Squishy Makeover: Fixing Your Squishies #10

Squishy Makeover: Fixing Your Squishies #10

100 thoughts on “Squishy Makeover: Fixing Your Squishies #10

  1. Lots of debating about the hamster/tiger holding the corn/seed hahahaha. i don’t think it’s a tiger because it has a round tail but it probably is a seed he’s holding. I only said corn because when I looked it up online that’s what all of the squishy seller websites were calling it so I went with that lol

  2. It’s a fat cute male hamster and it’s eating the food that hamster always eat sunflower seeds and you destroyed that all

  3. ok, so i absolutely love your videos, however, i sadly am debating not watching them anymore, which, whats one fan, but i do wish that it was a bit easier to watch. i don't mean your jokes, skills, or editing, i mean the asmr. I know that a LOT of people like it, but i have a thing called mesiphonia so sounds like kissing, clicking, chewing, slurping, and whispering trigger either rage, or the desire to claw my ears out. i try and push trough it, but its like im allergic to those sounds. its like those sounds trigger a pms rage and hatred. despite ALL of that i have been watching your videos for the past month or two because i low-key love your channel. Keep making videos, i am not asking for you to change everything, i love how quirky you are, but if maybe, possibly, you see this… could you take it into consideration?

  4. I've been feeling really down lately and you always cheer me up no matter what you're so funny and so bright whenever I watch your videos I light up with excitement I love your channel so much and I will be sending you squishes very soon xxxx

  5. this is so random but i can tell you've taken some sort of piano lesson at some point cause you played the scale properly at the beginning 😂

  6. if you get a lion squishie can you paint it in the colours of kovu or kion because ive gotten really attatched to the lion king two and lion guard thank you moriah

  7. I am literally dying with sickness my stomach is killing me anyway you make me inspired and also make me happy when I am sad with sickness or anything

  8. I’m disliking some of the comments BEGGING for likes Of course I’m not doing all of them I’m just gonna keep going until the video is over

    Edit: wow it is ridiculous how many people have ruined the comment section and soooo many people actually like them!! Lol I know this is a bit dramatic but I just cannot stand this it is so annoying honestly I’m not even joking I think it should be illegal. Again this is pretty dramatic but I just HAD to get this message OUT!!!

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