The Untold Truth Of The Cake Boss

The Untold Truth Of The Cake Boss

His real name is Buddy Valastro, but most
people know him as the Cake Boss, the down-to-earth baker who creates some of the wildest, most
extravagant cakes in the country. It’s an odd niche, perhaps, but it’s one that
he’s made work beyond most people’s wildest dreams. Today, he sits at the top of an empire built
on frosting, but the climb to the top wasn’t all been sweet. Here’s a look at the untold truth of the Cake
Boss. All in the family The Cake Boss comes by his love of cake naturally. His father, also named Buddy Valastro, emigrated
to America from Sicily with nothing, not even a pair of shoes. He saved up enough to eventually buy his own
bakery, and when he passed away on his son’s 17th birthday, the boy who would become Cake
Boss dropped out of school to take over the family business. Valastro also had close ties with his mother,
baking his very first cake for her at the age of 12. Sadly, she passed away in 2017. The Cake Boss told People that he hadn’t yet
been able to bring himself to visit their old family bakery since her passing. “I know that when I go there, I’ll definitely
break down. That place has got so much history and that
was my mom’s spot, that was her store.” Trial and error Valastro may be an expert baker now, but at
first, he struggled to master his father’s famous lobster tail recipe. He failed over and over and over, until, according
to the Cake Boss himself, his father’s spirit eventually came to him in a dream and explained
how to make it. Divine inspiration aside, Valastro told the
Houston Press that he feels the kind of experience you get through trial and error is worth more
than any formal education. “There’s a business method and education they
don’t teach in school, that you learn from being on the job and dealing with things. In school, you learn to make five cakes, so
now you’re a cake genius? Come to the bakery and do 1,000 fondant layers
in a week… You learn, you know?” Those cakes The downside to trial and error is the error
part, and Valastro told the blog for Michael’s that he’s had his fair share of disasters,
the biggest being the complete collapse of a carousel cake he made for Atlantic City’s
Steel Pier. “It just felt horrible. I let my customer down and that’s the worst
thing you can do.” And sometimes, even when he gets the cake
right, it turns out to be a mess. That was the case with a 400 pound cake he
made for Chicago’s Field Museum, which was unceremoniously dumped in the trash after
the event because it had been sitting out all day. Still, most of the time the Cake Boss is able
to make sure things go right, even if it costs a pretty penny. His most expensive cake? That would be a cake studded with diamonds
and sapphires that was worth an estimated $30 million. Let’s hope they didn’t throw that one in the
dumpster too! Sweet and savory He may be known for his sweet concoctions,
but Valastro also has a savory side, which is on full display in his Italian restaurant,
Buddy V’s Ristorante. He has locations at the Venetian in Las Vegas,
and at the Sands Bethlehem Casino Resort in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He told Eater that the menu is inspired by
his grandmother’s cooking. “When you come here, I want you to taste the
food, and I want you to remember your grandmother.” Controversy Valastro has had his fair share of controversy. In 2012, for instance, Cake Boss guest Carmen
Carrera was infuriated after the show turned her appearance into a shockingly unfunny “joke”
mocking the trans community. “That’s a man, baby!” After a media firestorm, Valastro issued a
public apology that read in part, “… I was wrong to use the words I did. I am a supporter of gay rights and equality,
and while I regret this situation and my choice of words, I am thankful to have received this
feedback and the opportunity to learn from this mistake.” It wasn’t his only mistake, though. Two years later, in 2014, Valastro again made
headlines for the wrong reason when he was arrested for driving while intoxicated. He compounded his error by trying to use his
celebrity to get out of the charges, telling the cops, “You can’t arrest me! I’m the Cake Boss.” Needless to say, nobody was impressed, and
he again had to issue a public apology for his bad behavior. Icing on the cake It’s not all bad with the Cake Boss, though. Valastro also has his charitable side. Besides
donating zeppoles and bread to his local churches each year, all of the cakes from The Next
Great Baker are donated to homeless shelters as well. And he has also been active in raising money
for disaster relief as well. “I just wanna send my prayers and hopes for
all the people down in Texas and the whole Gulf area who are suffering from Hurricane
Harvey.” Still in the family For Valastro it all began with family, and
it all ends with family, which is why so many of his family members work with him. His brother in law Joey Faugno told Business
News Daily that it’s a blessing. “We spend eight to 10 hours every day at work
and then hang out with each other at night. I feel lucky.” Valastro told People that his favorite thing
to do is stay home and spend time with his wife and four children… cooking, of course. Hey, he’s not called the Cake Boss for nothing. Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Carmen Carrera is a walking breathing controversy, I mean, has there ever been a single time when her name popped up in the media after drag race that it wasn't something controversial?

  2. Can, either of you who are here only for gossip, make a cake or even cook? Or, do you go to the restaurant three times a day because you have no idea what the kitchen is doing in your apartment?

  3. Give credit were credit is do he might be talented but his workers are the ones that do all the best work ,if it weren’t for them he would still be in his little store.

  4. I'm more of an "Ace of Cakes" person. Buddy's "charm" in his show feels more like a forced cover for the sake of the cameras.

  5. I was hoping you had some real juicy shit on the Cake Boss, like they failed all their health inspections and had to pay off somebody to stay in business, but all this info was pretty well known already. You could at least say how much money he's making off of everything and if any of his businesses got shut down. They never talk prices on the show so you know it's expensive as all hell.

  6. "The cakes are just sheets of rice crispies and fondant so it tastes like youre eating breakfast cereal and candle wax."

  7. Over the years I've watched the cake boss I love buddy I loved his mom watching this I'm in tears I did not know she passed away last year my heart is broken she was a wonderful woman she loved her son she kept the family unit tight I am heartbroken for buddy be strong buddy🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. what about the family member who was popped for being a kiddy fiddler? one of his sister's husbands, i believe.

  9. His cakes have nice shape but you can see thought tv that it's all fake ingredients and huge amounts of dough and sugar. Not even close to a real chocolate or fruit cake.

  10. I use to watch this show religiously with my mom when I was younger, but stopped watching it after a while. I remember when she got sick, but had no idea his mom died 😞.

  11. Dont ever eat at any of his bakeries, even the original. I went to the original to buy some sweets for my grandmother who loves the show, but was disappointed when the goods tasted like, at best, basic walmart sweets.

  12. I've noticed that with most of these celebrities, it's usually the famous bakers/chefs that are usually the very humble ones.

    Yet he seems to be a good soul who wants his craft to please his clientel especially
    with the custom creations. Perhaps devine intervention helped to ensure his and
    his family's future when much was to be put upon his shoulders on that very sad birthday.

  14. There is a strip club in Easton PA, Spanky’s, he went there one night and I went the next and the girls had pictures with him and he tried to fuck the shot girl, she said he has a small dick, true story.

  15. I ate at his location in Las Vegas and the pastries are incredible. I can honestly say they’re the best pastries I’ve ever had.

  16. all the channels like this should just make a “dark secrets/past” video for each person that ever lived bc HUMANS. MAKE. MISTAKES. 🤣

  17. So many people kiss this guys ass. There are plenty of Italian bakeries that make better cakes and cannoli. Go to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx and you will see.

  18. Who would name their newborn buddy? Nice nickname horrible actual name…..the hell was wrong with his parents?

  19. My Fwatha came to me in a dweam… and he spiwitually expwained…. how ta make his most famous wecipe… the "Wobstah Taiw".

    I weft Chicago and now I'm wivin' in Bwoston

  20. All this guys seems to know how to do is rice crispy treats. I always new I didn’t like him I didn’t know why but after seeing the whole anti lgbt 🏳️‍🌈 thing with that poor excuse of an apology. I found my reason!

  21. Buddy it really sad how you make yourself so common.
    You joked about freaks …..sexual perverts then apologise because you lose business .
    Whats more important money or respect and selfrespect ?
    The devil is real and is selling you down river to the pit of hell .
    Just think of Jesus looking at you bleeding and dying in agony on the cross so you can be in heaven forever .
    And you lead your family to torment to burn alive .
    that is what is going to happen.
    Can you take that much burden of responsibility to hear your children screaming as they burn alive ?
    Time to be sober and face reality.

  22. Some people shit on him because apparently they "know" how his cakes are made from watching few youtube clips.
    He's great dude and his cakes are great.

  23. This man is amazing and just because he did two things that any normal human being would do only makes me like him more. God bless him and his family and I'm so sorry to hear about your mother Cake Boss. Best wishes.

  24. When i see his shows his cakes look dry, full of cream, rice cereal, fondant, colour. Give me a most cake any day.

  25. He is absolutely NOT down to earth. He's completely narcissistic and egotistical. Did you see what a pouty, temper tantrum throwing sore loser he was on Buddy vs Duff!?! Your list here even shows those same traits… his DUI! Yes he does have a charitable side, but I can't help think that part of that is just for show.

  26. What…that he's a drama queen with fake crises, who creates visually wonderful cakes with very little of them being actual CAKE?

  27. Okay don’t get me wrong, his teams decorating skills are completely out of this world, but most of they’re cakes aren’t really well… cakes, just fondant and rice crispy treats.

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