The Journey of a Cake Slayer | Man About Cake with Joshua John Russell

The Journey of a Cake Slayer | Man About Cake with Joshua John Russell

My sister sent me a picture of a cake I made for her probably 12 years ago, of the scooby-doo mystery machine and it was a hot HOT mess I just giggled at it and then I said where did you find this picture? And she said, you made that! And I’m like, OH GOD. It was one of those moments where I was like okay I’m doing better alright I don’t know if it was a genuine breakthrough but I did a competition show on Food Network and the first time I ever was on the show, I won. So that was kind of an ego boost like oh my god okay i can play with these people that I’ve idolized for years it wasn’t like it was just a one moment – it was just a period where I’m like okay I’m one of them now so there was a time a few years ago where I seriously consider quitting altogether. It was just a rough patch with work and with some things that had filmed. I literally quit my job and I drove to the farmer’s market and I was like you know what I’m gonna make a great dinner we’re gonna celebrate me being done with this and I get a phone call and it was Craftsy! And they’re like I don’t know if you know we are but we only have one cake decorating class and we want you to come out and do a class and then that’s all that started so Craftsy is the reason why I didn’t quit so thank you guys! I’m still here! Starting out, the best piece of advice I could have gotten from anyone is that this is going to take a really long time and I started out and thought, “I’m a cake designer!” …No, you’re not. It’s gonna take a lot of practice a lot of work a lot of nights sleeping on sacks of flour (and crying a lot) just practice just pay your dues one day you’ll be good at what you do

86 thoughts on “The Journey of a Cake Slayer | Man About Cake with Joshua John Russell

  1. What a great video! It's amazing to see how far you've come! Thank you for making this video to inspire all us bakers who are still making terrible Scooby Doo cakes.

  2. I REALLY NEEDED TO HEAR THIS! I've been a hobby baker for a few years but I don't do it full time and I feel like I should be better at this than I am. Thank you for the words of encouragement! I LOVED YOU ON THE CAKE COMPETITION SHOWS SO MUCH! So proud of how far you've come Josh! YOU ARE TRULY AN INSPIRATION!

  3. Such a fun video to watch. Joshua has a dynamic and charming personality and it genuinely makes it enjoyable to watch him bake and decorate, his passion is so inspiring.

  4. Absolutely brilliant, you've done really well you should be proud, this is really good advise the amount of times I've wanted to quite baking, starting some where and I'm hoping to move forward so thank you for your inspiration!☺

  5. thank u for ur advice I been making cakes for about 3 year and sure u cry a lot and get frustrated but at the end seeing friends and family faces when they see there cakes it's worth it thank u again

  6. that was just the inspiration I needed to hear ive going through a rough patch with my cake business, now I know im not the only one ! have a blessed rest of the year !!

  7. I know exactly what you mean Joshua for me it's also been a tough Journey and my shyness hasn't allowed me 2 come out of my shadow I've been baking for close to seven years now and I had friends sign me up 4 cake challenge but I just don't go there's something that frightens me I know that I'm extremely passionate about cakes but I don't think I have it in me to compete knowing your story and knowing that I'm not the only one that went through that gives me hope and you're right we have to pay our dues. we sleep 2 hours and we have to spend 20 hours on a cake at the end it's all worth it when the customer is satisfied.

  8. i Love the way you make the cakes, because you make fun of everything you can and the process of making (creating) a cake becomes easy and fun, actually I'm a lover of baking and creating the dreams of the people, sometimes I feel like everything is going to the dark side because nothing is going well, but for comments like the one you are telling in this videos, I feel that I can make my dream come true about a cake shop, for the special ones, I honestly saw all your videos and learn so much, all that I can say is thank you very much for the energy , the passion you put in your work , you are an inspiration.
    (sorry for the bad English)

  9. Adorable, adorable guy. Great looking cakes. I've been taking a lot of inspiration from your videos whenever I'm practicing my cake decorating. Thanks a lot for making these videos! 😀

  10. Ah! It feels good to know I am not the only one who thinks of quitting! After, no DURING every single cake I say I am quitting! Then it's done and I get a call and move on. The clients like their cake but I am of course much more critical because it doesn't look like so and so's cake- Mike McCarey, Bronwen Weber, Joshua John Russell's , and other fantastic cake decorators . Oh well, guess I'll eat more cake (because there's never food in my fridge) and keep growing. 😊

  11. This is so inspiring. I'm a beginner it's not a joke baking and at the same time designing a cake it's also messy but it's all worth it. Happy to follow your channel. God bless and happy new year!

  12. you have no idea how this just helped me. I am in school for culinary/baking and I want to do what you do. thank you for giving me the courage joshua.

  13. Mr. Russell you inspire me a lot.. I am from different profession altogether.. somehow I feel you are still connected with the your roots.. surprisingly I wait for your new vids to be uploaded here.. god bless you and keep up your amazing work.. God bless..
    This is a fan from India..

  14. amazing things do happen. I am currently running my own small specialty bakery (everything cakes) in the far east end of Los Angeles, CA. I opened Feb 2016 and boyyyyy….it's hard!! And today I felt like throwing in the towel, locking the doors and never turning back. What a Coincidence,,, out of all days I see your video. Encouraging!!!! Thank you so much and I hope to one day look back and tell my story of the struggles I went through.

    Happy 2017 from San Dimas Cake Co.!!!

  15. I literally discovered you this morning and binge-watched all your videos and you're pretty cool okay bye ✌️️🍰

  16. I quit being a pastry chef a while ago. This industry just chews you up and spits you out with crap pay and having to deal with crazy (mentally ill maybe) managers. I'm in computer science now and I don't think I'll ever regret leaving the culinary industry. At least my managers can communicate intelligently without throwing a fit.

  17. Joshua has come such a long way… I remember growing up with him in Pascagoula Ms, small town and he always had such a drive for life then when we all were kids. It's amazing how far you've come and followed your dream/ passion! love ya buddy

  18. Awesome. I started at 10yrs of age and by 14 was doing wedding cakes all around my rural area. I took a different career path as you can see by my photo (Hair; specifically hair competition styling) and it took 5 yrs 'till i could say I knew what I knew and then was fortunate to have lucky stuff happen and blah blah blah, World level s*%& for my country(Canada) and trophies(more blah blah blah). You're so right, it takes time, hard work and love. Love your show. 🙂

  19. Joshua, may you please make a fantasy like cake? Dragons, mermaids, faeries and all things whimsical pretty pretty pretty please.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing! I get such a kick out of your videos and love all the sound effects! Can't wait to try some recipes ☺

  21. I'm am so glad crafty had you at hello. You are amazing and are everything and more that people look for. So happy I found you and to share your journey and growth. God Bless you.

  22. Every time I watch these videos I literally pray that this man is gay. He’s just too cute to be straight and I like the idea of having a chance at him ☺️.

  23. Hi Joshua.
    I’m Jade.
    I’m from Australia and I have an auto-immune disease called Coeliac.
    Was just wondering if you could maybe create a Gluten free cake for all the coeliac’s out there.
    American and Australian Coeliac standards are different. Here in Australia we are not able to eat Wheat, Barley, Rye as well as oats. But in America you can eat oats.
    Would love to have/try a Gluten free Coeliac Australia approved recipe!!
    Also do your recipes have measurements for the metric system for Australia, because I’m not sure about those measurements in Australia? 😂
    Lots of love, Jade xx ☺️

  24. I do NOT understand why it took so long for your career to explode. I’ve never enjoyed a show more. I can’t WAIT for you to come back on !! I can barely watch anyone else !! I’ve turned several friends onto your channel !! I wish you every success & I want to watch it all happen !!!

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