TOPSY TURVY CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon (Mad Hatter’s favourite cake)

Welcome to How To Cook That I ‘m Ann Reardon
and today I ma going to show you how to make this beautiful whimsical topsy turvy pretty
cake. You could use this for a first birthday or really any celebration it is so cute and
pretty. And it’s not that hard to make, I’ll walk you though it. Now I just got back from a trip to the USA
and had a great time and of course filmed with the minions and also got to just relax
with my family which was awesome. And one of my highlight was definitely meeting some
of you my subscribers at the meet and greet. Now I know registrations for this event filled
up so fast and they had to close it because it reached capacity. So some of you missed
out. I am really sorry about that but I will be flying back to the US for vidcon which
is not very far away. So you have the chance to come and meet me there. I am actually going
to be on the Makers and Bakers booth which is by Wilton, Simplicity and my network KIN.
And I’ll be there for a short amount of time on the Friday and the Saturday and I’ll have
some gift packs to give out to you. So I have 50 gift packs for the Friday and 50 for the
Saturday so the first 50 people on each day will get a free gift pack. You can come beyond
that and say hi but I’ve only got 50 packs to give away. I’ll put the times of when I’ll
be on that booth in the description below and what you should do is probably get there
a bit early and cue just to make sure you’re in the first 50. So what’s in the gift packs,
that’s what you want to know. We have some silver pearl dust and I’ve used dusts before
so you should be familiar with what that is. Some cake spikes, and they are what allow
you to put the fresh flowers into a cake and it gives them a bit of water so that they
stay fresh. I’ll show you that in a minute. The 3D cupcake mold which is what we are using
for the cupcake on the top of the cake today. And a couple of new products, we’ve got treatologie
which is basically 8 different flavours that you can add to cake mixture or frosting to
change the flavours of your cakes. ANd also color right which is very similar but it is
not falvour it is colors. And we’ve got 8 different colours there and I’ll show you
more about those in a minute. As I said I’ve used all of those in this cake today. Well
not all 8 flavours cause that would be a bit weird but some of each of them. So what you need to do if you want one of
these free packs is come and see me at vidcon I’ll put the times below, now I know some
of you have probably already written a comment going I don’t live in LA and I’m not going
to be at vidcon. DOn’t worry I’ll also give a couple of these packs away over on facebook
as well on the howtocookthat page. So just make sure you are following me there I’ll
put that comp up in about a weeks time. So lets make the cake. First level we are going
to make is of course the bottom. We are going to make the tiramisu layer and then we’ll
work our way up to the top. For the first two layers of cake we are going
to need one quantity of my perfect sponge cake recipe. If you haven’t made that before
there is a video and recipe for that one on the website. It makes a
nice light fluffy cake. Bake that in two tins, one that is 20cm or 8 inches and one that
is 15.5cm or 6 inches. Once they are done they should spring back when they are lightly
touched or you can double check by putting a knife into the cake, if it’s comes out clean
then they are ready. To hold the cake in a topsy turvy style we
are going to need some sort of support. I am going to use bamboo rods and some round
cake boards and I’m just drilling a hole slightly smaller than the bamboo rod into the cake
board. And you want it slightly smaller so that it fits really tightly.
So see how the rod is just staying upright here if you had your hole too big it would
just fall over. We also need a support for the piece of cake,
you will need to cut one of those from a 6″ round cake board. Just measure 12cm in from
the edge and then draw two straight lines and you can make the slice as fat or skinny
as you like. And you will need a hole in the centre of that one too. Make sure your bamboo stick can go through
the holes because we are going to be placing the cake onto those two cake board and then
putting the cake onto the bamboo spike so if they don’t fit it’s going to be a little
difficult to put it on once you’ve got the cake there. Now we want to stop the cakes from slipping
all the way down to the bottom. So I am going to add a plastic support rod over the top
of the bamboo one. ANd just trim it on an angle at the level where I want the second
layer to sit. Now for our tiramisu we want some coffee syrup.
For that you will need some instant coffee, sugar and water. And all of the recipe quantities
you need for this and everything else that is in this video for this cake are on the website and I’ll link to that in the description below.
Combine all of those ingredients in a cup and microwave until the sugar is dissolved,
then just let it cool. For our tiramisu frosting we are using mascapone
cheese, cream and sugar. Just place them all into the bowl and whip together until it is
smooth. Cut your 8″ cake into two even layers, then
use some of the frosting to secure it onto the board. Add a generous amount of the coffee
syrup, I could of added heaps more here, it just depends how strong a coffee flavour you
want yours to be. And then add a layer of your mascapone frosting.
Place the other half of the cake on top and then cover that whole thing in frosting.
Place the bamboo stick through the middle from the bottom of the cake board and then
I like to put the whole thing on a plate to make it easier to move around. Add sponge
finger biscuits all the way around the outside of the cake. And then use a ribbon to secure
them into place. Try and choose a ribbon here matches the colours of your flowers. So it
just brings the whole cake together. Place the plastic tube that we cut earlier
down over the top of the bamboo stick all the way down to the cake baord. For our second layer of cake we are going
to have a salted caramel ganache. To make that you will need white chocolate,
cream, butter, and some vanilla custard and salted caramel flavouring. All of the recipe
quanitites are on the website as well. Add the cream and butter to the chocolate
and then microwave that on high for 30 seconds, then give it a good stir, microwaves heat
unevenly so it is important to stir. Give it another 20 seconds and it still has a few
more lumps so another 10 seconds should do it.
Yep that looks nice and smooth that looks good. Now add your salted caramel and vanilla
custard flavouring to taste, these are really concentrated so you wont need much. Just add
a couple of drops at a time and taste it and keep going until you are happy with it. Then
put that in the fridge to firm up. Once it is firm make one batch of basic buttercream
and mix the cooled ganache into it. This make a yummy creamy salted caramel frosting. For the macarons follow the macaron recipe
video. And you want to make three colours. Pipe them onto non-stick baking paper. To
get them all the same size it really helps to print a sheet of circles, I’ll put the
circles in the size that I have used on the recipe post for you. They are smaller than
I’d normally make macarons but I just want to make three of them up the side of the cake. Place some of your ganache frosting onto the
6″ board to stop your cake slipping when it is on an angle. Then add one third of the
6″ cake. Add a layer of frosting we just made, the middle part and then more frosting and
the top part of the cake. Now we want to colour the rest of that frosting.
To get the colour t I am using some red, pink and a tiny bit of blue. These colors are quite
strong so just add a little bit at a time especially with the darker colours like blue. Place that into a piping bag with a wide tip
and pipe it all over the cake, If you don’t have one of these tips you can just spread
it out using a spatula, this method just makes that process much quicker. Then take a spatula and smooth out the sides.
If you place your cake on a bowl it lifts it up off the counter so you can easily get
to all of the edges and smooth it out. Once that is ready measure the width from
the centre of the cake to the edge and push one of the plastic supports into the cake,
make off what level it is at, remove it and trim to size. Then add an end cap to it and
place it back into the cake. And this will just support the side of the cake where it
is leaning down to the bottom so that it is not going to squash the bottom layer of cake. Add the cake on top lowering it down on an
angle. Add the macarons in three rows to the side
of the cake and then add raspberries to the bottom layer. around the edge and to the side
that is visible. To make our slice of cake you will need one
20cm round chocolate cake. Cut a slice from the center of the cake. Then cut another slice
using the two edge pieces to make that bit. Place some frosting on the cake board and
the your half a bit, add frosting to the edge of it and join the next piece on to complete
the bottom layer. Add more frosting and then the top half. Now you want to cover the whole thing in frosting
and once it is smooth place it on a plate in the fridge to firm up. Colour half of your white fondant using some
yellow and brown colouring to give it a sponge cake colour. Roll it out and then place the cake slice
on top. Fold the fondant up and over the side of the cake. Then trim off the excess, letting
it overlap the side slightly. So that you’ve got something to join the next piece of fondant
too. Do the same on the top and bottom smoothing the excess into the frosting so that it sits
flat. Add more brown to the fondant and use that
on the base to hide the cake board. Use your finger to find where the hole in
the cake board is and mark it with a knife to make it easy when we are adding it. Then roll out your white fondant and place
it over the top and down the back of the slice. Use your knife to gently cut off the excess. Place the slice on its side and mark two lines
using a knife, you don’t want to cut through the fondant just indent it. Then use the tip
of a knife to drag some of the white along those two lines. Add your plastic support spacer and then lower
the cake slice into place on a slight backward angle. Using a clean paint brush and some food colouring
paint lines across the layers of cake to lookw like frosting. Then use some red colour and
paint it underneath to look like jam and to make the colours pop. You can paint it down
a bit like it is dripping so it looks more real. To make the cupcake on top. Melt some candy
melts or you could use chocolate and put some into the bottom of the mold. You don’t want
it full because we are going to add the second part on top but it’s a bit hard to guess how
much you need. We only need one but I’m going to make all
three so we can choose the best one. Place the other half of the mold over the
top and push down firmly on the joiners to secure it together. Turn it upside down and
leave it to set. If you are using melts you can set it in the freezer. Once it is set separate the mold and they
should lift off quite easily. Use a hot knife to trim off the excess from around the tops.
Then using a round piping tip make a hole in the base, You can use hot water or a brulee
torch to heat up the tip so that it melts through there. Dip your plastic support into the some melted
candy melts and then add that through the hole. Decide it you want it straight up or
on a slight angle and then leave that to set. In the same way use some melts to add a cherry
on top, I am using a real cherry for this one.
Tip the base the right way up and fill it with candies, then use more of the melts around
the top edge to attache the lid. Once that is set use some of the silver pearl dust and
a dry paint brush to brush over the base. This give is a nice shine and makes it look
pretty. Add the cupcake down into top and turn it
to the angle you are happy with. And now to add our flowers. We are going to
use these cake spikes with hold some water to keep the flowers fresh and they have a
silicone top to keep the water in and hold the flowers in place. Arrange the flowers
into little bunches and then push the spike into the cake. Continue to add a few bunches
on each level until you are happy with it. And there you have it an amazing topsy turvy
pretty cake finished of with the fresh flowers which is ust a really easy way to finish the
cake. How don’t forget if you are at VidCon I will be there too so come and say hi at
the makers and bakers booth. And for the times check the descpription below or the recipe
post this week I’ll put the times that I’ll be there then,
And if you are one of the first 50 there you get one of those packs. SO make sure you come
early and cue up to make sure that you get one of those and you don’t miss out. don’t
forget it you are not at vidcon I’ll also be giving a some away over on facebook in
a couple of weeks time. SO make sure you are following over there too. Subscribe to howtocookthat
for more cakes chocolates and desserts. CLick here for last weeks recipe. CLick up the top
for the recipe website so you can get all of the details you need for
this one and hear for the youtube channel so that you can check out all of my other
videos. Have a great week and I’ll see you all on Friday.

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