The Walking Dead – Negan’s Bat Lucille Cake

Today I’m going to be showing you how to make
Lucille. Negan’s bat from The Walking Dead. Yay! I’m so excited for the walking dead to be
back on. It’s almost like Christmas. You count the sleeps until the walking dead. I think I like the walking dead better than
Christmas. So I started this project by baking two 9″
by 13″ chocolate cakes. I let them cool and then I levelled them. So I made myself a template of the baseball
bat that I will be using and I cut circles out to match about the diameter of the baseball
bat. I created a custom cakeboard making it a bit
smaller than the template of the baseball bat. That way all the cake pieces could fit on
there. Take each circle of cake, cut a little bit
off the bottom cuz you want it sit on the cakeboard and not just roll right off and
start icing each piece. Stick them close together and start following
the cakeboard design going a little bit smaller with your pieces. As you see I had to take a piece out cuz it
was just too big. I didn’t take into consideration the icing,
the space of the icing. So I just took that one piece out and just
continued on. I’d be carving it later anyway I just didn’t
want to waste too much cake. After you got all the pieces stuck together
give it a crumbcoat and stick it in the fridge for a bit. After that I took it out and I trimmed down
the middle part is still a little bit off, I didn’t like the shape of it. Give it one last coat of icing. It doesn’t have to be pretty, baseball bats
are gonna be pretty beat up anyway, so having those little lines in there is perfectly fine. So while I was putting the cake back in the
fridge my handle broke off. So I just took a leftover scrap piece, I just
cut it down real quick just stuck it on, put a little icing on it and called it done. I don’t even think you could tell. I started coloring my fondant a little bit
of a brown color, gave it two colors and didn’t like the one, it was a little too light, so
I added a little darker, it was a little better. It was a little hard to cover this cake cuz
I didn’t have a board big enough to put it on, so I just kind of had to cut it in the
air. I stuck the lid of my icing sugar underneath
the back of it because to was too heavy and leaning down. I didn’t want it to break off. I made some grey fondant and I put it through
my extruder to make the tiny snakes of fondant that would be holding my barbed wire. Set those aside and I used leftover pieces
of the snakes to make the spikes about three quarters of an inch to an inch. I wrapped them around twice so they would
at least stay put when I lifted them up. This part was really really tedious. So if you don’t have patience for tiny intricate
things, it’s probably not the project for you. Carefully pick up your bat and put it on your
cakeboard. I mixed a little bit of brown gel color with
some clear alcohol and started coloring the baseball bat. Started with a wider brush cuz I wanted it
to be lighter and first. There were a couple little chunks in there
that wouldn’t dissolve which is fine cus they gave me a darker streak here and there which
kinda worked out pretty good. Don’t forget to paint that signature oval
circle on the baseball bat. After that I added a bit more brown food coloring
just to give it a darker shade and used another paintbrush a little bit thinner and gave it
a couple more smaller lines. So lay your barbed wire randomly crisscrossed
over the baseball bat until you are happy with the design. So I started decorating my cakeboard. I used the leftover brown color that I had
and added a bit of black to give it a darker look and just started painting the cakeboard
and dabbing the paintbrush so it didn’t look so streaky, more like gravel. Was kinda going for gravel. After your cakeboard is all painted I used
my homemade edible blood recipe and I decorate around the cakeboard where the pool of blood
I wanted it to be. I made a template it ended up sticking to
the cakeboard so I probably just could’ve winged it. So I just dripped it all the way around, just
kind of spread it with the spoon and then I started dripping it over the bat. It started to look really cool. I stuck those original rocks to the board
with a bit more of the fake blood cuz it is made of gelatine so it will harden and it
will stick better. Now your cake is finished. Oh so gory I love it. It’s best to let the blood set overnight just
because it is a jello and it is a little squishy and soft at the beginning. It should harden up by the next day. Mine kinda didn’t, I don’t know why. It shrunk a little bit so there were some
lines around the outside, but that was alright, at least you could tell where the blood was. If you make this cake you’ll be sure to amaze
all your friends at your next walking dead night. So don’t forget to watch the walking dead. I will be watching it. If you liked this video give it a thumbs up. If you want to see more Amazing creations
subscribe to my channel. See you next week. Hey, you’re still watching. Why are you still watching? Go create something Amazing.

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