The right knife for cake carving – Cake Tip 1

Kitchen tip Tuesday, cake carving. My biggest tip is your knife. You really, really, really, REALLY want a very sharp, very strong serrated knife, and for me I also want it really long since I’m often carving through cakes. I want it to be long enough that I can go through, you know, a good 10 inch cake because my 8 inch and 10 inches are probably my most normal size. But I also you want it strong. When knives get this long sometimes they get flexible, and you don’t want that. You want this to not be moving as it’s going through especially since I do all my carving with frozen cakes. So, a very strong, very long, very sharp, serrated knife and that you use only for cake decorating. I keep this away from everybody else that my husband and my kids aren’t tempted to use it any other time. It keeps it sharper so I don’t have to get it sharpened quite as often. And it keeps them safe because I hurt myself a lot on it and I don’t want them to cut themselves So anyway, that is my tip. Captions by

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