100 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE PANCAKE BATTLE – Take 2! #ad

  1. barry made a kinda pancake but not really as a indian we dont really associate them with pancakes but english people have kinda made them sound like pancakes

  2. What do we want?!

    Low flying airplanes!

    When do we want 'em?


    (Yes, the joke is incredibly stupid but it just makes me chuckle)

  3. Barry, try cardamom seeds! You can buy the pods at most Middle Eastern or Indian grocers. The seeds are in the pods, so a bit finicky to get out of the shells but they have so much depth than the ground powder. Life changing.

  4. So…I'm American. This is the first time I've heard "American pancakes". Do we prepare ours different across the pond? Would love to know!! =)

  5. I want to see you guys do an ultimate sick foods battle. You have to make food that you would want to eat when your sick and a homemade cup of tea.

  6. Please do a german food battle! But with food from all around the country, not just the stereotype bavarian stuff like pretzels and sauerkraut 🇩🇪

  7. Can someone PLEASE tell barry that what he made is called an Olly Bolla (dutch) and is while still a part of the pancake family it is actually meant to have sultans in them

  8. Can't these people ever just make something normal? It's pancakes, and I see fucking pancetta and chili powder.

  9. Do an ultimate cheesecake battle next!!! Bet Jamie gon pull off some bacon and someone do a literally cheese table lmao

  10. I want those battles to be anonymous, as in Ben only gets to know who cooked it after judging the dish. I bet you the BrownieBoard would look very different

  11. Ultimate salad battle?! Something like the nog night out bbq salads. Would love to see amazing salads to compliment bbq grilles meats and fish

  12. I think an awesome curveball would be to make them swap recipes/dishes half way through

    Make Jamie do Barry’s dish, Barry make Mike’s and Mike make Jamie’s. I’m sure Chaos would reign.

  13. The moment Barry said malupa instead of malpua I was utterly shocked about what malupa is. I love malpua my mother makes it for every winter and it's so delicious even with you don't soak it in sugar syrup.

  14. I love u guys. Even more now to have shown malpua in your video. It actually is a bengali delicacy, quite well known in India and Bangladesh. A bit of improvisation from your end but it was soooooo cool to watch in on your show. Lots of love and best wishes from India. Keep going 👍

  15. Wait, Jamie’s dad joke of the week, I found fckin HILARIOUS. Ah, so punny. Also, (maybe bc I’m American) I found his pancakes to be the kind of pancakes I’d want in the morning. The other ones seemed so sweet. All personal preference, but come on, CHEESE MIDDLE of a pancetta pancake. 🤤

  16. barry should have put some mashed up bananas in the malpua batter …. trust me it makes a lot of difference.

  17. I have made those Japanese pancakes and they are a pain in the butt. You have to have the correct molds and multiple of them otherwise you are waiting 10 min for each one. I made 4 one for each family member and then just made regular pancakes out of them.

  18. This is for Barry- 'Mal' as in 'mal'nutrition, 'Pu'- as Winnie the 'Pooh' and 'Aa'- as in when your dentist asks you to open your mouth wide. Malpua 😁

  19. Anyone else notice the reoccurring theme in the battles?
    Jamie – meaty/savoury
    Barry – out of the brief/unique
    Mike – sweet/dessert
    Check that with most of the battles lmao

  20. All these recipes are impressive and all but damn the Intro is better than 99% of TV shows. Still dont understand why you dont have youtube original series or something like that.

  21. I don’t like the curveball because I feel like it doesn’t give the guys the opportunity to do their best and that’s really frustrating. I understand the inclination to try to bring something new to the table but I’d much rather see the guys doing their thing without foiling their attempts.

  22. I think Barry deserved to be in third.
    He didn't make a pancake…
    Just like when he made a blondie and not a brownie😂

  23. Jamie: "the best ingredients organic milk, free range eggs."
    How can eggs be free range they dont have legs lol

  24. Jamie: always makes something savory, perferably including pork
    Mike: Loves to go sweet. If he can make a dessert, he'll make a dessert.
    Barry: You never know what crazy thing Barry might attempt to make.

  25. I lov mike he reminds me of a cat very Cheshire cat daddy Jamie is at it again . Poor adorable berry aww he,s the bby of the group. I lov them all do they have any brothers availble us single ladyies wud like to know lols. Yummy all the pancaked

  26. I love malpua. It's kind of syrup-y and like a pancake because it's very soft and bouncy in the middle yet has a bit hard, dark and crispy edges. I used to have so many as a kid and I never thought a British person would know about this.

  27. …… pre-sieved flour? You can see it's already clumpy. It happens during transport and after long periods of time. If you're seriously buying that, then I have a bridge to sell ya.

  28. Hold up! Jamie putting bacon, cheese and chili in his recipe?! STOP THE PRESSES, CAPTAIN INNOVATION HAS ARRIVED!

  29. Okay, look there's a million variations on a pancake, they're all united by being made in a pan as opposed to being dunked in oil.

  30. Wait they get recipes and 90 minutes to make one thing? Either no recipe and no pre-prep work with 90 minutes, or recipe and prep with like 30 minutes or less depending on challenge item cook time.

  31. With how much mike loves blueberries, apparently (muffin battle, pancake battle, etc.) I cant believe you guys went to Maine and never got blueberry pie.

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