Solid Dish Cake [Cake Vaisselle] Zero Waste

hello everybody this is Ariane Arsenault from
La Fille de la Mer, Handmade Soaps. Today I want to show you something that
sparked my interest a few months ago and I’ve been juggling with the idea of
creating a such a product for my own personal use in my home and then to
translate it into my business. It is not a product that I invented myself,
it’s been around for at least 10 years from the research that I was able to
do, so what we’re gonna be making today is called
in French “cake vaisselle” and I’m going to spell it out for you right here if you want to
google it and search on this topic. I decided to translate its name to dish
cake which is basically a solid dish detergent to wash your dishes rather
than using a liquid version in a plastic bottle. This is also in the zero waste or
minimal waste movement in mind and as I am always thinking and trying to
minimize my ecological footprint I thought this was a wonderful idea and I
really wanted to share it with you guys. As I said this has been around for at
least 10 years from what I could find. I was not able to find who originally
invented the name or the formula or who created this product but I did
find a lot of blogs mentioning and referring to the initial recipe but that
recipe has been removed since then. So I don’t know! You can do your own research
there are many different variations on this type of product. But basically
they’re all similar so the base ingredient is sodium cocoyl isethionate
noodles which is a biodegradable surfactant which is derived from coconut
so this is a naturally derived surfactant. I get mine from Windy Point
Soap in Calgary they’re here in Canada now there are other places you can buy
it I guess, around in the world, but this is just where i get mine because I’m
Canadian. I’ve also seen a recipe using sodium Coco sulphate which is also an eco cert and Cosmo certified surfactant but I’m
using sodium cocoyl isethionate today because this is what I have the most in
stock and it’s a very gentle surfactant. also we’re gonna be needing some sodium
carbonate now if you don’t know what sodium carbonate is it’s also called
washing soda and I actually made mine from baking soda that I converted to
washing soda. I’m not gonna teach you how to do this today, you can buy your washing
soda pre-made or you can learn about it online and make your own. It’s not that
complicated. We are also going to use distilled water, white vinegar and some
essential oils, but those are optional. You can put them in to add a nice scent
to your final product or you can leave them out if you prefer. Then we’re
gonna be using a “Bain Marie” I have no idea.. a double boiler! oh yeah that’s how you say
it in English! I have a hot water bath and then a metal bowl sitting on
top and this is on a hot surface induction burner. Because sodium cocoyl isethionate can be really airborne and when you handle it you’re gonna be
wearing a mask, gloves, an apron to protect your clothing and we’re gonna be
packaging these into some fun and practical and reusable mason jars. So
when you’re done with your solid dish cake then you can reuse the jar for
something else or make another one in it! So without further due let’s hop into
the bowl! I will measure out my sodium cocoyl isethionate you can use the noodle
form that’s what I have on hand, but you can also use the powder form. then I’m gonna add the distilled water
and this will help to melt the sodium cocoyl isethionate and you would really want to do this with distilled water
because you don’t want anything to grow in your product once it’s done. Put all
the chances on your side! And some vinegar! The vinegar will help to give a
nice shine to your dishes. So now I’m gonna turn on my induction burner get
this on a rolling boil and then put my product on it and allow it to melt. I
will go ahead and add my sodium carbonate into my mix I will stir it in now that my water
is boiling. I’ll be able to start melting all of these ingredients together.
Of course the sodium carbonate won’t be melting it’s just going to be dispersing
in the mix and what it does in here is actually helps to remove the dirt from
your pots and pans! You know it’ll kind of be a little bit of sandpaper action
in there! Let’s transfer this on the double boiler This will get rather hot and I have this
little… it’s not a mitten but it’s like a mitten. So I’m just gonna use it to
prevent myself from burning my hands. You could also use a heat mitten? I don’t even know how to call these in English! We just called them “Mitaines” in French “Mitaines à Four” so there you go! And I’ve been making the solid shampoos for a
long time now and I’ve been wondering what else
could I be doing with my sodium cocoyl isethionate because I mean it lathers up so
nice and it washes so well so I started digging and that’s how I actually
discovered the solid dish cakes! I’m just gonna keep on turning and waiting
until the SCI noodles start to melt they will take a little while so I’m
just gonna be going back and forth turning this around so that you know
they evenly heat up and they will melt but not to a complete liquid state
they’ll just kind of go to a mushy mashy mashed potato paste kind of a texture
and when it looks like a paste that’s when I’m gonna turn off the heat and
then add in my essential oils and pack these in the mason jars. With a little
bit of time and patience and stirring and some elbow grease you will get to a
consistency that looks like this. It kind of looks like mashed
potatoes you can still see some of the SCI noodles but that’s ok most of them
are melted now and this is when I will turn off the heat. AAh! This little burner
is very practical but it is a little noisy! I’m just gonna remove this from
the heat and put it on this surface you’re just gonna take my mitten
yeah can’t quite get it.. and careful… be very careful this is
hot! Okay I have an infrared thermometer and it’s set in Celsius because I want
to make sure that before I add my essential oils that my mixture is cooled
enough. Now out of these two essential oils that I’m using today, tea tree
is the one with the lowest flashpoint being 47 Celsius so I want to make sure
that I will add these essential oils below 47 and we are now at 63 Celsius so
we’re gonna wait a little bit. While everything is cooling down I’m gonna go ahead and prepare my essential oil blend. The temperature is now okay to add the
essential oils and I’m just gonna drizzle and slowly mix them in just so that I
don’t get them splashing out of the bowl. I’m just sort of folding them into the
mix and it smells really good! I love the scent of lemon and it is a grease
fighter so it’s a bonus to have it into this product! Let’s mix it all very well! Let’s switch side and start packing
these into the mason jars. If you’ve been watching my videos for a while you
probably know how much I like to be accurate and this is why I always fill
my products on a scale. I’m just gonna start filling the jars and here’s what I
do to get everything packed at the bottom. I take something that’s
cushioning and I knock it down and I’m just gonna keep packing until I have 250
grams. okay let’s move on to the next! What
I do with the left overs from my bow is that I wait until it hardens up and
then I scrape it all out and I’m gonna keep it in a little jar on the side just
to wash some dishes over here so that I don’t waste any because there’s still
going to be plenty stuck to the bowl. I save this and when it’s gonna
be dry I’m gonna scrape it with a metal spoon and it’ll kind of chip off and
then I will get some powder detergent for my own dishes here at the soap shop!
So let’s clean up the bowls and I’m gonna show you the lids that we will be
using on these. In this second bowl I have our second solid dish cake and this
one is the exact same recipe except the blend of essential oils we are using in
this one are mandarin, which is why this is bright orange and lavender. As I said
before, lemon has grease fighting properties and so do have most of
citruses! Mandarin smells absolutely wonderful blended with the lavender. I
find this really soothing and relaxing so if you’re gonna be washing dishes you may as well do it with good smelling products! I’m using a clean damp rag and I’m just gonna go around each jar and wipe off the excess just
like so so we have a nice clean jar. This way it’ll be easier for me to put
the cap on these. However because these are still hot and they’re still warm and
soft we’re gonna wait until they’re fully hardened before closing the lids. Once these are fully dried there will be
the lid that will be placed on top to close these up and I’ve created a nice
little label and that’s called “cake vaisselle – cake dish” lemon and tea tree. Of
course my labels are bilinguals because we are in Canada and everything needs to
be in French and English. There are also directions, the ingredients, the address
of my soap shop and the weight of the product. If you would like to be really
eco friendly you can pair these beautiful solid dish cakes with a loofah.
So loofah of course you can take into the shower and it makes it wonderful
exfoliant but you can keep them as well in your kitchen as they are wonderful
scrubbers for pots and pans. They are from a squash so fully organic matter
that will compost or biodegrade whenever you’re done using it and it’s
too used up to be used in the kitchen. These are really eco
friendly as a matter of fact all of our solid dish cakes come with a slice of
loofah. Once you’re done with your loofah you will probably have some leftover
dish cake because these will last up to six months. Most natural health stores
will carry loofah, sometimes you can find them in drugstores so you can find them
literally anywhere nearby where there’s a natural food store or something like
that. Many soap makers carry them so you can just grab another
one. I would like to know if you would be interested in buying these
online because as of now they are only available in our store here in the
Magdalen Islands but if there is interest I will leave a poll right up there and
you can click yes or no, would you like to buy these online! So that I know if
there’s interest I could actually add them to our line of products! I’m just taking all of the little
bits and the little leftovers and putting them into a smaller jar for my
own personal use and then I’ll take you to the sink.
just to show you how nicely this product lathers up with water. As soon as
the water hits the solid cake dish it starts to foam and lather. There is
more than just cleaning dishes that you can do with the solid dish cake. You
can basically take your scrubby and use the solid dish cake to wash your
countertops or ceramics and even your stove tops because remember we did add
some sodium carbonate to this formula and so if your stove tops needs
to be cleaned you can use this to scrub off any dirt off! So that is really a product that is polyvalent, that has many
uses and it’s definitely good to keep around the house! My stovetop is
sparkling clean! Thank you so much for joining me today in the making of this
solid dish cake I really hope you’ve enjoyed this video
and if you would like to give these a try I will leave a recipe down below in
the description box as well as a few other links to other recipes that I
found online so you can try your own you can try my recipe or my versions of it
and you can hopefully read the French blogs that I will link! Also there are so
many ways to package these and label them. Right now I’m just using
mason jars because this is what have but I’m working with a local
ceramics artist and he will be making me some containers out of pottery so that
we can have a unique container that will be something like a keepsake
after using the solid dish cake. We will have them in the two versions in the
mason jars because of course the ceramic dishes will be a little bit more
expensive and this will be the like the the basic model. So if you try them let
me know! Tag me in social media I’d really like to see your creations. I hope
I got you inspired by the idea that I borrowed from our cousins over on the
other side of the ocean in Europe and I will see you again very soon… oh my gosh!
This is so noisy! There’s like a machinery that’s blowing all the snow
that we’ve had! So sorry about that! I will see you guys very soon bye!

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