Secret Thoughts: Jaffa Cakes

Secret Thoughts: Jaffa Cakes

속마음: 자파 케이크 편 자파 케이크가 있다니. 완전 좋아하는데. 입 안댈거야. 특별한 일 있을 때나 먹는거지. 하나만 먹자. 다이어트는 화요일부터 시작할거야. 크리스틴이랑 싸운건 끔찍해. 우린 왜 매번 싸울까? 내 삶이 달라졌으면 좋겠다. 뚱뚱한 사람 속에는 마른 사람이 갇혀 있다지. 완전 맛있다,
이건 내 비참한 인생에 가장 좋은거야. 누구도 날 사랑한 적 없어. 당연한 거지만. 남들은 상상도 못할 만큼 내 자신이 싫다. 그만 먹는 가장 좋은 방법은
내 삶에서 먹는것보다 좋은 걸 하는건데. 그게 쉽지 않지.

31 thoughts on “Secret Thoughts: Jaffa Cakes

  1. This video perfectly describes my life, I have my job and I haven't done anything meaningful with my life; I don't have girlfriend nor a friend. The only thing I enjoy doing is reading good books, but I can't do it much, so…I lose my self eating, it soothes temporarily the mess within, after it, I feel a real shit.

  2. I'm not sure that eating is always a mechanism to stave off depression or to fill an empty hole deep in our souls. I'm twenty stone, I work full-time and study for my master's degree online in the evening. I'm definitely not active in the physical sense of doing exercise, but my brain is engaged and I love what I do. My qualification is directly linked to my work and so I can see immediate application of my studies to my work. In a very real sense, I'm active – just not in the gym.

    I still eat extensively. I eat what I 'shouldn't', but I eat it because it's accessible. I'm reluctant to say that I don't have time to exercise because I probably do. However, part of me feels like it's of lower importance to earning money, advancing myself intellectually and finding time to disconnect myself from the real world (I listen to music to relax while laying down). I am indifferent to exercise and prefer to lay around the house reading and listening to lounge music as a form of escapism.

    I think my point is that many overweight people are comfortable with their size. We eat to excess, and we're aware of this. But I think that it can be relatively normal. Considering that there is a whole world of fat people out there (myself included) I'm not sure that we are really all comfort eating because we hate ourselves or are secretly dissatisfied with something in our lives. While I accept that comfort eating is often an immediate solution to longer term issues, it can be part of a lifestyle choice as well.

    It's a habit I engage in, is it any different to habitually smoking, tea-drinking, masturbating or anything else that human beings habitually engage in? We live in a stressful new world, different people have different ways of coping with it and the struggles that life living here presents.

    My overall point is that I happily choose to embrace the Jaffa Cake. I love them. "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips" seems part of a wider trope in a 'fat narrative' that I choose to reject. Some people may eat excessively to fill a void in their lives. Some may eat to find a moment of joy in a miserable existence. Some may eat processed sugary snacks because they like them. Being human is complex and issues linked to our behaviour justly match. Thank you School of Life for this thought provoking video. Food for thought, a Jaffa Cake for the mind if you will.

  3. If you love Jaffa cakes you need to try Pim's Orange so if you ever visit France, just go to any supermarket and look for them. They're the same as Jaffa Cakes but 1000x better 🙂

  4. Carb diet and you are done, who cannot handle the carbs diet does not deserve to lose weight 🙂 Because carbs are easy 🙂

  5. Going to the gym is a great motivation to stop eating shitty foods! You work so hard in there, that you then don't want to undermine yourself by eating shit. Jaffa Cakes make you feel sick after a while

  6. I would recommend to anybody who thinks like this should spend spend 5 or 10 minutes in your bed every morning thinking about everything that you are grateful for.
    Think, in detail, about everything that is good in your life that you take for granted and be be grateful for them.
    Think of your friends & family; your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband: your (hopefully) good health; the fact that you are lucky enough to be alive in 2015 AD and not 2015 BC; the fact that you have a roof over your head, the fact that you have access to the internet and can educate/entertain yourself through it; the fact that you (hopefully) don't go to bed hungry; that fact that you are literate and can read Youtube comments etc.
    Reminding yourself of how good your life actually truly is can help you create a habit of thinking positively and look at life a little more optimistically going forward.
    Doing this has worked wonders for me anyway..

  7. Well… I'm starting on Soylent in a few days. Hopefully that will change things, with a bit of exercise.

  8. School of Life, this has actually helped me end some of my binging habits. A very thought provoking video…thank you so much 🙂

  9. Yes. (Being vegan can help – you still feel shit mentally, but the food makes you feel physically less shit somehow…) Thanks for this. x

  10. I think Jaffa Cakes (or the equivalent) never bring the consolation we all so desperately need. It's only when the right person brings them just for us, for the right reasons. I think it isn't so much that we can't deal with surplus. It's that we can't deal with our lost childhood and we are tired of constantly hammering into our brains: "Be tough! Get a grip!", while pretending that we don't need to.

  11. It also helps not to have a computer, or instead to have one with which one walks around. I didn't start gaining weight until I got a desktop computer. I'm glad I stopped being prejudiced against fat people before then.

  12. i love these short "secret thoughts" videos! they're so funny and melancholic at the same time. please brign them back!

  13. I just ate a whole box of jaffa cakes right before watching this video to avoid dealing with stuff I should be doing. You may have a point.

  14. Years ago my father was travelling all over Europe and he would always bring all kind of sweets from everywhere ,I tried these cakes/biscuits or whatever you wanna call them and they were amazing ,the thing is ..they changed everything ,not only that you brits don't know what a fresh one tastes like but you don't even know you're lied to ,they used to be full of jelly/marmalade in the middle ,the chocolate was thicker and the cake thinner .

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