Uma and Mal Cakes Descendants 2. Totally TV

Uma and Mal Cakes Descendants 2. Totally TV

Mine looks really close to the cake in Sleeping Beauty Hey guys, I’m Lindsey, and welcome to another episode of Batter Heads! We have a special chef in the house, or in the kitchen I should say. Miss Thia! hey guys, Oh my gosh, thanks so much for having me girl! Of corse! So excited! Okay So tell our friends at home. What are we doing today? Okay, So one of my most favorite movies came out just this summer called Descendants 2! oh yeah today So we’re making descendants 2 doll cakes ! Ahhh, yes, but not just any descendants cakes We are making their full-on cotillion Dresses because it’s not every day that you get to dress up in cakes so mal and uma you guys are getting dolled up Oh, yeah. See what I did there? So to make these cakes with the cake batter. We’re gonna have the eggs We got some vegetable well and just some simple water sanaka bagua. Yeah, there’s some pans electric mixer some spatulas Measuring cups yeah to make our cakes and of course. We’ve got the frosting and we have a ton more Decorating tool that you’re gonna use, but first we’re gonna get started on making these yeah, you’re ready to get your mixing on today So when we make these cake Dresses we actually are gonna use three different Pants and kind of stack them on top of each other and we’ll shave them down You’ll see it light up, but one cake mix actually makes two of these cakes she’s got one I have one and then we’re gonna make sure one together and split it for the top Okay now we have our batter and like we said it’s gonna kill two of these things, but before we do that we Would do some chemistry We’re gonna figure out the perfect color for the inside of our dresses Okay, they have a bunch of different purples, but I’m gonna do like the purple purple. You know I’m saying it like mal We’re going in all the way here, so I need 20 drops of pink it says and Two drops of blue, so I just need two jacks the yellow one Too a little bit more than oh man good stop making the cake right now Just keep it like that right And then eight drops of blue. Oh my gosh. Can we just talk about how cool these are? We gotta have two pans And we are gonna spray a song cooking spray just a nice little layer so our cake will easily pop out Okay, so maybe set so we’re gonna split this one batch a batter between two pans Alright, are you ready? Yeah, I’m ready Okay, Sophia already preheated our oven to 350 degrees so we are gonna go stick of these babies in there Alright, see you guys when these babies are oh? Oh yeah All right everybody our cakes Okay, so we let our cakes cool completely They are kind of just like only when I’m a janitor so when we put on the icing it doesn’t get all messy and crazy and all over the place a Lot of stuff to work with so we’ve got I seen and frosting a little Shaky with all the decorating essentials you need and we need it to make some awesome Tilian dress cakes, okay, so we’re gonna clear all of the way and then we’re gonna start with frosting our cakes all right time to ask these puppies a Little of this on so that my cake will get even more or get more height if Tulla All right, I’m a good friend being here just pointed out that when cake is all done and stacked up We actually shave it off. So if you want to save some Frosting you put it all towards the middle you don’t frost the outside just as much So what to do what not to do. I know it sounds good all right now that we are Frosting between the layers is perfect my look at my looks really close to the cake and sweeping Judy Very another very good, okay, so now we’re going to shave the cake down Okay, so we have completely as you can see I sir kay’s frosted incompletely frosted in between all the layers We shaved it down to make a nice dress form now They’re not exactly perfect because we’re gonna use what’s called fondant fondant Fondant however you pronounce it to me. I’m awesome. So that’s something I know is over It’s almost like play-doh edible Ito that will go over the whole clean And I’ll make it nice and smooth and really pretty like a dress, but for now we just iced it kind of smooth it around Perfectly, but we’re gonna put these in the freezer or the fridge just for not only 10-15 minutes Just do it cool settles, and then we’re gonna play around this and decorate Okay, guys so our cakes is set in the freezer, and now we’re ready to take them out and cover them with buttons Yeah, so we’re gonna take this stuff. What fondant spawn dogs on dogs whatever you want Everybody call it. I kind of like edible play dough and sticky gooey and everything so much fun to play around Right in a row ready to roll running around Okay guys, so we rolled out our fondant. Oh Like on top of our lovely cake so yeah, yeah And so we thought it was easier instead of just using the table we put down a piece of parchment then our fondant fondant Is what I call a little bit, and then put another piece of parchment and rolled it out So that way, it doesn’t stick on either side so much easier Now like we said this stuff is like play-doh first gonna place it over our key Okay, so now we have our fawn dog fondant all the way around a cake nice and smooth It’s not perfect yet because as we’re decorating and so we’re gonna like shift and move things around But now it’s on top it Is time for my lat Uman to make their debut? All right get it in there come on. Yes almost been cut a little bit of a hole Okay, so kind of like our first step first layer of the dress if you will so I cut a triangle and I a small One then put it over Now to be kind of like the top of your dress and it cut big Triangles kind of like make it look like was flowing out around Thank you, would you I literally just put the Fondant over her dress and now be kind of shaping the top of it because guma in the film Where is a mermaid-style dress so it’s typed and fitting at the top and it get big and looser at the end and? Right now. I’m trying to work on any octopus design so we’ll see how that goes ah All right, let’s keep digging yes All right guys so what I’m doing now is I took a decorating bag a cool little tip at the end here That’s gonna make awesome little flowers And I’m gonna fill this baby up for my life Okay, so I have been working on is I took these lime-green Awesome sprinkles they put all the way down the front of her dress and all through her dragon tail And then I’m now I’m taking these edible little pearls I’m gonna put it all over her dress oh My gosh. We don’t win your technique here, so better look at yours. Oh, that’s so sick Yeah, if you took a toothpick, and she like made all like the suction cup yeah, detailing like that takes some skill girl things Okay, so we are all done decorating. We’ve made quite a mess, so we’re just gonna yeah I’m just gonna clean up a bit and then we’re going to show off our latest So bad Okay, and now we’re ready to go to cotillion all right baby. You guys at home ready to see them cuz here you go Featuring our messy Our messy messy hands, but it was so worth it because these takes Mikasa It took a lot of hard work, but yeah, it was definitely worth it. I had so much fun hanging out with you Thanks so much for having me party girl Okay, so how mal came to life here is it guys remember? It was a while back ago, but we made three layers of cake we frosted them We put them on top of each other we put a layer of frosting Then we took the fondant bombed and from that whatever I go college. I took a dark purple. I rolled that out Placed it over all my cake pieces And then kind of like fluffed it to make it look like folds of a dress cut a little hole stuff mal in there Then I took some black fondant Rolled that out I cut a try a small triangle to put over her for the top cut a big triangle put it this way it kind of look like an opening of a dress with ruffles so then I took the Leftover my black fondant, I rolled that out It’s like a string or a tail woo And I made a tail like a dragon tail that wraps all the way around her dress and in some kind of like a little triangle over here I Then got roll detailed with it And I put all these little neon lime green dots all the way down her dress all the way around the tail Then I took these pretty pretty purple pearls But that’s all around her made a little design kind of in the front I also used an icing like a tool that makes flowers And I put that all the way around the front to create that ruffle effect and Last but not least that covered the whole thing with purple sprinkles and made a cool little design and all right What do do yeah so first thing I did was I? Rolled out some blue fondant bond on fun bond bond in front well in the comments How you yeah? Now, it’s fondant fondant You know your parents a baker cuz yeah, I did some help. Yes. We definitely do but yeah, so what I did was I Put a layer of glue I used a toothpick to add more details, and then I created her top here with more fondant So just a lot of fondant and a lot of shaping with your fingers and toothpick. Oh, yeah and I added some stars and and golden pearls and Yeah, and that’s what created this look over here She’s already she’s off. They’re ready for the cotillion Yeah, no these cakes are completely edible and completely awesome and completely descendants. Yeah, that’s so much fun Alright, that does it for our descendants cakes what other characters should we turn into cakes let us know in the comments below Yeah, and if we can get up to 2,000 likes then we’ll do another batter heads episode for you guys

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