The Best Pancakes in Tokyo 原宿の美味しすぎるパンケーキ屋さん Original Pancake House

The Best Pancakes in Tokyo 原宿の美味しすぎるパンケーキ屋さん Original Pancake House

Hey guys! Guess where I am today! I’ll give you one guess Yes, it’s a pancake restaurant! This place is called The Original Pancake House I went to one in Korea and it was the most delicious pancakes that I’ve ever had and when I looked them up online I saw that they had a shop in Harajuku So that’s where I am today! Fingers crossed that they are just as good as the ones in Korea because they were SO delicious It was nice because their pancakes are thinner If you’ve ever had Japanese style pancakes, they’re a lot thicker and fluffier, kinda similar to a white cake and I’m not a fan of cake So I don’t really like the Japanese style ones as much I still eat them These ones were thin and regular American style and they were so good! So yeah, let’s check out the menu here These also have interesting things here like the Dutch Garden I think they also have a sweet version of whatever this is But I heard that that wasn’t very good from someone so I’ve never tried that Ooo look they have a Japanese “Thick grilled Maccha pancakes with Red Bean Paste and Butter” So it’s green tea pancakes with red bean paste and butter Super Japanese~ those look good I want something simple I just want some good ol’ regular pancakes The ones I had in Korea were the mixed fruit pancakes They were so good! I also tried the chocolate chip ones there I didn’t like them as much They’re so expensive though! But so good! And they give you quite a bit So I feel like you could share it Ummm let’s see Coconut pancakes~ Oh dollar pancakes! Those are fun They’re the little pancakes Strawberry~ Ooo pecan That sounds good I guess the fruit ones are so expensive just because fruit is expensive in Japan I think all the other ones are around 10 dollars Just those ones are 20 dollars They also have waffles here and crepes And other meals like eggs and bacon and stuff like that Ooo and they have a vegetarian omelette That’s good to know All right, I’ve decided what I’m going to get I’m gonna get the banana pancakes and I’m gonna get fresh whipped cream on top Because, why not It’s 300 yen, which is kinda expensive for whipped cream But it’ll probably be worth it The pancakes are here guys! These are banana pancakes. There’s banana inside of them And whipped butter Tropical sauce And I got some extra whipped cream, which is a lot! So I’m probably gonna share it with my friend Hello! Who I haven’t introduced by the way She also has a lovely YouTube channel So I will link that down below! Check that out guys 🙂 But yeah, if you don’t want to use the sauce You can use their pancake syrup! Which I will be doing, because YUM. That’s my favourite! All right guys, it’s time to try! Let’s see… how should we do this I’m gonna put some whipping cream on and some pancake syrup Yes! They taste just like the ones in Korea! You’re gonna love these SO GOOD There’s something about the recipe they use They’re just… I dunno how to explain it They’re not as fluffy as Japanese ones They’re a lot like… hmm… kinda melt in your mouth texture? Just so good The best pancakes in the world You guys all need to come here All right guys, we are all done eating our pancakes We are so full. How were your pancakes? They were really really good I’m so glad you liked them I was so happy with my pancakes Banana pancakes are delicious If you wanna go all out and get the fruit pancakes, I recommend those as well But the banana ones were cheaper and just as good So, also a good choice We are gonna go shopping now in Harajuku and hopefully find some summer clothes Fingers crossed! It’s really rainy today But it’s all right, we’re gonna be inside shopping all day I guess I will see you guys later, bye! Bye!!

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  1. Your the best vlogger/blogger, what's the difference? I love your videos because I really love Japanese culture, (Look at my profile pic) and it's awesome that you speak English because I'm still learning casual Japanese and I'm hoping that when I'm financially fit I will go to Japan, and I just wanted to say to keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. Yayy I love you! I've been looking for a pancake/breakfast restaurant like this for a while now. I'm definitely going to check this place out. 😀

  3. This place looks awesome! 😀 美味しそうですね。来年東京に行くから、多分ここにフルーツパンケーキを食べに行きます。
    Btw if any of you guys are interested in watching any more Japanese food videos, there's one on my channel. But it's not as cool as this one because it's in America. ざんねんですね!(Excuse the shameless channel plug)

  4. Ohhh I'm sooo happy you made this video! I've been craving these type of pancakes but I just moved to Tokyo so I don't know where anything is, ahaha!

  5. In Germany, we also have pancakes, called Pfannkuchen, but they are way thiner than those in Japan or America, but are larger in size, almost as big as your plate. Kinda like Crepes. Usually we eat them with ham and cheese, Nutella (nut nougat cream) or applesauce, at least where i´m from. You distribute your favourite topping evenly on it, roll them in and enjoy. Very tasty 🙂

  6. japanese style one is more like hotcakes (thicker than regular pancake and fluffier) try bills' ricotta hotcakes, they have a restaurant in tokyo but not really sure the exact location… i used to go to bills on breakfast/brunch time (their menu is kinda different for breakfast, lunch and dinner) very delicious but the restaurant i used to work makes a better hotcakes.. try it if you got a chance, kinda pricey though (A$21 before tax, i ate in their bondi restaurant..i think it's the original one) i love bills because of the ambience i guess, food are pricey but they used aesop for handsoap and lotion in the bathroom (at least in the sydney ones)

  7. That's so crazy! They've expanded so much. I remember when they were just in Oregon, Colorado, and a few places here and there 15-20 years ago. Such good fooooood.

  8. Hey Sharla! I'm watching your videos for a while now and I'm subscribing your channel also.. I only noticed your paypal account and all.. so I wonder now.. would you be able to send me something really japanese if I would send you some money thru paypal? ^^ I would obviously tip you for that ^^

  9. Omg! Another place I need to go if I visit Japan! Those matcha and red bean pancakes look sooooooo good! Lol.
    Do you know if they were special edition? Or always available? ☺️😍

  10. I have to say, I have watched almost all of Sharla's videos and she has an amazing talent for describing and comparing foods.

  11. 韓国が好きな外国人は、日韓関係をちょっと調べた程度で、日本人が韓国人を差別していると誤解している人が多いようです。


  12. is there any reason this place is so expensive? I'm not really familiar with the normal price of stuff in japan, but at a place like ihop, pancakes arent $20.00

  13. Yes! This restaurant started in the US haha 😀 I might be able to go to one of the restaurants thanks for sharing!

  14. I totally have to check that place out. Funnily enough, I think I may end up incorporating a lot of the attractions you've featured in your videos in my "dream Japan trip". 😛

  15. i love the buttermilk pancakes the most, i go to several places here in Enid oklahoma to get my pancake fix while in yokosuka i would go to a grocery store that had a belgian waffle place right next to it. was the BEST

  16. Swedish pancakes are definitely my favorite there really thin like a crepe and my family usually puts lemon filling in them. There definitely my favorite whenever I go to my cousins house we always have them for breakfast. ^_^

  17. WOW – They were expensive indeed !!!  But that looks like a lot of fun !!!!  Thanks for sharing.

  18. Hi Sharla!
    Is it possible for you to share how did you get to The Original Pancake House in Harajuku? I tried searching for the directions on google and it wasn't so clear. I was hoping you could help! Thank you!

  19. For anyone who doesn't know: the "dutch" dishes are called dutch babies! They're so so amazing and I could even say better than regular pancakes. They're normally made in a cast iron skillet in the oven and kind of a mix of a pancake, crepe, and popover <3 so good.

  20. This was so entertaining to watch, because I used to work at an Original Pancake House in Washington state (in America). I had no idea that Japan had locations. Seeing the menu in Japanese is so weird haha.

  21. Yoooo I heard Mountains by Message to Bears in the background near the end of the video! O_O That's so cool that Japanese people listen to that kind of music in a pancake house!

  22. 日本では厚いパンケーキの方が好まれるんだよ~

  23. Oh man, it's so funny because I love the thicker pancakes… I'm not a big fan of the thin style. I live in Quebec and here you order pancakes and end up getting crepes…

  24. There is an original pancake house in Portland Oregon if you every travel that area
    15 minutes away from Portland is Lake Oswego where there is a vegan bakery that specializes in cupcakes!

  25. Haven't read all the comments but there's one here near me in Redondo Beach. I think the original original pancake House is in Oregon? The menu style is the same. Our favorite is the swedish pancakes. Their corned beef hash is awesome too

  26. I am going to that pancake place in japan i will order buttermilk pancakes i am gonna eat them for breakfast

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