on low speed and you’re going to put your egg whites get a little bit foamy and then you’re going to increase the
speed you want to whip the whites until they’re
stiff but not dry took about a minute to get my eggs egg
whites to the perfect consistency should be able to actually hold your bowl
upside down and the egg whites will not move for the final step I’m going to
transfer my batter into a larger Bowl so i can fold my whites in easier you could
use your kitchen aid bowl to do the folding but it just is a lot easier in a big bowl measuring the batter today because I
want to know exactly how much batter I’m putting in there so it looks like two
and a half cups is perfect for an 8-inch cake you could fill a little bit more on this
one here this pan is a little deeper depends on how thick you want your cakes
extra batter and i’m going to use that for cupcakes. The cakes are ready for the
oven i’m going to pop them into an oven that is between 335 and 350 i use 335 for my oven you’ll have to
adjust your oven to figure out what’s the best temperature for your cakes in
your oven and I’m going to go ahead and put these in here’s the vanilla cake i made some
cupcakes to sample and it looks like they baked up really really nice just so you can see what it looks like a
really nice and fluffy it’s not pure white it’s got a little
yellow color to it I have another recipe for a simple white
cake that is pure white so that is on my youtube channel and i’ll put a link to
that in the description box. Here is my eight inch cake which I’ve already
wrapped up I wrapped my 8 inch cakes in plastic wrap
and i’m going to freeze them so i will be filling and frosting them after they
freeze and I have a picture of that as well on this video so stay tuned

34 thoughts on “Vanilla Cake Recipe From Scratch

  1. Do this cake get hard when it's cold because of the butter and no oil? Do you have a recipe for vanilla cake that uses oil?

  2. hello there, I have your cake in the oven ATM, and excited, still a little new to baking but loving it, I was wondering about how long would you say in a kitchen aid stand mixer would I better the butter a nd sugar to get it to the point I need to start with the eggs. thank you so much, have blessed evening. Amanda.

  3. Good morning from the Bahamas! Do you ever have a problem with your cakes being hard and dense at the bottom and fluffy on top? Or your cake rising and then falling in the middle once cooled? Thank you

  4. hi lorelie..thanks for the recipe..I was wondering. .can I use this recipe for tall cake or under fondant???or is too soft???thanks

  5. Hi Lorelei you are such an inspiration to me And I love your recipes. I recently had a wedding cake and I'm looking for a recipe for zucchini and lime cake, do you have a recipe for that? Thank you again

  6. Hi lorelei, ive tried ur recipy ,omggg its sooo luscious ,. Came out soooo yummy , spongy ,.thank you so much

  7. Hi Lorelie, I have tried your recipes and they really are delicious, but all this time I never took the effort of measuring the batter. So if I have to convert this recipe for a 12 inch pan, how do I calculate? Could you please help me?

  8. Hi Lorelie, can I use this cake or your Madeira cake instead of chocolate cake for a 3-tier fondant wedding cake in Indian Climate? Do you prefer all tiers of same cake? I would like to do like Madeira as a base cake, then your white cake as middle and chocolate cake as a top tier( I hope,while it is too soft, the other cakes can stand the pressure) πŸ™‚ . What do you think? Could you please prefer the fillings and frostings for these cakes?

  9. Hello Lorelie,
    I tried this cake yesterday. It was so tasty :). Thank you for the receipe. But I have some doubts regarding the oven settings. You had mentioned that preheat the oven to 350 degree. But my oven has only till 250 degree. What is the baking temperature for this receipe? Is it 350 degree or lesser? I baked it at 250. Though my cake was really tasty, but it turned dark brown in sides and top of the cake :).

  10. Hello Lorelie, I made your cake with white chocolate buttercream and with fresh raspberry filling for my cousins birthday. Everybody loved it and was very tasty..Thank you ..

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