Trying IHOP’s ENTIRE Pancake And Crepe Menu In 2 HOURS

– Did you ever do this
when you were younger where you go like, you know like, you like sit there at the table, and then, your mom talks to you and you go. (girls laugh) I’m at IHOP, you probably remember me from eating the entire
menu at Cheesecake Factory. – Huh?
– Thought it would be a really great idea to do it again except at IHOP with all their pancakes because I like to torture myself. – Are you done?
– I don’t like that one. ♪ I’ve been waiting up all night
to get this party started ♪ ♪ Party started, I’ve been
waiting up all night ♪ ♪ To get this party started
right-right-right, right ♪ (upbeat rock music) I can never slide in correctly. So the last time I had a pancake encounter was in college, me and
four of my sorority friends decided to enter a pancake eating contest. I remember we had these huge pancakes, size of your face, everyone
thought that you were gonna use your fork and knife, no. My team was straight
up like we’re winning. We started dunking them in the water. That’s a really bad visual,
pancake roll, dunk in water, shove in face, basically,
everyone stopped watching us. And they got disgusted and
started walking away from us. We won, and I won like
a free pair of shoes. So I don’t regret it, but I’m
not gonna do that this time. I’m going to be civilized. We’re trying all of the
pancakes today, this. (squeaking) This one, and while we’re
here, we’re also gonna try all the sliders and all of the crepes because really, a crepe
is just a thinner pancake. So why not?
(bell rings) Oh.
(squeaking) Oh, fork and knife, wow.
(upbeat rock music) These are like my children, my babies. One of the most important
things with pancakes, you gotta make sure that
butter to pancake ratio is right where it needs to be. I don’t know why I’m
cutting all the way down because I’m not gonna
take a bite this big. Oh. My. I could do this and try
to fit it in my mouth, but that’s just not appropriate
for anyone to watch me do. So I’m gonna do one bite at a time. (upbeat music)
♪ You had me at hello ♪ Okay, very, very fluffy. I think that this is a
staple, there’s a reason why you have a classic on a menu. The House of Pancakes
should be very good at this. And they are so it all checks out to me. This one’s gonna come
home to mama with me. Can’t believe I like a basic one. I’m usually the one who
likes the crazy (bleep). So we’re moving onto bigger and wilder (bleep), filled
with cheesecake bites. Also, I really need to work on
how I hold a fork and knife. Like I keep seeing in the
videos the way I hold it, I’m like–
(mellow music) One day, I’ll go to an etiquette class. (mellow music)
That’s so much strawberry. I probably had a huge
strawberry bite in there. That’s what I like,
honestly, though I think that the original one
I’m more in love with. This thing just is a work of art. So it’s a vanilla sauce, dulce de leche, and caramel sauce, so you
have three different sauces going on, that’s really pretty. Damn, this one like kinda
wins for looks, I think. I’m gonna get so many cavities (laughs). (mellow music) It reminds me of Halloween
candy for some reason. I think it’s all the caramel sauce. It’s just like a candy pancake. It’s very, very sweet, I
think that you would have one pancake, like one stack,
and you would be really happy with it, this is definitely one that you’re gonna share
with your whole table. Four luscious pancakes,
that’s the actual description on the menu, look, that’s actually just dark chocolate
mousse under the layers. It’s gonna be like a really
classy dessert, I imagine, and really rich. These are my hopes and dreams that I have. (upbeat music)
Chocolate syrup. Do I want syrup on it?
(upbeat music) ♪ All the people in the building ♪ ♪ All the eyes wanna talk ♪ ♪ And everybody who just say it ♪ ♪ Keep on laughing from the front ♪ ♪ All the people in the building ♪ ♪ All the eyes wanna talk ♪ ♪ And everybody who just say it ♪ ♪ Keep on laughing from the front ♪ ♪ All the people in the building ♪ ♪ All the eyes just want to talk ♪ ♪ And everybody who just say it ♪ It’s oozing chocolate, it reminds me of like a German dark chocolate
cake, but that makes sense. ♪ Keep on laughing from the front ♪ ♪ All the people in the building ♪ ♪ All the eyes just want to talk ♪ ♪ And everybody who just say it ♪ That is so (bleep) good, that is like. Oh my god, chocolate pancakes with chocolate chips, and
then, chocolate mousse is such a beautiful combination. Do you see my right eye
tearing up as I talk about it? (light piano music) I’m not giving it a good review. Like I’m giving it like
such a half ass review. It’s amazing, it’s like a
chocolate cake but pancakes. We have our Oreo OMG pancakes. It’s a classic buttermilk pancake. And then, you have layers
of Oreo actual crumbles and then cupcake icing. Also, a child created this pancake, which I think it makes so much
sense when you look at it. It’s a limited edition one. Clearly, they did not skimp on the Oreos whatsoever (laughs). (upbeat music) The cupcake icing is very interesting. It’s like extremely
sweet, but I have to say that the Oreo is really nice in it because it’s actually
kind of a crispy bite, which I’m really into. These are also beautiful,
I am not gonna say that, I don’t know, they’re still my
children, I still love them. Just these ones are my favorites. I can have a favorite, round two. (bells ding) Ooh!
– Be right back with the rest.
– Ooh, wait (laughs). Beautiful, I was gonna say
this one feels healthier of a round versus the first
round, but that’s just not true. I just see more fruit on the table, so that’s what’s making me think that. Festive rainbow sprinkles, cupcake icing, and more sprinkles. Just based on pure looks,
this one’s obviously gonna be the most popular
girl at the table. She’s got the rainbow sprinkles. She’s got all the color,
she looks really cute. Every single layer, every single layer has got that going on, wow. (upbeat music) That’s just sugar, that’s just cupcake. If you ate this entire thing,
your dentist would cry. It’s just like what every small
child I imagine dreams of. As a full grown human, it’s a little hard because it’s very sweet. If you are going to IHOP
and really want a pancake but also wanna be skinny, if
those are, it’s not a thing. But if it was, this would
be the one you go for. These ones look a little
bit thinner of a pancake. It’s not like the same
fluffiness as a buttermilk one. But if that’s also, it’s
not trying to be that. It’s gonna be the healthy
version of the original maybe. The difference between this
and the cupcake one I just ate, it’s hilarious, it has a nice crunchiness. It’s very, I would say,
middle of the road. Nothing too wild. It’s not also, it’s not trying to be wild. It’s true to who it is.
(upbeat music) Vanilla mousse, cinnamon
cloves, ginger and cardamom. So this one has a lot of flavors going on. It’s actually kinda like an elevated cupcake of pancake maybe. It’s an international pancake. ‘Cause International House of Pancakes? (triumphant music)
Right, no, yes, yes. I must inspect the layers. (upbeat music)
The first thing that came to my mind is that
it tastes like Christmas. It’s really warm, and I
think it’s the cinnamon and the cloves and everything. It tastes like the holidays in a pancake. It’s the buttermilk thick pancakes with just strawberries
and bananas cut on top. So there’s no flavor to
the actual pancake itself, but there are some
nanners in the pancakes. There are no strawberries in it. But they do have strawberry syrup, so you can just pour on
the strawberry syrup. I think you can never go
wrong with strawberry banana. It’s like a really good flavor combo. (upbeat music) I really like the banana in it. It’s like, what’s a
word to describe banana? I’m like it’s banana-y. You must put the strawberry syrup on. Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity
(sighs), the name itself. You can get this with
raspberry or peaches. We did raspberry, I have
to say I love raspberry. I feel like it’s the classier,
sexier, hotter strawberry. High expectations.
(upbeat music) If you like raspberry, this one’s amazing. I really do think that this
one’s the classier version of the strawberry pancake,
if that is a thing with pancakes.
(upbeat music) I didn’t realize there’s another pancake. I genuinely thought I was done. (bleep)
(upbeat music) I’m feeling like that sugar overload, but when you were a kid,
you’d get super excited. But at this point, my body
doesn’t know what to do with it. My body’s just like stop. This is the Double Blueberry pancake. Double Blueberry meaning
that the blueberry topping, and there’s blueberries on the inside. (upbeat music) Because it’s sweet on sweet on sweet, the blueberry syrup, the
blueberry, the actual blueberries on top, and then, the
blueberries in between. It just kind of reads as one note to me. We’ve completed the pancakes. Crepe time.
(upbeat music) Oh wow. – [Waiter] And these are our
signature pancake sliders. – With a side of hashbrown.
(upbeat music) Ooh. (crickets chirp) I genuinely just blacked
out and had like a moment where my brain just stopped working because it’s trying to
compute eight different things all at once.
(upbeat music) Okay, I’m just gonna start
with what’s in front me, and then, I’m gonna keep going. Oh, what are you? Okay, so these have a raspberry topping. You can also get them
with the peach topping, and there’s a sweet cream filling. Let me see if I can get it, ooh. There you go. I’m such a huge fan of
raspberry, as you already know. The tartness of it with all
of the sweetness of the cream. I feel like this one has a
really nice balance to it. I really like it, now, the peach. (upbeat music) It’s so sweet. – Are you done?
– I don’t like that one. Okay, we’re moving on,
we’re moving onto bigger and better things, these
are the Swedish Crepes. And what makes this one different is that it’s the lingonberry,
lingonberry butter. They kinda look like a little doily. (upbeat music) I like this one a lot, it has
a sweeter cranberry flavor to it, and I feel like it’s
something that my grandma would really like, strawberries
and cream (laughs). Strawberries, cream,
vanilla cream drizzle. So it’s gonna be kind of
like that cheesecake one we had earlier, the strawberry
cheesecake one I’m assuming, but in crepe form, I have
to say it’s really pretty. They’re just like dainty and cute. (upbeat music)
Really rich. Tastes like dessert, that’s really nice. That’s like really classy tasting. I can take a really nice nap. What I would like to do is take a nap. Like if I was the filling inside a crepe. And then, they were just
the warm blankets over me. Where did brain go, brain went away. (laughs) Brain went on vacation. Banana Nutella Crepes. This is just gonna be a work of damn art. (upbeat music) Perfection, the Nutella is not too much, which I know there’s no such
thing as too much Nutella. But sometimes, there is (laughs). And this just has the right
amount of it going on. Like you have enough in every bite, but you’re still able to have the banana. You can still taste the crepe. So far, this one’s my favorite. Come here, grilled chicken, mushrooms, onion, Swiss, and a bed of spinach with white cheddar sauce,
oh, white cheddar sauce. I like what I’m seeing.
(upbeat music) I think I miss savory so
much from eating 15 plates of sweet (bleep), sweet
stuff, sweet good stuff, that I missed this. It almost reminds me of French
onion soup in a weird way with the onions and the chicken in it and the cheddar on top. It does give you that kind of those vibes. I’m really into this one,
I’m feeling this one hard. I’m taking a third bite,
which I haven’t done yet. Savory number two. We got the Breakfast Crepe, which assuming it’s
just egg, cheese, bacon, and a few other things, oh, no, no. There’s meats in here too. Oh, you know what? It’s like a breakfast burrito. It’s like a breakfast
burrito but in crepe form. (upbeat music) This one’s much richer
than the one I just had. You’re gonna wanna eat this entire thing, and then just kind of lay
in bed and let it be a brick inside of you.
(upbeat music) It’s the last one, I
feel like I have really had quite the journey of,
quite the pancake journey. It’s gonna take me a little bit to process exactly what has happened today. I’m just happy that you were here with me, and you’re all watching
this and hopefully, I don’t look like I’m in complete pain. I’m in a little pain, but I’m. (laughs) Like I’m breathing,
it’s a really heavy, deep breathing, I’m like (exhales). What is the last one, it’s
a (bleep) pancake slider. Because I was eating pancakes all day. You have to end with a pancake slider, which honestly, is just so smart. Of course, you use a pancake as a bun. I think that that’s genius. Let’s see what’s going on
underneath this little guy. (upbeat music)
He’s got (gasps). Oh, it’s a cute little
patty, cute little patty. I’m sorry I’m gonna touch it all, but I’m gonna be the one
eating it, so it’s fine. Okay, so you’re getting two
different meats in here. You’re getting a sausage
patty and bacon and egg, and you’re getting cheese.
(upbeat music) Much sweeter than I expected. What is it, nice notes of maple. I think I’d do it without
one of the pancakes. (upbeat music) – [Camera Woman] Yep. – (laughs) That’s better,
you only need one. I don’t think you need two. You’re getting a little bit of everything, and the pancake, which we were here for. It’s just a great way to
like really end the day and end this segment of
my life with pancakes. And I’ve decided, I didn’t
dunk any in water this time, which is like we’ve already won. My hands have never been
stickier in my life. I’m not gonna lie, like
I am just gonna sit here for a little bit with my
crepes and my pancakes and take a very, very long nap that might turn into a dark slumber. (dramatic music)

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