Hello everyone I am here today to show you guys the video that I feel like I have planned and tried to execute for months now Wish is not the quickest with shipping But I finally got in a whole bunch of different kitchen gadgets that I found to be a little bit interesting, ones that I hadn’t seen before and I wanted to play around with. A lot of them were really highly rated too, or whatever That means so I thought I would test out a whole bunch of them I hope you guys enjoy this video If you do give it a big thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe, so you don’t miss out on new videos every Saturday and every other Tuesday, and without further ado Let’s get into this and the first one we’re gonna test out is this little comb guy and this thing is supposed to be used to hold like an Onion or a tomato in place and then you can cut it in more even strips and a little bit easier than trying to like muddle around with it, especially with an onion that has so many layers So I figured I might as well try it and see if it gets in the way of the knife or is it actually useful? And they call it the one piece kitchen favor fruit vegetable onion tomato holder slicer cutting slicing cutter In case you’re interested. So I have my knife here, I’m just gonna lob off the ends So they seem to hold it like this and like right down the onion. Pierce it. Alright I’m gonna stand for the cutting cause I don’t cut when I’m sitting, it- that just feels weird so you won’t be able to see My face. Oh, oh, hold on Okay, so this isn’t like the most easy thing to use. Basically you have to know where each of these, like, little wire things are and slice in between, but I think I put this in too far, because my knife because- which is giant like, hits the plastic part. I’m probably terrifying all of you Put this down it’d be a little bit more safe. Pull this out a little bit. Well, that was too far. Yeah, just like that It’s not terrible, it’s holding the onion in place, but like it’s not the easiest to use either Tada Freshly sliced onions. Next step. Let’s try it this weird thing. This is one of those spiral cutters So you use a vegetable with it It’s gonna create those strands like those, um, pasta like strands so you can make a vegetable pasta. So I have a zucchini here Lop off the top and basically we’re gonna like put it in and then turn it I think Don’t look as good as they do on the website OK, we’re getting into it a little bit more, it’s getting a little bit more like Noodley, I guess. That’s funny, it looks like a pencil “Dear diary”. Like these are, like pasta-like strands, which is good This though is really gigantic like it- and I get it, you want to be able to fit different sized vegetables in it But like for a carrot, that’d be so annoying because it’s just, it’s tough to wield I wish it was like silicone almost. It’s not terrible It is making the strands and it wasn’t super difficult to use but it wasn’t like wow So glad I have this in my life now. Next up are these little silicone mats that stick onto any bowls or anything to preserve them It’s like a reusable saran wrap type thing. So I have a regular bowl here and we have just this mat thing I’ll see if it actually like, sticks Like not really.. OK, we have a glass and a little- they have like a mini one, as well as a large, and a medium sized Medium sized feels pretty useless, cause it doesn’t even cover like, a cereal bowl, and the glass one Like kind of mostly fits, like it fits over a normal sized glass but like, it doesn’t really adhere to it at all, like it- it would- it’s no different than me putting like a piece of paper on top But because it’s silicone, it’s not gonna like immediately slide off, but like it’s not doing a great job either Man, come on, Wish make something super useful. Next up is this interesting looking device That’s basically- they call it a pop chef food decorator cutter thing And basically you put it together, you put this in, and then you stick it into fruits and vegetables, and it will create a little like star shape. So I thought like, I have kids, they probably would think that’s cool So since I already have this cucumber out, I figured I could start with that one But you could do it for basically anything, like if it’s gonna cut through a zucchini, It’s obviously gonna cut through like watermelon, for example, maybe. I don’t know. Let’s try some mango. Peeling the skin of the mango, which was another hack that I tested So I think all you do is you take it, you put it down, and then you like cut into it Yeah like that. Oh that’s cute. You’re looking at a star, okay, okay Let’s see if I can put like multiple ones in here, cause it looks like, based on the picture I can put a couple in here So like if you were doing like, a big piece of watermelon, You could just kind of like pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, and get them all done, you know. Oh, that’s okay Okay, this is exciting, and then I think we just use the air to like pop it out, I think No, that doesn’t work. If I plug this. Oh yes, maybe if I- okay. Hold on Nope Well, guess it’s stuck in here forever. Okay, maybe if I do the- the mango next it’ll just like, help to Unstick it. I don’t know Nope and no I don’t know how to get this out because, it’s actually, it doesn’t have like a little thing that I can like poke it Come on Come out. I was so hopeful with this one. I was excited. All right, it’s coming up piecemeal So that’s a fail. I bet this would be really good with like, watermelon. Like let me try it with just the mango, cause it’s much slippery-er, and not as like hearty, you know. It didn’t even go in and it wasn’t a full mango piece But it did make a star. Okay So I feel like this is really good for like, a light fruit like watermelon, but basically it’s good for watermelon That’s pretty much it. Watermelon, cantaloupe.. anything like that, but anything more hearty like an apple or a zucchini, I feel like this would be a major fail for. But it did cut it and that was pretty good So half props. I’m gonna eat this mango now. Now this next one I’m super excited about because it forced me to make pancake batter and now I get to have pancakes for dinner cause I’m a grown-up now I do what I want. And for this one, I’m gonna take some vlog footage So let’s go over here and it is that this little pancake mold So it’s gonna make little heart-shaped pancakes and I figured like that’s fun for dinner, right? so I have to put some butter in the pan first, but basically you put it down like this so that the inner rim is on the bottom and then you pour in the batter, and then you flip it all together Over and then get the other side So we’re gonna see how well it flips, how well it cooks, how well it creates a heart shape And yeah, I think it’s pretty cute though. Now that the butter is melted. I’m gonna put this silicone thing in And I have the batter. We’re just gonna scoop it on in You might have to like mush it in place to create the shape though and also need to work quickly Ah, I feel like I may have filled this one in too much, and that one in too little. Well, this will be interesting Alright, so it started to bubble and now I’m going to… flip it Ohhh, I need to be faster Oh man. I’m gonna do it again. As we expected, the one that I overfilled clearly was way too overfilled and this one is perfect. It’s so cute. I’m gonna try another round. Okay second batch, I put in less batter and we’re putting in blueberries this time. Round two- it was okay It got a little crazy there and I didn’t get it on camera. I’m so mad But one of them like flew out of pan and ended up way back here. Whoops. So you have to be careful when you’re doing this. I think it’s cute. I think it’s cute as a concept. Is this something I would use every single time I made pancakes- no, but it’s very insta- worthy, I’ll tell you that So, what did you guys like? Do you guys buy some of these kitchen gadgets? Let me know in the comments I want to know what you’ve bought, what you’ve loved I think that if you used, like, if you made vegetable pasta a lot, I think that this would come in handy It was relatively inexpensive, though shipping was a little dicey there, but I really enjoyed this This is a lot of fun. I liked playing around with all these different tools. So if you have any tool recommendations- leave them in the comment section below, ones that I should test out don’t forget to check out the videos on the screen in case you have missed any in the past and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on new videos every- just gonna move this knife out of the way.. New videos every Saturday and that’s everything I hope you guys are having an awesome awesome weekend, and I will see you guys all on my next video. Love you all

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  1. The silicon covers need to be stretched then they work. The ones I have can stretch double the size. Mine has a textured bottom that when stretched sticks to your surface

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  3. If you added food coloring to the pancake batter it would probably be really cute. Make them green to look like a four leaf clover or red for the hearts.

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  5. Is the pancake suppose to come out as 1 whole pancake or as 4 small hearts. Seems like it’s suppose to be overfilled so that it’ll stick together?

  6. I have the actual pop chef shape cutter like the as seen on tv one and its still a pain in the ass but it atleast can with wooden sticks and a hole u can push the fruit/veg out with the stick..but with out the stick its useless..and the stick sometimes pushes thru the fruit and ruins it

  7. Please listen to your videos and see how many unnecessary "likes" there are. I know it doesn't bother some people, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who is distracted by the frequent use of that filler word. Just my 2 cents.

  8. Lol, u got a dead how to use this stuff u review, u could fall in love with all these things you buy if u knew how to use them right

  9. Probably u should try the things before u make the video so u know what u r doing. And read the instructions as well.

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  11. The most frustrating part about watching review videos is when the host doesn’t know IN ADVANCE how to correctly use the products. For a host to not do their homework is often an injustice to an otherwise good product, which, in this instance, are the silicone covers. They are meant to be STRETCHED over a bowl or glass, not stick to them. They are, of course reusable, and easier to use than plastic wrap, and you save money as soon as you buy them because they are cheaper right out the gate.
    And was that pancake batter, cuz it looked to me more like a thin biscuit dough😂😂😂

  12. The spiral noodle thingy is good at first til you keep going down then it turns to junk lol. I have the heart pancake Turner. I have a egg poacher I was given and since I was on bed rest I used it in my room it does do the job, however the water runs out quickly and smells like burned nasty smell, I have single rubber egg holders or use for pancake makers however they aren't good for making neither as they just aren't. I have the deluxe George foreman but once you start cooking 4 burgers the grease goes onto the counter unless you use a 98 percent less fat, The crock pot bags are amazing as it is easy clean up, The instapot is great for getting food done quickly, The doughnut maker is real good but the drying rack is super messy and hard to clean if using chocolate as your topping, The mini egg pans can hold up to 3 eggs and great for making a scrambled omelet, foam soap dispensers after they run out are great if you purchase a one time deal of antibacterial soft soap and just keep using the foam soap container it will still foam up. Ordering the shower gel hook bottles from Avon when they run out mark them with shampoo, conditioner, and body soap then place a second shower rod in your shower close to the back wall you can hang up your soaps so you dont have to clog up the sides of your tub with bottles, and those netted clothes organizers are amazing for the corner of your shower also tied to that shower rod for placing clean wash clothes and razors etc. The white spiral kitchen counter top maker is a piece of junk as it falls apart or gets clogged alot, The battery operated mixer mug is a waste of money cause it dont crush ice well and leaves miss clumped

  13. I have a challenge for you: the perfect serving. You must serve your family a dinner with the same serving size as the label. For example mac n cheese : serving 4 people (.5 cup), you must serve your family each a .5 cup. I want to see if the portion are accurate to the box and see what your opinion is, love the channel

  14. I spent way too much money on one of those onion cutter things from pampered chef years ago and used it…once.

  15. Lol not sure how tall you are but when you cut items choose a surface that is at the level of your waist or belly button. The surface you are using is way too low making cutting items unsafe and much harder

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    I smiled and said ‘ I told you so.’

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    Alright, I'll see myself out 😛

  19. RACHEL!!! 'Lob' means 'throw'. You lob a ball at someone. The word you're looking for is 'lop'. You lop off the ends of things.

  20. This is so late but the first one, the weird cutter, is a REALLY useful tool for people that are visually impaired. My little brother lost his vision almost 7 months ago and we were given one of those. It took some getting used to, but it helps him grip what he's cutting safely, plus the guides make everything even. I love your videos, so I've subscribed, too! <3

  21. I have one of those spiraliser thingy and it's ok, can't get the full vegetable done and it's a job to clean afterwards as the food doesn't want to come away from the blade. I've cut my fingers a few times too!

  22. Really airy pancakes bet they came out fluffy lol i let my pancake batter sit for 5 or 10 mins so the baking powder can do its thing an fluff up that way too 😊😊

  23. IKEA have a 3-size silicone covers which work really, really well as they are round and can be stretched. They are very useful to substitute plastic wrap. I just bought several sets as they are very affordable. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/oevermaett-food-cover-set-of-3-silicone-multicolour-80417311/

  24. You used the pancake mold wrong first you put the liner part on top then you fill it take the mild off and flip the the pancakes I use this all the time

  25. I absolutely love when you try these various gadgets out & discover they really don't perform as advertised… you've saved me many wasted purchases.

  26. Wait, how do you have mangoes in Canada?
    I thought Canada was cold cold country.
    I mean, how did they ripe it to keep it fresh enough for going overseas?
    I hope it doesn't have any harmful chemicals.

  27. The veggie pasta one would really be only useful if you were cooking one portion for one person? But like if you were making a whole meal for more than one person you'd get worn out so fast.

  28. If you buy the union cutter and the thing to get vegetable spaghetti in a decent shop. Then they work. The Quality is just better. Atleast in europe :')

  29. Guys, using one of these two codes you will get 50-75% off your wish purchase: mhnkhgd or zcgzvtz

    Happy shopping everyone and a big hug !! 🇧🇷

  30. I love the heart pancake ones. Tin foil is one way to accomplish shapes that you could try instead. Being able to flip them individually would be better. Would buy the onion holder. That was good for slices, but I want it because I struggle with dicing and that holding the slices in place would help a lot with an even dice I feel.

  31. i think you don't need any of them, but the heart shaped thing might also be useful for fried eggs? that batter looked very thing, i;m rather sure if thinner it might just run out underneath the silicone. the star shaped things just use your cookie cutters or cut off the topso you can use a spoon handle to push them out again , or eat like a grown up without shaped stuff 😉

  32. For the onion cutter: I use an afro comb with metal pins, they're a bit wider. I swear this makes cutting onions a little less horrible!

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