Super Cute Easter Cake!

Thanks for watching Pins and Things. Today we’re going to be making this adorable peeps easter cake. So what you’re going to need is Two round cakes they can be either 8 inch or 9 inch It doesn’t matter. You’re going to need some coconut And I dyed it green just by putting a little bit of food coloring in and shaking it up And it worked perfectly now it’s little grass You’re going to need some cream cheese frosting with the carrot cake if you want you can do any flavor really? But I have cream cheese, and then some green food dye to mix into that There’s some peanut M&Ms. That look like little easter eggs, and Some peeps and I have just these three different colors to put around the outside edge. So we’re going to get started We’re just going to put the rounder one on the bottom flip it just like that That’s pretty good Just kind of center it And now and then I go ahead and put some green food dye in here and I’m just making it green so that it won’t show through with the like Underneath the coconut So I just put a little bit of this gel food coloring, and I’m just mixing it together Beautiful green color too Okay, now it’s ready I’m just going to put it on the middle here. This is the inside layer to keep the cakes together So I’ve just patted the back of it to get it out Like it. Alright now and look at that perfect. It even says the pans name And I am putting Actually, I think it would be better to put the flat side right here Right on top of that okay, and now I’m going to do one layer of frosting and then the coconut on top Doesn’t have to look perfect because it’s going to be completely covered in coconut as long as its sticky that’s all the matters. And all the way out to the outside Edge too Alright Now we took our green coconut We’re completely covering the entire top. This is our grass Might have to add a little bit more once we get our peeps on Just to the edges. So it will be held in All right. Now, we’re going to frost the outside edge This is hard to believe, we dont hold the cake together We can wipe off the outside of the pan too. If it gets stuff on it, which it is It’s being a lots of stuff a little bit No worries All right that outside layer is done. Now. We just need to open our peeps Now we’ve got all of our different colored peeps We’re going to rotate all the different colors, and it sticks very nicely I like that All right Now the last bit actually I want to go around the edge You can kind of see there’s a little bit of cake showing through so I just want to Make sure and cover up any little cake area that is showing with the remaining coconut Now that it’s got something to hold it up. I can put it on. Okay There’s no other cake spots showing Now we just have these peanut M&Ms, and we are gonna go ahead and put over the top of it Not completely covering it cause we of course – Those are for this kids to find. It’s ike an easter again. So that’s it. It was really really easy and adorable. It’s just like it’s kind of one of those cakes people go, Wow! Even though it wasn’t hard it. Just is breathtaking with all the colors and the textures and Easiness, it’s beautiful. So I hope you like this video please comment and subscribe and go ahead and thumbs it up and Check out all of our other decoration ideas for Easter eggs

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