Twin Telepathy Halloween Cake Decorating Challenge | Marissa and Brookie

– Go! (spooky music) – [Brookie] We have
black and purple spiders. No. – Hey guys!
– Hey guys! – I’m Marissa. – I’m Brookie. – And today we’re going to be doing the twin telepathy Halloween
cake decorating challenge. – If you are new to our channel, we are Marissa and Brookie. We love if you would
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– Notification squad! – Now let’s get on to the twins about to the caaat…caast…cactus challenge. (laughs) – What? – What? Now let’s get on to the twin telepathy cake
decorating challenge. And snap your fingers;
one.. two… three… And look at that, a little youtube magic and we are ready for the first round. How this works is we
have a little barrier, and our cake and two similar candies. – I’m guessing you know how this works. But if you don’t, we pick an eyeball and we put it on our cake. And at the end we reveal
see how much we got right. – Yeah. So let’s get started. (upbeat music) – Twin telepathy.
– Twin telepathy. – Let’s see if we can
pick the eyeballs that we, each other are gonna pick. I’m gonna do this one. Is Brookie gonna pick the
one with the eyeball viens? Or the colorful smooth eyeballs? I think these ones. – I’m guessing… These ones. – And we do not tell each other. We just reveal it at the end. And we’re trying to guess the decoration of where placing on the cake
as well as the actual candies. So, I’m gonna do these ones, probably… Does she have the same ones, guys? Uh, okay, and go. – Oooooh. – You trying to make a face? – No, not at all. – Awesome possum . There we go. So here is my cake so far. – Here’s my cake! (upbeat music) – Okay, for the second
round we have like, sixlets. Wait… – Are they sicklets… sicklets? – Let’s try it. – Yeah, they’re sixlets. Oooh, those are good! – Mmmmm mmmm. Okay, so we have green and black ones, and orange and black ones. So. – K, twin telepathy! Just think really hard of
what you’re gonna pick. – And one… two… three… Alright. – I know. – I chose the… – I chose the… Okay, how should I do this? – I’m going to do a very, ummmm… Pattern. – I’m doing a dot dot dot. A face. Look at my black ones. Aw, that looks so cute. (silent mouthing) – Why am I whispering? I don’t know. (raps) there you go, mind me whispering, no! No. (laughs) (gasp) – Oh yeah, I know what I’m gonna do. (hip hop beat) let go. – Oh we know. – Do you? – Yes, we do. – These are literally my
favorite Halloween candy, in the world. Mmmmm. – Okay for the next one, we have pumpkin candy canes… What? (crickets) It’s not Christmas, Brooklyn. (laughs) – Pumpkin candy cane. – So, we have, the third round, we have the just original. (gibberish) – We have the original … (laughing) – So for the third round we
have the original candy corn. And then we have the pumpkin candy corn. – And these two are my
favorite Halloween candies, they’re so yummy. – I love them. – They’re classics. So, twin telepathy. What one is Brookie going to pick? Candy corn or pumpkin? – One… two… three… Go. – I think, I think she’s
gonna pick this one. (laughs) k, and now to place them on the cake, in a (gibberish) pattern. – This candy, I’m gonna do … This, without the other stuff. On my cake. (upbeat music) – I wish I could see it. This is like torture. Oh, I’m gonna get 3D. – What? – Ready for this guys? 3D Halloween cake decorating
challenge, right here. (laughs) it’s like your actual eye, it’s like, front and back, you know? Yeah. I look like a who when I do this. From Horton Hears A Who… and me. – I made it. Okay, let’s go to the next round. (spooky music) – Alright guys, for the
next round we have some sugar pumpkins and some
orange jelly beans. These are both orange candies. So, I guess it’ll be kind of difficult to guess what one she is going to do. But, twin
tupally…telepady…ready, set, go. I do not know if this is what she picked. I wanna taste these. Wooooh! Yummy! – I wanna taste one too! (silent mouthing) – [Brookie] I think we got the same one. – 3D guys, 3D. I’m tellin ya. – I wanna see yours. – Artistic. – I’m done. – [Marissa] I’m done. – Okay, ready? Twin telepathy! Go! – I say these ones. And you can’t really tell by the sound because they’re both the same thing. – Marissa, are you
dressing up for Halloween? – I think I am. I think I’m gonna be… I am deciding between something spooky, or like a clown type thing. But I’m not sure, but
stay tuned on Instagram. ‘Cause we will be
posting on Halloween day. – I’m gonna be a minion
with my other friends. It’s gonna be really fun. – It looks really cool, and
it’s gonna be hilarious. – Hilarious. Hilarious. This is looking really weird, but once I tell you guys what it is it’s gonna make more sense. – Is it like a face or something? – No. – That was like a, pfst, no but yeah. (laughs) It’s a secret. Okay dokay. – Just, maybe not. – I seem to like the shape of a circle in all of my challenges. Okay, I am done. – Okie day. – Okay, so the next one, round five? – I don’t know.
– I don’t know. But we have black and purple spiders. And then we have sprinkles
with pumpkins in them. – Yup. – Little Pumpkins. – So, let’s see. What one is Brookie going to do. – K, twin telepathy! Ready, one, two, three. – I really don’t know on this one, I’m going with these ones. – I don’t know. – Okay, so… I made that really loud
so that she couldn’t hear. This is a really creepy cake. – Spooky. Not really. I doubt you know what that is. (laughs) It’s a … Beard. – A beard? – No. – What the heckie? Alright guys that is the final round of the Halloween twin telepathy
cake decorating challenge. So now we’re going to take the border off, and reveal how untelepathic we are. And go. Oh my goodness. – We really aren’t telepathic. – Okay so, the first round were the eyes. – And we got different ones. – Different eyes. Different colored beads. Different jelly beans. I did pumpkins. The only think we did right… – Was the spiders. – [Marissa] Was the spiders. Okay, that was an epic
fail and nothing is… – I love these, you know I love these. – Mine’s kinda just a mess. – But your cake also like, I don’t know – I tells a story. – I kinda like you’re better,
it’s a little more comedic. Mine’s just a like little
random little colors. – So, mine have little spiders
crawling up everywhere, you know what I mean? And then it got the beard, got the smiley face, and got the eyes. – And the nose, don’t
forget about the nose. – See? It’s on mov, alright, you know how they
do like, I got your nose?! I got your nose! – Alright, so the final
bill of conclusion is that, we have two things
telepathic out of like six. Not like we’ve been telepathic
in the past challenges that we’ve done, but it’s just fun to
see if anything changes. – Yeah. – Obviously not, but these are some of the fun and we love doing these
type of challenges. If you guys love these challenges and what us to do more twin telepathy, make sure you give this a big thumbs up. (laughs) I wish. No, I’m kidding, don’t! – Thanks for watching!
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– Bye! (happy music)

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