Sri lankan Pancakes(easy method) by Apé Amma පෑන් කේක් පහසු ක්‍රමයට හදමු (Eng Sub)

Today we are going to make pancakes. Add all the ingredients to a large measuring cup like this. Now beat well using a whisk. Now strain the mixture. Now keep this mixture in the fridge for an hour. Keep the flame on low as shown. this is done to evaporate the water from coconut. Salt 1/4 tsp coconut honey 1/4 cup This is the pancake batter after 1 hour in the fridge I kept his batter in the fridge because then it will be easy to spread the batter on the pan. If this mixture is in room temperature, then the batter will not hold it’s shape on the hot pan. Now I’m adding 2 tablespoons of batter for one pancake. the flame must be kept at low till the end as shown. After about 1 minute or less flip the pancake. As soon as you flip it add the the sweet coconut filling. it takes 3 and half minutes to make one pan cake. It took a total of 25 minutes to make all 6 pancakes. This is so delicious!

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