Super Mario Cake

hi everybody. my name is Stephanie.
welcome to my channel! today I am making a cake inspired by one of the very best
video games of all time, Super Mario! On this cake I have a bunch of cute
little details like the mushrooms and gold coins. And on the top, I have made a
vicious piranha plant. I have so much I want to show you so let’s get into it!
Alright here we go. First up I’m gonna cover my board. This is actually my least
favorite part but I have to do it because it makes it look so much
prettier in the end. I’ve colored my fondant in a dark shade of red and I’m dusting
my countertop with cornstarch. I get my fondant rolled out, and then I wipe my
cake drum with vegetable shortening. Next, I carefully move my fondant over onto my
board. I smooth that out the best that I can and then I cut away the excess with
this little mini palette knife that I have. Using my fondant smoother, I smooth
out any imperfections and then I press my brick impression mat into the fondant.
and once I’ve got the brick pattern on my entire surface I pop this into the
oven at 170 degrees for about 15 minutes. The oven needs to be at the lowest
temperature you can get it. You can also let this air dry out overnight if you
prefer that Alright moving on to my cakes. I’ve baked
two six inch round chocolate cakes and two 9 inch round vanilla cakes. I’m
cutting off the top of my cakes and then I torte them which means I’m cutting it
in half horizontally. next I’m filling it with my American buttercream frosting.
this is my kids favorite frosting. they always like the sweet stuff! okay so I’m
putting a layer of frosting in between each cake layer so I’m going to end up
with three layers of buttercream frosting
and four layers of cake. for this one I decided to cover it in ganache you could
use buttercream if you want but I like how ganache leaves a super sharp edge.
either one works though. it’s best to work with it when it has the consistency
of peanut butter. I’m using my bench scraper to smooth out the sides and then
I add more ganache and I smooth it out again. I just keep doing this until
the sides are nice and smooth. Next, I use my bench scraper to scrape away the
ganache from the top edge and I smooth it out with my offset spatula. I repeat
the same process with my nine-inch vanilla cakes. I got ahead of myself here
and I layered up my cake right on the fondant board which was a
mistake because I got my board all messy. do yourself a favor and stack your cake
on its own board and then move it over onto the fondant board. if you go to my
Avengers cake you can see me doing this the right way. okay next up is the
fondant. I’ve already brushed my cake with food grade alcohol so that my
fondant will stick to it. you could also use simple syrup or thinned out apricot
jam if you want. I get my fondant rolled out and I drape it over my rolling pin
and I place it onto my cake. first I run my fingers along the top edge to make
sure that it doesn’t start tearing and then I begin smoothing out my fondant
with my fondant smoother. and then I begin working on the sides. I’m just
opening up those creases and smoothing them out with my palm and then I smooth
out the sides and cut away the excess and I repeat the process for my
nine-inch cake too okay let’s start the decorations. for my
clouds, I’m using my tracing technique where I print out a picture and I trace
the design onto the fondant and then I use an exacto knife to cut it out. once
I’ve cut out a bunch of clouds, I’m outlining them with my black food
coloring marker and then I finish off the clouds by hand painting some blue
streaks to match the clouds from the game and I do the same for the green
bushes. all these decorations are made of fondant with a little bit of tylose
powder mixed into it. next I’m using my square cutter to cut out the brick
blocks and I create the brick look by lightly running my pizza cutter across
it in straight lines and I create the smaller lines with a sugar taper tool.
I also cut out some question mark blocks and I hand painted the question mark. the
coins are up next I’m using a large piping tip to cut them
out. I made a whole bunch of these and then I used a smaller piping tip to
emboss a smaller circle on each coin and I used my sugar shaper to make the line
right in the center. each coin got painted with my edible gold paint. I
wanted to add a couple of mushrooms to my cake so I’m modeling these out of
fondant with tylose powder. I’m just using my hands and a rolling pin to help
me model it. I can not forget the eyes which I’m drawing on with my edible
marker and I cut out some white dots that I’m
attaching with edible glue. okay next up is the piranha plant! so I first started
making this out of rice krispie treats but it was way too heavy I did not think
it would hold so my next plan was to use styrofoam. I’m
covering the inside of the mouth with a black fondant and I’m trimming off that
excess and they get the outside covered in red fondant. the fondant will stick
right on with a little edible glue covering a sphere is pretty difficult
you just have to keep working out the creases. I cut off some of the excess
fondant and then I ended up cutting some more off with my scissors. okay once I’ve
got it covered in fondant I’m pushing two skewers into the bottom of it.
later I ended up adding another skewer to help support it too. then I stick the
skewers into another piece of styrofoam to help me hold it up while I decorate
it. next I’m using a straight piece of fondant to smooth out any imperfections.
for my piranhas mouth I’ve rolled out a log of white fondant where the ends are
thin in the middle is thicker and I attach that with edible glue. water will
not work with this type of decoration it is a little bit too heavy for that. next
I’ve cut out some white fondant polka dots and I get those onto my piranha
and then I add this sharp fondant teeth alright the next decorations are the
leaves so I made my own template for these and I’m using it as a guide to cut
them out. for the center I’m doing the same but with a different shade of green.
once I have the leaves cut out, I’m rolling up a paper towel and I drape my
leaves over it these will need to dry out for at least
a few hours actually it’s best to keep let these dry out overnight but just
plan for that if you need to. okay we’re all done with the decorations next I’m
moving on to my green pipe tier. for this I’m cutting out a black fondant circle
which will go right on top of the cake I’m brushing a little water on the top
and I’m moving that over. to make this look more like the pipe I need a strip
of fondant around the top so I’m creating the strip with my strip cutter
I roll it up and then I unroll it on the top of my cake and then I cut it with my
exacto knife I wanted to add a little shading around
the pipe so I’m using my airbrush to create a shadow around the edge. before I
can stack the cake I need to add the dowels. these are plastic straws that I
cut down to the same height as the cake all right I’m stacking my pipe cake on
top of my bottom cake. it’s so much easier to move cakes around like this
when they’re really cold. next is the fun part
adding the decorations! the decorations are all dry now and I’m attaching them
to my cake with candy melts. just decorate to your heart’s content. I like
adding a lot of decorations. I’m moving on to the dowels. what I have here is a
sharpened dowel which I’m pushing down into the cake. this will keep my cake in
place. what you do is push it down through the middle board while twisting.
then use another dowel to push it all the way down into the bottom cake drum next I have a larger plastic dowel which
I’m pushing into the cake. it will rest right on that middle board. so now the
sharpened dowel is inside of this plastic dowel and then I cut down my plastic dowel and
finally I’m pushing my piranha plant down into the plastic dowel. you have to
kind of move it around to get it to fit because it’s also sharing space with the
sharpened dowel. if you want it even more sturdy you could pour some candy melts
down into this plastic dowel. My skewers are long enough to stick down
into the cake. to cover the plastic dowel, I’m brushing it with edible glue and
then I wrap it with a piece of green fondant. once I’ve got that covered
my final decorations go onto the cake I’m brushing my leaves with some green
candy melts and I put them into place All finished with my Mario Piranha
plant cake! thank you so much for watching my video I hope you enjoyed it
and learned how to make your own Super Mario cake. if you’re on social media
please go check me out on Facebook Instagram and Twitter
all right I’ll see you guys later bye

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