Here is your Paul Bunyan! Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas” and I’ve got 601 food challenge wins in 20 countries
around the world! I want to thank you all for watching and supporting and
subscribing to our channel! This is day one of our official 2018 Summer, Eastern
Canada, Europe, and Asia tour! I’m getting amped up and getting my stomach
ready by doing a few challenges around the state of Michigan! First tonight I am
in Weidman, Michigan I’m at Elly May’s Diner I’m taking on their Paul Bunyan
Breakfast Challenge! Now this thing is massive! The base layer is a massive!
about one inch thick huge pancake, and then on top of this is a whole bunch of
bacon! I think there’s like 12 or 13 slices equal to about a pound, a pound
and a half then there’s some delicious sausage, then we’ve got six eggs, and I
went with sunny-side up for the eggs. I’ve got one hour to finish this thing!
if I fail it’s gonna be 16 dollars but if I win I’ll get the meal free I’ll get
a sweet t-shirt and I will be the second person with their photo posted up on
their Wall of Fame! Let’s get this challenge started! All right Elly May’s Diner here in
Weidman they’ve got three food challenges actually, they’ve got a 12-egg omelet,
they’ve got a massive undefeated burger, but I’ve done tons of burgers already so
I wanted to do this delicious-looking breakfast, I’ve already done some
challenges on this trip, but I filmed them all for Friday videos that we
posted throughout the summer so if you haven’t checked all those out the links
are down in the description, but only one person is beating this challenge, they
don’t know what the record is so we just got to beat it within the hour let’s see!
1, 2, 3. . . Boom! Alright knock out some of this meat first then we’ll move
on to the pancake! I decided to get all this meat down now
this Bacon’s really delicious! it’s like a maple smoked bacon by Hormel which is
just awesome! We’re gonna get the bacon then we’ll do the rest of the sausage! Just a little bit left. 11 minutes and 40 seconds in, the about
three pounds of meats and eggs are all gone, now we just have this massive
pancake, so we got a little bit of syrup. don’t want to use too much cuz I’m on a
diet, but then we’ve got our diet coke to help get it all down. Delicious so far
let’s become the second winner! this is not a thin pancake Just over 21 minutes in, we just have a
little bit left switched to a new diet cola get them get it all down! They got a salad bar here that look
delicious I might have to check that out afterwards! Last two bites, 28 minutes 20 seconds in
every time I do a big pancake challenge I’m reminded of why don’t do them that
often! As bad as I feel it’ll be much worse
later once all this sets up like concrete, but right now we’re gonna be
victorious! Delicious, delicious, challenge I am really happy with the strategy I
use I got all the meats down first, along with those eggs! Thank you guys all for
coming and stand to watch thank you guys for watching too!

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