Shazam Kawaii Cake | Superhero Cake Art | Koalipops

Shazam Kawaii Cake | Superhero Cake Art | Koalipops

47 thoughts on “Shazam Kawaii Cake | Superhero Cake Art | Koalipops

  1. Hi, John. Your Shazam cake looks amazing. He kinda reminds me of the character from the Big Boy restaurant.

  2. another brilliant kawaii cake i love them gotta give it a go sometime lol instead of just watching xx

  3. For the buttercream just use cotton candy flavoring along with blueberry….but not too much it can be overwhelming!!!!!!!!

  4. Aw, how cute is this? I swear you can make anything adorable. 😁 I have a blue and white baptism cake up on my channel this week.

  5. I heard that raspberry flavoring taste like cotton candy! So you could try putting raspberry purée, extract/essence, or syrup, than you could add blueberry purée too!

  6. Im in love with ruby! Jamal cracks me up loooool…i feel bad olivia died but then i was like "thank god it wasnt ruby!" And lol just put cotton candy/ blueberry essence (*questions myself*) flavoring, idk you get what i mean lol so you can get that flavor into the buttercream…

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