TEDDY BEAR CAKE by Ann Reardon How To Cook That Teddy Birthday Cake

TEDDY BEAR CAKE by Ann Reardon How To Cook That Teddy Birthday Cake

Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
today we are making a 3D teddy bear cake holding a cute little cupcake. And we also have a giveaway today so keep
watching for details of what you can win and how you can enter. First thing we need to make is the cake for
that you will need cocoa powder, sugar, flour, eggs, milk, vanilla, baking powder and salt,
vegetable oil, hot coffee and dark chocolate. Pour the coffee over the chocolate and leave
it to melt. Then sift together all the dry ingredients
and I’ll put all the recipe quantities on the howtocookthat.net website in grams and
ounces and cups for you and I’ll link to that below. So you should have the flour, cocoa
powder, sugar, baking powder and salt all be in there and this just gets rid of any
lumps and aerates it a bit as well. Beat the eggs until they are fluffy, and again
this adds more air to the cake. Whisk together the coffee and chocolate mixture
so it is smooth. And then pour in the oil and the milk. Then add in the vanilla then
fold in the beaten eggs. This cake recipe uses a lot less eggs than I usually have in
my favourite chocolate cake recipe. But lots of people asking is there one that has a bit
less eggs and a bit less chocolate so this is the one you can use. Fold in your flour
mixture. I’ll put recipe for both recipes on my website. And you can bake both decide
which ones you like the best. To bake it you’ll need some heat proof bowls
I am using two small pyrex bowls for the head and two medium ones for the body. Put 2 cups
of mixture into each of the small ones and three cups of cake batter into the large ones. Bake the remaining batter in two round cake
tins. And if you want him to hold a cupcake put some in a mini cupcake case too. Then bake those in the oven until they are
cooked through. To make the frosting you need cream and white
chocolate. Heat up the cream in the microwave and then pour it over the chocolate to melt
it. Stir it until it is smooth and then you want to leave it in the fridge for a few hours
or on the counter overnight to firm up. Whip up a batch of vanilla butter cream and
again the recipe for this is one the website it is just butter and icing sugar and a bit
of vanilla. Then add the ganache which is now nice and thick and mix it through. Add
ing the ganache just gives a really creamy yummy frosting. Level off the top of your cooled cakes. For
the body part we need to make it a bit taller. So cut a circle of cake out of one of the
round cakes. And then make sure it is the same size as the top of your body cake. And
then keep the off-cut bit we are going to use that to for his legs, we just need to
cut it in half right in the middle there so you’ve got two legs. Put the base of the body at the back of the
cake board then add more frosting, then that middle piece of cake that we cut out the circle
and the top.Now at this level you will need to add in support. Put one large one right
down the centre then three shorter ones around it and add a small round cardboard disc on
top. Then add the bottom of the head. Then the top of his head. The supports just stop
the weight of his head squashing down the body so that it keeps its shape.
Use scissors to trim off that support to the right level. Flatten out the front of his head towards
the nose a bit. ANd then do the same on each side where his shoulders are to allow room
for the arms. Then flatten the front of his chest just a little bit there this just exentuates
his big sort of chubby tummy there in the middle. Add the legs to the base. Trim off the skinny
that is wrapping around the back. flatten off the front …. then curve it in where
it joins the body… and take off the extra curve that is sticking out into the middle
there. And then repeat that on the other leg so you get two little legs. If you’re not
confident in cutting I’ll put a template on the howtocookthat.net website to help you
with sizes and you can just cut around that instead.
For his feet take the other round cake and cut off those two sides so you are left with
a strip in the middle. Cut the middle strip in half and then round each one so you end
up with like an oval foot shape. Add that to the base and trim the cake to make it sit
on the angle you want it to. If you are a regular how to cook that watcher.
Then you’ll know I like to melt some of the icing and pour it over the top for the crumb
coat. For 3D carved fresh cakes that are really crumbly this is the easiest way to give them
a coat all over. And see how it is catching all of those crumbs so our next coat of icing
is nice and clean. Once it is covered place it in the fridge to go firm. and we will do
our arms now for that I am a making them out of cake but I suggest you actually make them
out of rice crispy like I did with the hulk fist on the avengers cake. Just make a sausage
shape and to the side of the body. Then add a couple of cake pop sticks in for support. Trim the arms to make room for where that
little cupcakes going to go. And then cover them in frosting too. Trim two round biscuits
so they are pointy on one side and poke them into the head for his ears. Roll out some grey fondant so we can make
his patches. Just cut a strip, then some squares we probably only need about 2 or 3. Then cut
out a circle for the bottom of his feet Just trim the sides and round the corners to make
a tall oval shape. Cut two smaller circles for the ears and trim
them to make them flat at the base. I’ll put all these pieces on the template too so you
know the sizes. Add them onto his feet … his head… his
cheek .. and his ears Add the colour that you want the bear into
me to the frosting, my bear is going to be grey so i am just adding in some black. You
can add this colour before you apply the crumb coat, and it is probably a good idea. I just
kept it plain so it is easier for you to see what I am doing. Spread some of that grey frosting in the centre
of his head and smooth it out. And do the same on the top of his chest there. Add a
tiny snake of black fondant for the seam and then add some little stitches across the top
so it looks like he has been repaired. Then place the rest of the frosting in a piping
bag fitted with a grass tip and pipe on the fur. Just pipe and pull outwards. Just be
still sort of pushing on the piping bag as you pull so you get some longer fur there.
Now teddy fur tends to be a bit messy so pull in all different directions. Lots of people asked me how many times do
you make a cake before you film it so that you get it right? The answer to that is I
only make cakes once. You request it, I make it for you and film it as I go. So you are
watching me make this cake and all the cakes I make for the first time ever. To make his
nose roll a ball of light grey and flatten it out and then use your hands to shape it
into more of a rounded triangle shape. Then do the same with a little bit of pale blue.
And add that to the top. Use a knife to make a line down from the bottom
of the blue nose there right down to the base. Now to support this you are going to need
to add two pieces of spaghetti pointing upwards or you could use cake pop sticks here if you
prefer. And then just add the nose into place. He looks so much cuter with his nose.
Then roll two tiny balls of black and add them into place for his eyes. Then add a tiny
tiny dot of white onto each. On the foot use a skewer to poke a hole and
push in a tiny snake of black. Lots of tiny things on this bear. And then push the other
end into the fur and repeat that stitching all the way around. Now if you want him to hold something it will
need support so addd some spaghetti here or some cake pop sticks and carefully place the
item on top. He is pretty cute like that but if you want
you can also add a ribbon around his neck, you could make this out of fondant or just
use a real one like I did. Now for the competition world kitchen is giving
away 5 mega packs with heaps of the gear that I used to make this cake including the pyrex
bowls I baked the teddy bear in, knives for carving , jugs for measuring. I’ll put a link
below to where you enter – and yes you can enter from anywhere in the world.
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Special shout out to nuno ribeiro who has been asking for a 3D teddy bear cake for quite
some time, I have read all your requests. And to everyone else who also requested it
and moved it up the list. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.
[music: the boat song by set sail used with permission]

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