“The Icing on the Cake” from StoryCorps

“The Icing on the Cake” from StoryCorps

What kinds
of jobs did you have since first arriving
in the country? BLANCA: We were gardeners
and we were cleaning offices. -I remember the offices.
-You remember that? We had the night shift,
cleaning. That’s why, you know,
we had to take you, you and your brother. I didn’t have
a babysitter. CONNIE: I have memories of
running into everyone’s office and eating candy
from their candy dishes. I remember being
with my brother in our pajamas with
the little plastic feet. And I also remember
you would always buy us a Cup O’Noodles from the vending
machine, like a snack, and then put us to bed
on people’s office couches and then you’d
carry us to the car when you guys were done
cleaning the offices. I remember that. Did they ever know,
did your bosses ever know, that you took your kids? BLANCA: No,
I don’t think so. [Both laugh] Is there anything
that you’ve never told me but want to tell me now? -When we first came here,
we went through a lot of things,
like not eating. Ohh. -I guess, for six months,
your father lost his job, but we never
told you that. CONNIE: I do remember a lot
of beans, bean tacos. [Both laugh] BLANCA: But when you
asked us why, “Why the same thing?”,
remember? I didn’t want
to tell you why. CONNIE: If you could do
everything again, would you raise me
differently? BLANCA: I would dedicate
more time, I guess. You know, I was so busy,
going to school, too, that I guess I neglected
you a little bit. CONNIE: No, for me,
watching you go to school, with two kids and trying
to make ends meet, that was the biggest inspiration
for me to finish college. [Crying] I thought,
there’s nothing that could stand in my way
that didn’t stand in yours more. It’s the most important
thing for me, having gone to college,
and I feel like anything I do
from here on out is okay because I’ve already
achieved my dream. Everything else is
icing on the cake.

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  1. i bet your family tree comes from Europeon immigrants trying to find a better life. America was made of different ethnicities since the first colony here. so stfu and keep your ignorance to yourself.

  2. My family comes from England, aka, people who founded this country. Why are you so concerned about what I said? My comment was invisible because of the negative votes.

  3. Apparently you don't know what an Illegal Immigrant is because, I wasn't saying people weren't allowed to come to America, just as long as you are a legal fucking citizen.

  4. How are they treated "lesser" than human? It's not like they aren't aloud to come here? That makes 0 sense, I think you should realize and consider what you say before you speak irrationally and ignorantly over the web.

  5. I think you're the one being ignorant, I wasn't calling these people illegal. I have no idea about these exact people, I was talking about illegal immigrants. I feel like I was misunderstood.

  6. What was the point of typing all that nonsense? I obviously see you aren't that intelligent. So, I'm just going to leave it at that. I was misunderstood. You don't know me and I don't know you. Move on dude.

  7. Yeah. The reason may not be because of them, or us, but because of someone on the complete opposite side of the globe that we're afraid of. It's not about jobs, or welfare in this case (Unless, you need a job. I'm talking about the economy and if people come to America for jobs when people in that country need them as well.) World Peace is something the Human Race needs in order to survive and build a better tomorrow. Me personally, teenagers in today's world will cause the downfall of it all.

  8. most of them are illegal are do not want to learn English.i'm all for people coming over here,but you have to do it the RIGHT way.we wouldn't be able to do that to their country,so why do it ours??

  9. No matter how you reply you don't know ANYTHING about us. We have suffered war and torture that was fueled by your country. Our poverty and sadness can be traced here. Most who immigrate are old they have trouble with new languages especially when no one helps them. All we want is to live a peaceful and quiet life, maybe that will ease the ghosts and memories who haunt us still. Memories that you or your parents helped fuel. We are human and we just want peace, do not talk if you do not know.

  10. lol uumm
    1-what? if your talking about your ancestors,then you should sit down and be quiet.
    2-most latains will even tell you,the ones in charge are the drug lords.why do you think the mexican pres.came over and told obama,to let his people in the country? it's because he doesn't have the backbone or the sources,to control them.and if you want to live peaceful,then you should do it LEGALLY.i'm not sure WHY your trying to pass off BS,as the mexcian roots.but,wrong is wrong.

  11. oh man… out of all the stories, this one hit home because my mom went through a similar struggle for me. I'd love to bring her to storycorps

  12. Everyone has something good to say, even if you dont think it's good. A story doesn't have to be happy, sad, or bittersweet to give a message, in fact, It can be really short.
    Go try out for 'em, and I hope to see your story on StoryCorps. 🙂

  13. Heh I remember my mom and dad having there own janitorial business cleaning offices and me and my brother playing around and sleeping in offices to 🙂 very nice story.

  14. It saddens me that these people enter The usa and sit on their lazy butts and gather welfare ( not every imigrant does this but the people who do enrage me)

  15. i can assure you none of them gathers welfare, undocumented immigrants lack SSN thus they are not eligible for social programs, like unemployment, food-stamps ect …even tho they pay in to the system in form of state and local taxes, including fed income taxes taken from their pay checks, read up on it…Americans can apply for welfare, Illegals CAN NOT!

  16. I adore childhood memories like those two siblings had when their parents were working in the building. They really may not seem important to anyone but they're treasures that can be shared to anyone like they did there.

  17. Its not about whether they are good people or not. It is about money. Right now, we have a very complex welfare state. It is driving us to a 17 trillion dollar debt. Now it is arguable if it is good for the country or not, but the fact is it discourages immigration for the fear of "leachers". The only way to have open borders is to get rid of welfare of every kind. Welfare oppresses people from other nations into starting a better life.

  18. I wish I could tell story corp about my great aunt. She's going through lung cancer and I kind of want to immortalize her ya know?

  19. And as humans they make mistakes. Accepting your mistakes and paying the consequences is part of being human. Dealing with the fact we can't hand out every thing right now is some thing you and others need to deal with now. Rebuild the economy. End welfare. Etc. Then open the borders freely. Right now opening the borders freely is stupid and destroys our country.

  20. If I worked at an office and secretly found out that the custodial staff tuck in their children on my couch or eat the candy dishes, I would have a constant stash of snacks and buy extra fluff pillows because it would be an honor and humbling to know that someone feels that comfortable in the office space. <3

  21. In about 30 years, welfare will cost us 70+% of our current budget. The interest on debt will be more than all the wars combined. Currently welfare costs 50% of our debt meaning if we cut everything from government except for welfare and the interest rate, we would be running at our deficit so yes, welfare is destroying our dollar, government, and our society. Creating a sense of entitlement is never good.

  22. You do understand it is not just the top 5% who cheat. I know plenty of people who cheat their taxes that are lower middle class. In fact, My Dad's friend makes $40,000 a year and doesn't pay taxes. The IRS knows about it and he just moves every time they try and go after him. You know what that's called? Being human. Now they are breaking the law, but do you really expect people to willfully be enslaved so easily?

    Also look at Hong Kong. No saftey net, highest standard of living.

  23. It really isn't. Being forced to do something against your own will. That is a form of slavery. We've been practicing that for millenia. Each dictator giving the reason for "the common good." The one time we want to be free…. suddenly it is a hyperbolic imagination. I do not want to sacrifice 10%, 1%, or even .0001% of the population for anybodies benefit because that implies we do not live in a free world.

  24. Yup, we've been saying that for thousands of years. "Its about the common good." Yet its only since the last 300 years since the population boomed to 7 billion, standard of living rose exponentially, and the ability…. to not just farm for 12 hours a day and pursue ones own happiness.

    Listen, Rockefeller did not drill oil for you.. Bill gates did not make the personal computer for you… The sooner you learn that, the sooner you understand harming peoples liberty is pure evil.

  25. Uh, WHERE did you hear that? Where di you get the idea that welfare costs that much? do you have the numbers to support that or is that an assumption?

    Seriously, can you PROVE that?

  26. Yes, Office of Management and Budget. Not only that, you take the GDP growth and see what the foreseeable tax revenue of the federal government will be. Then you calculate how many welfare recipients there will be. Then you look at the data, and you find these numbers. Type in youtube search 'Learn Liberty debt" That will be the easiest way, but if you want to do the math, it is very easy. Look up unfunded liabilities and take numbers from congress and the white house.

  27. I'm about to graduate and this clip just reminds me how my parents had to work several jobs, look after us 3 kids and study at university at the same time, they are my biggest inspiration <3

  28. This was a beautiful video. I love the fact that you people at story corps find the nicest untold stories and record them for the world to hear.

  29. me too. I have to go get tissues when I watch. And then I have to watch the other Story Corps videos I like all over again. And then I make my friends watch.

  30. i feel like sometimes i go on to this channel for a good cry…ya know.. get my humanity in balance. Learn to love people and see that there is beauty in being human

  31. Such kindness and comprehension bright the day of everyone that see it. Thanks for posting that comment. It inspire me to do something for the people I work for 🙂

  32. coming from a family that immigrated here to give me and my siblings a better life this hits hard. now that im in college i want to give back to my parents and thank them for doing what they have done.

  33. If your response is negative and defensive is because you dont understand humanity and the role it plays. Your blind ignorance will leave you crippled. Its important that you educate self and understand the fundamentals of immigration. You just happen to live in a society that has advantages and privileges that enable for you to live comfortably. If you recall that your ancestors were also immigrants and they were malicious and savages who raped, stole land and used Christianity as a form of enslavement. Hipocracy at its best! America was build on the blood, tears and sweat of immigrants. Imagine if you lived in an environment that wasnt conducive ….no work, food, lights, crime high, political strife and the injust of humanity…..you would flee also, so dont be so quick to attack unless you've walked in the shoes of the opressed. If your ancestors never came to america imagine where you would be today? So shut your trap and learn humility and try being of service because someone helped you to get where you are today. I love this site and I have stories about apartheid, and what the Boers who acted as cops did to children in soweto township. "United we stand Divided we fall"

  34. I think this is the first story featuring women I've heard in all the videos of these that I've seen. xD I've watched like 20 or so I think, I suppose there's hundreds, but still. GREAT STORY. love it!

  35. The CDC needs to check if the story corps recording booths have onion gas or empathic dust in the booth, i cannot stop crying In each videos

  36. hahaha I can relate with this…I used to help by helping pick up aluminum cans from the side of the road to help my parents as a kid and my older brothers would go help pick produce after they were finished with high school for the day. Parents got two kids who served their country (army) and one kid who's finishing up his mba's in acct and investment mgmt. Not bad turnout for couple of poor kids raised by a couple of "criminals and drug dealers" from random small town tx. I relate to the bean taco part, god i remember having to eat just that for lunch and dinner all the time. I hate them still lol.

  37. Not everyone is a rapist or a killer in Latino America, there is only a lot of people that dont represent us how we truly are , A multicultural Continent (A 14 year old Argentinian kid)

  38. Lord this hits so close to home.. my mother would always take her boys to peoples houses or to offices, set us down and watch the tv or play as she did her damn hardest to clean the entire place. women are tough

  39. Had a very similar childhood, this brought back memories. I am now proud and forever grateful that I can pay my parents back for all they did for us.

  40. I did not like or dislike this video. I wish there was a love button instead because I can relate in a way, but my life did not work as well for my first family.
    On another note, I just don't love how they drew their noises >.<

  41. See not all immigrants are evildoers, you racist assholes. What really bothers you POS, is that we come to this Country to and succeed better than you who were born here generation after generations. Trump isn't making us weaker, but stronger and more determined.

  42. Am I the only one with their eyes being flooded by tears? 😢! This was so sweet and heart warming.

  43. omg this was so cute omg this is just something else, the way the … omg this cute . but fr this video kindaa inappropriate. but omg its so cute.

  44. My parents immigrated while my mom was pregnant with my oldest brother. They say that my mom and my brother could've of died because they had to flip him they day he was about to come out and he was in an incubator for about a week and In Mexico they were not that advanced in technology at that time.
    Fun fact my parent first day in my home town was Dec. 25 1993

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