Swiss Meringue Buttercream in 5 Easy Steps | Cake Decorating Tutorial

Swiss Meringue Buttercream in 5 Easy Steps  | Cake Decorating Tutorial

Buttercream makes a cake look as good as it
tastes. I’ll guide you through 5 simple steps for making Swiss meringue buttercream. Plus,
I’ll reveal a secret your tastebuds will thank you for later.
Hi, I’m Joshua John Russell, a cake designer and an instructor on Craftsy dot com and it’s
time for you to discover the magic of Swiss meringue buttercream. Lets get started.
First, you’ll need to dissolve your sugar into the egg whites. This is the step that
makes it a swiss meringue. Gently heat the egg whites and sugar until all the sugar is
dissolved. You wanna keep a low temp here though, we aren’t making breakfast!
Next whip the egg whites and sugar to a peak, and then add your butter, slowly. And make
sure your butter is at room temperature, otherwise you will get lumps!
Now it’s time to add your vanilla. I like to use Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Paste
because it tastes just like ice cream. Seriously this stuff will change your life. It does
have little brown flecks from the vanilla pod that will show up in your final product.
If you don’t want this kind of look, use clear vanilla.
The last step is to add your powdered sugar. And turn the mixer on low to incorporate,
so you don’t get a cloud burst! Now let’s see that buttercream in action.
You need to do a crumb coat first. This is a thin layer of buttercream that is applied
to hold all of the crumbs in place. Now place the cake back in the cooler to firm
up before doing the final coat. If you want a smooth look then your work is
done. But I want to add a little texture All you need to do this is a small spatula
and a little extra buttercream to achieve a stucco look.
How easy was that?! A rustic buttercream cake. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget you
can click the “i” in the top-right corner of this video to learn more Cake Decorating
techniques or to find supplies I’ve been using in this video.

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