What is…(poods what it is it?) …The Greatest Cake…(harambe cake) *Such Beautiful Music* That’s amazing. (not really) POODIPIE CAKES!!!! (harambe is better) Is that Anthony?(omg anthony is emo now!) Is that SMOSH Anthony?(all hail emo anthony!) da fuq What are you- GET OFF MY CAKE, EMO ANTHONY! OMFG Why is this a thing?(Cause they want to harambe) Why-Why is this a thing? And why did no one tell me? (cause we wanted to keep it a secret #HarambeLove) And why did no one tell me? But, there’s one cake…(there are alot of cakes poods) *Some type of wind instrument* …To rule them all. One Cake To Master the Others *music from kung fu panda* -Hello Felix! How are you today? *Very, very distorted audio* *RIP EARPHONE USERS* Hello Bwoos! Bwo Fist! Ya’ll, I’ve never felt so straight Pewds: He’s never felt so straight, I’ve never felt so gay (but i thought you were gay pewds) Like I’ma take your favourite youtuber And I’m gonna turn them edible And you like…this episode Is an edible Pooduckpie BwooOofist This guy is like Joey Graceffa (did i spell that right) ate himself. (double the graceffa) *dying pig on helium* embarrasing bro-fists I can’t *One Of KSI’s Songs* 6-6 years of Bro Fist I’m done. No more Bro Fist (awwwwwwwwwwwwww) This guy ruined it.(Ikr) -So without further ado -Let’s turn pooduckpizza edible *oh shiiiit* I have never felt more uncomfortable in my life. What the- What the fuck was that, Ainsly? *werks it* Lets get to the damn cake I trimmed up the cake to make it more even Then I put some frosting on it And then I put the other layer on top of that And somehow an asscrack forms And I loved it because it reminded me of my ass(DAFUQ) WTF (same pewds) That cake reminded you of your- Are you saying my face reminds you of your ass? That’s what- Pewds triggered much? I keep getting
T R I G G E R E D I just keep getting
T R I G G E R E D You can’t watch anything Not even a cake video anymore So first I filled in the crack *giggle* Goodbye asscrack *CRINGE* And then I added in like a nose And a forehead And all the basic structures of the human anatomy Besides private parts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And shit like that Everything on a face Unless if your face has a dick on it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Thanks for not putting a dick in my face, I appreciate that. Thank you, very much. -your welcome pewds- put that right onto the cake form that I’ve made and an- it looks like a head! Like, look at that! (what else could I see?) Like it’s forming into a creepy doll head! *THE CRINGE IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE* *sp00ky music box* “His name is Felix Kfaewjawnwci” (u tried) That was really good. That was very impressive, It was almost like my own dad said it. What the fuck is this cake? OMG *burps* ugh Okay So my edible pewdiepie is finished It turned out kinda terrifying.. *laughs* KIND OF TERRIFYING?!?! In- nvm Okay That is a great looking cake. You know what, that is a really good looking cake I don´t know what to think I don´t want to offend *laughs* No, I’m not offended. Why would you think that… …I would be of- That is an accurate cake! I don’t think anyone can argue with that. That’s an accurate depiction of me as a cake Okay? *Moans at how amazing the cake it* Yaaaaasss *lemongrab voice* nyaaaass wow more thnx Oh he wen’t for is, great ah, for fucks sake That is disgusting Hey bro Im just gonna take off the *laughs* (didn´t hear what he said) for me Yo, pewdiepie has alot of subscribers Because he’s hilarious and funny But I also think that it’s cuz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he’s dELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M DELICIOUS!!! DID YOU HEAR THAT, ANSLEY?!?! *KSI’s Song* We need to… …retrieve this Technology. We could harvest it, Use it for the Greater Good of Mankind I will bake this cake And this cake Will take over my channel Let’s do it *moosic* Look at me, I’ve got the costume and everything. That’s funny, right? (you look like Gordon Ramsay) Now, I bake these cakes, myself. I made 2 of them These are gonna be the base *RIP HEADPHONE USERS* Take that out Oh *mistakes were made* Oh that’s good *giggling in the background* He scraped off the face right I think he did this *gansta* I’m just gonna assume this is my face Might be a delicious cake You know, you never know If its gonna — Michael you want a bite? NYEH No, fucking hell It’s not done yet *michael giggle* THEN He made the face, right? But he mixed it with like – He took a lil bit of this And he mixed it in with like this this is my first, du-w-du- dyiii -whispers to himself- “doooo”….. diy. And I really hope it will go well is that big enough for you? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) or do you want bigger? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Is that not like big enough? You know i’m self conscious about my nose Yeah it’s big Okay Yeah is that better for you? No? Alright. its not that big.. How’s that for a start Alright this is gonna be my skin Now you wanna grab your stick *Some Metal Gear Solid soundtrack playing* *intense music* *pewds threatning us* *kawaii* *Swedish talk* (Rolling it out, ya know) I dont know any, like, English dictionary… we-we-covligngingignsdf ok? Just shut up ugh, its weird. This is gonna be my face! Is it gay, to eat yourself? *Intense music* Marzia, be concerned. I’m not saying its wrong. Okay *Stutter* I didn’t say it was wrong I just said “is it gay” Why don’t you have fucking flour? I’m serious You- EVERYONE HAS FLOUR! YOU USE IT IN PANCAKES! “I dont make pancakes” You dont make pancakes?!?!?! (SERIOUSLY MICHAEL?) dont touch it! -whispers- what if marzi-? This is not how you do it. throws that bad boy on You think this is okay? Okay..Well, I think we got something going here. wooo, feels good… feels like touching a face oooo (are you turned on?) imagine this is how blind people do iT You know what I mean? Im a little aroused.. I’m a little rowdy Now we cut this shit open Oh fuck you dont have spaghetti, do you? Do you have noodles? “no” (papyrus is dissapointed) Wh-why do you have no food? Who doesnt have spaghetti?? Ok, fine fine We’ll take this how do w- ahh Looks pretty good What do you think Does this- And my hair’s…. *Giggle* why you- why why you laughin? I saw his cake And I thought Hey, there’s no way I can make An uglier cake Than his cake But, I think… Oh wow (its still kawaii tho) Okay, alright DEFINITELY A GOOD IDEA TO PUT THOSE THERE I think I’m starting to think I’m feeling pretty confident Like I– I don’t even have a cooking channel And I can do it better (not really) Than the pros Alright, this is for the beard… Oh shit *smashing pasta* (papyrus is slowly suffering in the corner) *keeps smashing pasta steadly* This is ’cause you didnt have noodles! (you have been warned) Now.. this is the beard. Heyyyyy thats pretty good! Thats pretty fucking good. eeeeeemmmmmm is this uhhh finished?? *nice accent* ee-uhh- its finished. uhhhh its a very good uh cake *more intense music* Sometimes, You do- you really go higher than your expectations, and this, is definitely not one of those times. *More intense music* Michael, You’re licking your lips. -laughs- I know, you cant wait to put your.. *Giggling Pewds Kawaii* What do you want? What area do you want of this baby? (where are the fanfics?) You want that? You want this part? “ahh that looks good” ooo oooo oooooooooooo ahhh, thats gooOOOOO *screams quietly* There you go, Michael. Are you en- yea? It matches your shirt! 🙂 *some dank music* This has been cooking, with PewDiePie Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial. Now over to you, PewDiePie! Alright well, I hope you enjoyed that video, if you did go check out Timmy Timato Was that his name? Timmy Timato Really funny dude im really happy he made this video so check him out with you are interested in cakes Guess he’s making more cakes, huh? No one can stop him *laughs* Uhhh Im not doing the brofist anymore Timmy Timato, why dont you take it over? thank you very much! *Amazing brofist* we love you pewdiepie!(Let’s start a captions Challenge!)

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  1. OMG did the part where Felix tries to break the pasta and it goes everywhere remind anyone of the cooking simulator when he tried to cut the onions for the spaghetti!?

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