Twisted Turban Cap with Luxurious Fabric from Blankitten

Twisted Turban Cap with Luxurious Fabric from Blankitten

Hi everyone, my name is Trisa, you can call me Risa
Welcome back to Anjurisa channel I just received a package from Blankitten the other day This fabric is very very soft and it’s perfect for headbands, especially for babies, because it’s so soft and delicate It’s totally different from the one I bought at a local fabric store here Anyway, it’s been a while since my last turban hat tutorial And I got some comments, direct messages on Instagram, Facebook, asking me to make another turban hat tutorial Some of them even say I’m the master of turban Really? No, I love to make turbans, but I am not an expert So, without further ado, let’s go ahead to my craft room and get started! If you love anything about turban hat, consider subscribing As I said earlier that I got this super luxurious fabric from Blankitten I will put the link to the store and this fabric in the description of this video Be sure to check it out, all their fabrics are too adorable When you make something out of fabric, the direction of the fabric is a crucial part This is the edge of fabric and I will cut this out This is the size of the fabric I’m really sorry if I didn’t reply to any comments or messages asking about the measurement as I think this is too obvious Prepare two pieces of this fabric I want to sew a temporary stitch, so I will fold the fabric like this This temporary stitch is quite important to make the perfect crease for the turban hat Remember that this is only a temporary stitch, so use contrasting color thread if you can Place the fabric by crossing it like this Begin to twist the fabric Fold down, and sew this part Open the fabric, fold once again, and sew this part When you open the turban hat, it will look like this Now, it’s time to remove the temporary stitch
It’s here As you can see, this is the back side of the turban hat I don’t have the exact number for this measurement, but you can check my previous video here to see the details about how I usually finish the back side of a turban hat I’ll give a brief explanation about this Use your finger and fold the turban hat, along this line I really love this part, it’s perfect when you sew right on the seam Prepare another piece of fabric with this direction Pay attention to the edge of fabric here, cut this out Fold the fabric with the wrong sides together Join the fabric together, and sew a little just to hold the fabric in place I know the band is quite complicated at first, but pay attention, I’m sure it will be easy Fold the band in half to determine the back side for the turban hat And it’s here So, pin the band to the turban hat After this, pin the band along the turban hat Just follow the line It’s done, when you see the turban hat from the outside, it will look like this I really like the band, it makes the turban hat looks more gorgeous All we have to do is sew along the line here It would be great if you have a serger as I did in this video, because that would make the turban hat look more professional But if you don’t have a serger and this is for personal use, it’s okay, straight stitch is fine If you have a serger, this turban hat would be perfect Our turban hat is finished! Thanks for watching this video If you want to purchase the fabric, be sure to check out Blankitten in the description below See you in my next video, bye! Subscribe and ring the bell~

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