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Welcome to HowToCookThat I am Ann Reardon
and today we are making Carl’s hat from The Walking Dead. It was actually Rick’s hat but he pulled the
Sheriff badge off and gave it to his son. Rick: “Since you’re in the club now you get
to wear the hat.” To make this cake you will need a double quantity
of my rich chocolate cake, baked in 4 8″ tins and leveled. If you just use something that is a good height
and rest your knife on it and cut across it makes it easy to do that. I’ll link you to the video of how to make
that cake and I’ll put all the details of everything you need for this cake on the
website, there is a link just below. You will also find the template for carving
the cake there and the recipe for my buttercream. For Carl’s hat I am using a double batch of
basic buttercream mixed with some melted dark chocolate. This gives it a beautiful flavour but it also
helps make the frosting a little bit firmer so it’s easier to work with. Tape four pieces of paper together then fold
that in half along the join, and then in half again the other way. Now take one side and bring it across to line
up with the other side and then fold that down pushing it nice and flat. Place your template piece on the top, lining
it up with the point. Then simply cut along the line using some
sharp scissors. Once you’re done unfold it and this is the
size of the rim of the hat. So choose a cake board that allows for that
size cake with a bit of spare room around it. Now put a little bit of frosting on the board
to stop the cake slipping and add your first cake. Now you want to brush that with simple syrup,
this helps keep the cake moist when we carve it. Smother the top of the cake in our delicious
chocolate frosting. And then repeat that stacking up the other
three cakes on top. Place the side of cake template in front of
the cake and line up the straight edge with one side of the stack. Follow the line and cut off the top of the
cake. Turn the cake 90 degrees so you can see the
front and place the front template next to the cake. Cut off a triangle off one side just following
the line there. Then cut a little wedge from the middle on
the angle shown and then a triangle from the other side. That gives us a pretty nice basic shape across
the top but the corners make the hat still look a little bit box shaped. Take your knife and shave off a little at
a time to round out those corners of the hat. That looks good. Now if you look at the main template you’ll
see the rim isn’t actually sitting flat, it starts up a bit and comes down flat towards
the edge. Take your rim template and fold it up again
and then just cut off a piece from the middle, so that when you unfold it you can place it
over the cake to see where that sits. I suggest that you draw yourself a little
guide line so you know where it is. Take the cake that we cut off the top of the
hat before when we were doing the side and cut that in half. And then use your knife to cut out a curve
so that it fits snugly against the body of the hat. Now use a finely serrated knife to slope that
down from the where it joins the hat to the cake board. For each side of the hat use the triangle
piece that we cut off. We don’t want the sides to come as far out
from the hat as the front and back do because the sides of the hat curl up. So trim it off to the same height as the others
and down on a slightly sharper slope. Then cover the whole thing in chocolate buttercream
smoothing the slope down the the board and neatening it up. To make the leather, take some white fondant
and cut it into cubes and some dark chocolate. Warm the fondant in the microwave until it
is soft like this. Then melt the chocolate in the microwave. And then put both of those into a mixer bowl
and using a dough hook mix them together and you’ll need to add about one tablespoon of
water as it mixes. You can do this by hand but as you can see
it is quite messy so it’s easier to do in a mixer. Now because the chocolate in this will set,
you have to work with this quite quickly while it is still warm. So if you are new to cake decorating I suggest
you just use brown fondant – but this tastes much better. You can’t really use modeling chocolate because
it doesn’t dry out so it’s not going to hold the shape of the rim of the hat Roll it out your chocolate fondant on a silicone
mat. It needs to be quite a bit bigger than the
rim template because the fondant has to go up and over the middle part of the hat of
course, it’s not just flat. Carefully lift it up and place it over the
cake smoothing it down. I like the look of this chocolate fondant
that we’ve made because it looks a bit rough like old leather. If you want perfectly smooth fondant that’s
easier to work with then definitely just use brown food colouring in your fondant but I’m
quite happy with how this turned out. It was just an experiment and I think it’s
worked quite well. Place the rim template over the top, cut all
the way around the edge of the template. Then remove the excess fondant. Now if you look at the guide, the hat curls
up on the side and it has a chunk missing on one side as well. Cut out a little triangle for our missing
bit. Then loosen underneath the rim on the sides. Slide some baking paper underneath and then
bend it up at the side. And then use something like paper towel to
support it in place. Then using the palms of your hands indent
the sides of the hat in the centre just below the peak. And then shape it a bit more around where
the rim joins the hat so it is clear where that cord will sit. For the hole where the sheriff badge used
to be, roll a little ball of black and squash it flat using your finger. And then use a straw to cut the middle out
of it. Brush it with silver luster dust using a paint
brush and then add it into place on the cake and then use the paintbrush to gently push
it off the straw. Now take a cake pop stick and push it into
the centre to make a hole. For the cord I’m using a fondant extruder,
you can roll a long snake by hand but you can get these fondant extruders pretty cheaply
now days and they save a lot of time. Add one layer of cord around the hat, just
joining at the back. Then add another layer on top of that criss-crossing
the left-over bit across at the front and leaving some excess hanging down. Now make an oval of black, cut it to flatten
it on one side and push it over the join in the centre. roll ball of black, flatten it so it looks
a bit like a bead and then indent it all the way around with a knife. Lift the cord off the hat using backing paper
and add the bead to the end. Repeat that process so you have two beads
on each cord. Take some gold luster dust mixed with lemon
juice or alcohol and paint it over the black. Now the reason we didn’t just dust it on like
we did with the silver is because we would of ended up with gold on the leather part
while we were putting the cord around the hat. To cover the cake board take some plain biscuits
and process them to make sand. After a few hours, the chocolate fondant will
be completely cold and it will be firm so you can remove the supports. If you were using normal fondant for this
you’d need to wait overnight. Spread left over frosting on the board and
then cover the whole thing in the biscuit crumbs. To make the sheriff’s badge find a toy one,
put blue tac on the back and push it down firmly onto something flat. Put a cookie cutter around it and fill that
with reusable food grade molding gel. This stuff is awesome, you can just re-melt
it and re-use it and remelt it and make all sorts of molds with it. Once it is set you have your mold. Pour the chocolate on top and tap it down
to get rid of any air bubbles in the chocolate. And then scrape it across the top so that
you can see the edges of the badge, this is so thin I think it’s going to break as we
take it out, but we can just fix it up later. If you can find a chunkier toy badge then
get one of those instead. Once the chocolate is set, tip it out, and
yes as I suspected it is breaking on the edges as we get it out. Just line up all those broken pieces and use
a little bit of melted chocolate to add them back on. Brush the whole badge with gold luster dust
and I know this is not exactly the same as Rick’s one but given that replicas were selling
for $90 I didn’t want to buy one just to make a mold out of it. Scoop up a little mound of ‘sand’ and place
the badge over the top. Cut the cake to reveal the beautiful rich
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