Hi and a magnificent yes I’m feeling
magnificent today welcome to Steve’s kitchen today we’re making that
Christmas cake the one that I spoke to you about earlier and gave you the
ingredients for those of you that have just joined me all the ingredients are
written down below and also on Steve’s kitchen on the website which I’ll leave
the link below and as I said to you this is a sort of live session today and to
prove that well if one of you asked me to put my right hand up there you go
point proven let’s get on and make this fantastic Christmas cake we start by
showing you some of the basics now I’ve got an 8 inch or 20 centimeter
cake tin here if you’re using a different size we’ll need to make some
different calculations for the mixture I’ll leave that on my website so I’ve
got some greaseproof baking paper which I folded over into double and just along
the bottom edge where I fold it here I’m just cutting some little lines around
about an inch up the paper and then when you pop it in the cake tin you’ll have a
little ledge for the bottom to sit in to get a nice seal now I’ve lined the tin
with butter so it helps the paper stick and I’ve cut a circle we’ll just pop
that in the bottom and the reason we’ve let the baking paper come up so high is
to protect the cake while it’s baking so it doesn’t burn the top let’s take our
mixing bowl now and get them make our Christmas cake okay we’ve got our 200
grams of butter which is nice and soft by the way room temperature so we pop
that in there now I’m going to add my 200 grams of soft brown dark brown sugar
and you don’t need a machine for any of this we’re just going to cream this
together with a wooden spoon or spatula and there’s our sugar and our butter all
creamed together into that mixture we’re going to put 4 room-temperature eggs
just break them straight into the mixture
so my eggs are in there now and I’m just going to mix those in with my butter and
my sugar now also into this mixture at the moment we take in the zest from our
lemon and our orange and that’s going to add a lovely tangy flavour I’m going to
add a tablespoon of dark black treacle and I’m going to add my 50 grams of
almond meal in there as well and they just continue to mix the batter up
now don’t worry at this moment if it looks a bit curdled and a bit mess it’s
not a problem for this batter the flour will start to bind it all together now
we’re going to take that 200 grams of all-purpose flour that’s 7 ounces just
pop that into a sieve and on top of that I’m going to book my spices I’ve got my
teaspoon and a half of mixed spice I’ve got my half a teaspoon of cinnamon my
nutmeg half a teaspoon and my salt and then we’re just going to sieve that over
the top of the mixture and then we’re just going to mix that in
and get ourselves a nice creamy batter now that’s only taken a minute or so to
mix together like that we can start to add our fruit so ingo the 200 grams of
raisins 200 grams of salt ana’s 200 grams of beautiful black currants 150
grams of cranberries our glass a cherries and our mix peel and lastly our
50 grams of slivered almonds and now we want to mix all that fruit in with our
batter and get a really rich cake mix now you’ll see as you mix that through
just how rich this batter is how heavy and delicious this cake is going to
taste so we’ve got that lovely rich fruit cake batter in there now and we’ve
got to get it into our tin now rather than lift and pour this in I think it’s
easier to get a big spoon and just scoop this into our cake tin and as you go you
can just sort of push it down and then just using your spoon just level down
the surface of the cake it doesn’t have to be perfect now also what I tend to do
with these fruitcakes is I make her a bit of an indentation they don’t rise
very much as a cake but it will help it from having too much of a dome on the
top which we don’t want now you will have licked your fingers and your hands
and guys if you’re making this now taste that it’s delicious mmm what a piece of heaven
now I’ve preheated my oven to 150 degrees Celsius that’s 300 to grease
Fahrenheit and we’re gonna cook this cake nice and slowly over two and a half
hours now after about two hours you can start to look at the cake and then we’re
going to stick a skewer into it I’ll show you that a little bit later on just
to check whether it’s cooked now I just want to show you my cakes been in the
oven for about 2 hours and 15 minutes and the way I test it in the oven take a
wooden skewer like this you can use a metal one and just push it into the cake
and it should pull out like that perfectly clean I don’t know if you can
see that there that means the cake cooked all the way through now we leave
the cake the tin until it’s virtually cooled down
before we try taking it out welcome back if you’re watching and making at the
same time you will have paused the video and your home like mine will smell our
delicious I mean it’s like Santa’s grotto any smells wonderful the cake has
cooled down now and we’re ready to take it out of the tin and take the paper off
so let’s just release the springform pull that off of there and then I’m just
going to pop my hand in there turn the cake over and we should be able to
fairly easily remove the the tin or the base from the tin and now we can just
peel this paper off from around the tin and it comes off really very simply and
also we’ll just take the bottom off of there now look at that beautiful cake
you’re seeing it as I’m seeing it here the smell off there is delicious I’m
just gonna turn that back over lay it down on my counter so what are we going
to do with this cake now well the reason we’ve made it up before Christmas is
because between now and Christmas we’re going to make some holes with a
chopstick or or some implement in the top here and we’re gonna pour a liquid
of our choice just a little bit into the cake so the fruit plumps up I’m gonna be
feeding my cake with a nice brandy you could use a sherry if you want alcohol
free as I say you could even use a cranberry juice or an orange juice now
we’re not going to feed it today I’m gonna store this away in an airtight
container you could actually wrap it round again with the wax paper and then
put some some aluminium foil over the top of it to seal the cake in and we’re
going to feed it three to four times between now and Christmas and then
you’ll be able to serve this up at Christmas time it’ll be beautiful moist
all the fruit ibly plump it’ll be delicious also a little bit before
Christmas we will decorate the cake we’re going to be using that marzipan
and we’re going to make a royal icing and make this thing look an absolute
treat so please join me then now I’ve moved my cake onto some parchment paper
because I’m going to be wrapping the cake up after I fed it to keep all that
moisture in and trap it in there now you could use a skewer or I’m going to be
using a chopstick here and we want to make holes in the top of the cake no
deeper than halfway though so if you use the side of the cake as a measurement
and you can make a dozen or so holes just sort
push the chopstick in at different angles around the cake and then as I say
I’m going to be using brandy but whatever liquid you decide to choose
just take a tablespoon of the liquid and we just start to pour it near to the
hole just a little at a time let that soak in so it might take one or two
maybe even three tablespoons and that is quite enough don’t overdo it remember
we’re going to be feeding this two or three more times between now and
Christmas they should be fed every week or so so now we’re just going to wrap
the cake up nice and tight and I’ve added some silver foil around the top of
that just to hold the parchment together now make a note on your calendars or
Diaries that in a week from now we’re going to unwrap this and we’re gonna
feed it again and then a fortnight from now the same thing again all the way up
to Christmas now I’m not going to be doing another video for that but I will
be doing a video near to Christmas where we’re going to be decorating this
getting it ready for the festive season it’s gonna look beautiful we’ll be using
that homemade marzipan as well today we are decorating our Christmas cake is
still wrapped up in here if you made this cake with me and you’ve been
feeding it over the last few weeks it should smell absolutely delicious it’s
now ready to decorate we’re going to need royal icing and marzipan now I’ve
got videos on my channel for both of those I’ve also got some decorations
here I’ll just show you them some I’ve made them with a modeling chocolate bit
of fun to top the cake off so that’s all you’re gonna need to decorate the
Christmas cake so let’s get on and make this thing look festive so here’s my
Christmas cake unwrapped it smells delicious you can tell just by touching
it this beautiful moist I’ve got a plate here that I’m gonna be putting the cake
onto when I decorate it but first of all we have to level the top this cake is a
little bit uneven so I’m going to be using some marzipan and a little bit of
jam or marmalade just to bind the marzipan to the cake I’ve got about a
pound of marzipan here that’s about 500 grams and I just want to put up a device
thing sugar down on the work surface and then I just want to roll this marzipan
out into a circle now I’ve rolled that out to about half an inch thick and it’s
still able to move on the counter like that when you put your cake
on there you want to have at least half an inch maybe 3/4 of an inch
around the outside with marzipan now before we cover this cake with the
marzipan I’m going to put some jam on here or marmalade I like to use
marmalade a lot of people use apricot jam but I really like the flavor of the
marmalade so just take a couple of tablespoons of marmalade and spread it
evenly over the top of your cake so now I’ve got a lovely sticky layer of
marmalade on the top of my cake and here is my trick here’s the way I’m going to
get that top nice and flat I’m gonna take my cake now and turn it upside down
and lay it in the center of the marzipan we’re then gonna take a knife and trim
but we’re going to leave about a centimetre 1/2 an inch of Margie pan
around the outside and then remove the excess marzipan and then using a palette
knife we’re going to push the marzipan up against the side of the cake
and what this will do is it will start to fill the gap where the cake rounds
meets the marzipan and then if everything is gone according to plan we
should be able to gently lift this cake up now and there we have a perfectly
flat marzipan top I can pop that down onto my Christmas cake stand and now we
can get on and decorate this so now I’m going to take my royal icing and again
I’ve got a little under a pound of royal icing here and I’m just going to start
to spread it on top of my marzipan and we’re not looking to try and get a
smooth flat surface with this so you don’t have to worry too much about how
you put it on because we’re getting a sort of snow finish so now I’m just
going to take my chocolate fondant Christmas tree I’m gonna pop it on top
of my cake and its settle in there I’ve got my little snowmen on there as well
and I never like to do a Christmas cake without robin redbreast and just pop him
pretty much randomly on the top of the cake and now we’re just got to choose a
nice piece of ribbon to go around the outside of this cake and there it is
there is my Christmas cake I put a ribbon around there now I’m just going
to take a little bit of icing sugar and sprinkle it over the top of my tree
and the Robin just a little bit of extra snow and there you have it I’ve had a
heap of fun making the Christmas cake this year I hope you’ve had chance to
join in and have some fun please share the love give this the thumbs up I will
see you shortly be good and as always I’m going to leave
some links here to some other Christmas videos I’ve had a heap of fun with this
one I hope you have to be good I’ll see you shortly


  1. Hiya Steve, your rich fruit/heavy fruit cake is very much like what is done in the UK or the Caribbean, not like the dreaded fruitcake they make in the US. These are definitely part of the Christmas tradition in Barbados. They also used these cakes for weddings. I currently live in the US but this is the kind of cake I make, loaded with rum, of course xx.

  2. Looks very nice, when you made it and showed the bottom I almost leaned forward and smelled it hehe. I remember Royal icing from Cake Decorating at school, I always used to eat it.

  3. Making this cake has now become the start of Christmas in our house Steve. I made it last year and it went down a storm. This year's effort was made last week and the first feed of brandy was yesterday. All on track for another triumph!

  4. Absolutely Beautiful cake you have there Steve. I put a kilo off goodies in mine to, & not quite a kilo off brandy liquid food for it later on aswell. LOL. Hick. Take care & Happy December too you both. πŸŽ…πŸŽ„β›„

  5. Never made a fruit cake. I am guessing that I will have to go on a hunt to find half of the fruits… DOH!
    Take care from Oklahoma
    Mike and Vee

  6. I've been reading and watching a lot of pre 1900s recipes & this is just like a very traditional pudding (which I've realized is basically a boiled/ steamed cake). So cool!

  7. I've made this a few times now from Steve's old recipe (which is the same as this one but with differences in ingredient mixing order). The only change I made was to rehydrate the fruits for a few hours before hand. The end result is a plumper cake without the need to feed it.

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