Sonic Pancake on a Stick – Food Review

Sonic Pancake on a Stick – Food Review

Hello, everyone. This is Running On Empty, food review Hello ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, good evening Good morning perhaps [it’s] 2:54 p.m. and this is Running On Empty Food Review We’re back at Sonic I didn’t even expect to be back at Sonic anytime soon, but Surprisingly enough the new item’s out new item is out, and I figure hey I’m gonna I’m going to review it It’s [their] uh, their pancakes on a stick that’s when you know that they [really] get desperate when it comes down [to] items and they can’t even do anything else except put it on a stick and uh, make it something else. So you have that Um, and what it is essentially is it’s thier, it takes the pancake batter Kind of combines up that a little bit of a sweetness of the maple syrup though you, uh, have extra syrup you can use theoretically and they fry it like you would a corndog say and it’s on a stick Um That’s how it is, it’s pancakes, on a stick uh, from Sonic, I was a little disappointed honestly with my experience there no, I’m not talking about the food I haven’t tried it yet. Just [the] service there you know I I came looking for the pancakes on a stick and uh, also some wings. I wanted some buffalo wings I thought that they were good the last time I wanted to try some uh, they didn’t have those and and then I was a little bit uh Just taken aback by the staff but very very disorganized you know And then as soon as they closed the little door there for the drive-through You know, they acted like that’s just [an] impenetrable wall that you can’t hear through there they were loudly comparing the maple syrup with the pancakes to a certain other bodily fluid And uh, I was [it] was not the most appetizing thing to hear especially from the staff preparing your food But that’s just in the side just to, talk about I’m not judging it’s, you [know] all comes down to what the food tastes like you know Here it is pancakes on a stick Well you know it looks just like a [corndog] it really does I’m sure We’ve all had one of those in our life, right coney island corndog or whatever you call them This is it right here. It’s a, pancake on a stick. There’s me with the pancake on a stick And there it is the pancake on a stick And there’s the side view of the pancake on a stick. That’s what it looks like all right, well I talked about what it is, talked about what it might taste like we got extra sauce here and, so thankful they gave me some salt for – [Laughs] Sorry, it’s just silly, and all right I’m just going to eat it and let you know what it tastes like that’s all, pancake on a stick from Sonic going in [Chewing noises] [Truck engine noises] I know, I know should- [unintelligible] I know some people don’t like the You know, the sound there One other thing I forgot to mention actually It’s important that it does get mentioned with this, is the pancake on a [stick] not only comes with You know the standard pancake batter and everything, in the center here And you can see right here, in the center of the pancake on a stick [also] comes of some assorted breakfast meats specifically sausage as well [Chewing noises] [biting noise] [More chewing noises] Hm [Gentle biting noise] [Yet more chewing noises] I’m [alright], ready for a speed review since it’s getting hot in here again, m’kay. Let’s do it Pancake on a stick, what does it taste like exactly? It features a mixture, of this sausage in the center surrounded by, the pancake batter It’s an interesting combination, and it goes fairly well. the one thing that I do notice however when it comes down to the sausage itself Is there is a very very stark [contrast] between the richness of the sausage that’s in the middle, and it’s, you know It’s a difference in texture too, the sausage in the middle is [very] rich on the outside is this fried crunchy, you know pancake batter, very doughy, very battery compared to this very rich meaty sausage in the center and you know When it comes down to it. There is a noticeable contrast between those two flavors and in this case. [they’re] so different I mean, it’s interesting to try sausage at breakfast, eat it in one bite And then get some pancakes in another bite and swallow it down with that but in this case when you [have] this pancake batter, which is thereafter fried of course and Then you have the sausage in the same exact bite It’s two very different things, and the way these two things specifically go together is it’s a little bit Iffy One other thing that you may notice when [it] comes down to breakfast food, is the sausage that they usually get at breakfast Is like these sausage links, you know, these cured sausage links This is kind of like the sausage pieces that you’d find on a pizza, very just, you know, it’s, it’s soggy in a way It’s different than what you would find at breakfast you know to accompany traditionally You know, with the pancakes you need to keep that in mind when it comes down to how everything tastes because the two flavors do clash a bit, and that’s something to make note of When it comes down to how they actually taste my favorite part was [actually] the Just the the physical pancake on a stick [the] physical pancake is pretty good. It has a little bit of a sweetness kind of embedded within and It’s interesting. It’s interesting how it has this fried Shell here And then it has this little bit of a sweetness embedded and it’s kind of doughy though but the actual You know meat that’s on the inside there can it just doesn’t doesn’t go as well as you would think it would, you know, it just doesn’t and, it is just how it is you know it’s The- they [tried] I guess, you know they tried, also comes with some maple syrup, which uh, you know Quickly try if I can get this thing open here I [figure] right I got I got talons here, that should be able to open it, but instead the sides are just bending So now you get to watch me struggle opening this thing, here we go. [I] guess I’ll just dip it in here There we go Just take one bite [Chewing noises] [More chewing noises] Maple syrup makes it a little bit better But already you [know] there’s already a little bit of sweetness embedded already into the pancake itself so you need to, keep that in mind But the maple syrup they give it to you for free. It’s an interesting little accompaniment And it’s something that you can, it’s still worth giving a try so All in all I’m going to wrap things up now, out of 10, what am I going to rate the pancakes on a stick? From Sonic, out of 10 and given the price which [is] around 2 [dollars] and 13 cents per pancake on a stick Um Out of 10 I’m going to have to give these a seven point six out of ten They’re fair, they’re okay, but remember the two flavors whilst okay, um, do clash a little bit with [each] other That’s all that I have for you ladies and gentlemen I’m your host for the week, and today’s review is so the pancakes on a stick from [Sonic] thank you for watching and take care

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  1. This has been a thing for years. My school used to serve it only it was called Breakfast on a stick. You can also get them in stores drom Jimmy Dean. So good.

  2. Pains me to say I just can't take it I started with you doing your food reviews at the dining room table in your suit doing your character I hope you're not offended by that statement anyway I tell you what yeah it's a beautiful car new car for you I'm sure you'll love it I cannot watch you food reviewing in a car I can't I can give you a million reasons why go back to your well set dining room table eating fast food that was the best. I got to unsubscribe but I'll keep looking to see if you ever go back to the dining room.

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  6. Pancake on a stick
    Pancake on a wood stick
    Pancake on a wood rod
    Breakfast cake on a wood rod
    Semi sweet breakfast cake in the shape of a pan on a holding device called a wooden rod

  7. Would be rad if it had a really good quality sausage in the middle.. like a breakfast corn dog… 🙂

  8. “pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick pancake on a stick”

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  10. He’s a very nice and great guy. But a pancake batted sausage is just something you shouldn’t review.

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  12. These have been around a very long time in the frozen food aisle at your local grocery store. Not my thing, but lots of people love them.

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