Summer Wedding Cakes – Buttercream Techniques For Cakes

Hi everybody its Lorelie from Wedding
Cakes For You. And today I’m sharing with you my summer wedding cake collaboration,
which I did with Charity of The Lovely Baker check out her summer collaboration
cake. I cannot wait to see it. I’ll see you in a minute because I’m gonna show
you how I made this cake. For all three of the cakes I put down first a layer of buttercream. And this is my Italian meringue. I’ll put a link to this recipe
for you this is a great recipe and it’s delicious and you can use it for
everything. And for this particular cake the filling is going to be a
raspberry. Now I’m using frozen raspberries here. You can use fresh. I
sometimes use fresh sometimes use frozen, it depends if I can get really good
fresh ones I’ll go with the fresh if not I’d go with a frozen, because they’re
really sweet and they’re a little bit more reliable actually than the fresh. Just want to seal the raspberries. Now
the cake is my orange cake which you can find in my book Wedding Cakes with
Lorelie Step by Step and that’s at Amazon. The next step is crumb coating the cakes. I like to work from the top down, and
then just give it a thin layer. Now for the tiny tear Getting ready to put my cake together
and I found this plate actually in a thrift shop, and I really love this. Just
attracted me, the colors and the flowers, and I thought this would be really
pretty on the side of a cake. So this is going to be my theme. I actually
already have green buttercream and I have the exact right color of the red,
which I’m going to do different variations of the color. So let’s get started. So basically I’m going to do this around
the entire cake, on the bottom. I’m not sure yet what I’m doing in the next two
tiers, but for this, I’m using green and a very small round tip.(#1 round) I think it’s a I’m
not sure of the number but I will put that in the description box. And then
I’ve got red, a dark red with a very small rose tip. And then I’ve got a
lighter red with a pink with a curved flower tip.
And I also have yellow. So I just need a little tiny bit of yellow to put in the
centers. Paintbrushes. I just have a couple different size paintbrushes
and you can use either end. I use this end to put the little red dots on.
and also the yellow in the centers. And you can use the brush to add a little
bit of dimension to the flowers. All right enjoy the
decorating. The various tips that I used for this
video are the rose tip number 101 and Wilton, number 59 also will Wilton, a round
number 1 for the stems, 18 for the star for the border. I used that on the top
cake and on the middle tier. Then I use 22 on the bottom tier to make the
rosettes and number 70 which is a leaf tip for the ruffles. You can get a free
download of my “Top Five Buttercream Recipes and Your Buttercream Questions Answered”
at just for visiting. I’ll put the link below the
video for you. Wedding Cakes For you website, books and video provide aspiring bakers with the recipes and steps for building skills and
confidence to create beautiful cakes and cherished memories. Thanks for watching
and visit The Lovely Baker to see her design idea for a summer wedding cake. See you in the next video.

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