Valentines Cake Decorating Ideas – Easy Buttercream Piping

Valentines Cake Decorating Ideas – Easy Buttercream Piping

Welcome to Wedding Cakes ForYou YouTube.
In this video I’m sharing a Valentine cake idea and two ways to present your
cake. Using a number one Wilton round tip and your favorite buttercream recipe
pipe small squiggly lines without overlapping them. This is called Cornelli
a lace. Use a knife or if you have a triangular
cutter you can use that to mark your cake. I previously marked the points all
around a 6-inch cake before making the triangles. Fill in the triangles with the
Cornelli lace. To make it easier to pipe through a very tiny hole like the number
one, you want to just make sure that your buttercream is very soft. You can take
your buttercream and you can put it in the microwave for 10 to 20 seconds and
then give it a stir, and that should do it. For the border on the
triangle use number 14 or 15 star tip. These are small rosettes but you can do
a simple shell border if you prefer Using the same tip make a line of stars
alongside the border. Touch the cake with the tip and squeeze out a star. Release
the pressure and pull the tip away from the cake. Switch the tip out for a number three
round for the dots and make a line of dots next to the stars. Continue piping and repeating the triangles all around your cake. Using the 14 or 15 star tip pipe zigzag
all around the base of the cake. Follow that with a line of shells. The plaque is made with gum paste and
the letters with tappits. If you want to see how to use tappets I will link to it
at the end of the video and underneath video for you. Piping around the plaque with
buttercream will help to tie it into the design.This is a 14 star again and a
simple reverse scroll. Place this in the fridge to harden the buttercream to make
it easier to handle. For a dramatic display use pillars to lift the cake
up. I happen to have this beautiful piece of teak wood which adds some earthiness
and contrast to this design. You can find interesting pieces like this at flea
markets and thrift stores. A waxed paper circle with buttercream
piped on top serves as a safe way to display fresh flowers on your cakes. To create even more drama I’m using the
long curved greenery that came in this bouquet of flowers. Flowers on the bottom help to
bring the whole design together. Here is the dramatic display idea which
you could actually use for a wedding cake, and the other sweet version for a
valentine cake. Thanks so much for watching. Please sub if you like what you
see, ring the bell for notifications and go to wedding cakes for .com for your
complimentary copy of my Top 5 Buttercream Recipes. Happy baking and
happy cake decorating. I’ll see you Friday for the Friday live at 1 o’clock
and I’ll see you next Monday with another great cake tutorial.

7 thoughts on “Valentines Cake Decorating Ideas – Easy Buttercream Piping

  1. Happy Monday to you πŸ™‚ Which display do you prefer? The pillared or the simpler display with the Love plaque?

  2. That cake is beautiful I specially like the one with the plaque. I really prefer the old style better cream decorating over the latest trend of fondant!

  3. I have grave concerns about using real or plastic flowers that are put directly into the cake. This is not sanitary. Put them in a straw orcWilton sells plastic flower holders for this purpose.

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