SCP-1548-EX A Hateful Star | Object class Keter | extraterrestrial / explained scp

SCP-1548-EX A Hateful Star object class: keter Item #: SCP-1548 Object Class: Euclid Keter Special Containment Procedures: Space observatories
capable of observing SCP-1548 are to be restricted from doing so. Images and readings taken of SCP-1548 are
to be kept private and under the sole control of the Foundation. Should usage of existing observatories be
necessary, they will be temporarily put under the control of the Foundation. Research into methods of neutralizing SCP-1548
are currently on going. Upon the completion of Lunar Area-32 (Projected
date: 1959), primary research into how SCP-1548 operates and possible methods of termination
are to be relocated there. Description: SCP-1548 is an unidentified object,
approximately 24 light years away from Earth. The object, originally thought to be a star,
is significantly brighter than any recorded so far and periodically emits bursts of ionizing
radiation. Initially discovered in 1949 at the Yerkes’
Observatory in Chicago, Illinois, Agent M███████ noticed that many of the pulses recorded formed
a morse code. The first transcribed read “Death for the
undsrving[sic].” All messages received so far have all been
aggressive, involving the death, destruction, and humiliation of the human race. Readings and measurements of the object has
shown it to be incredibly unstable. SCP-1548 possess a highly erratic axis, with
its orientation changing at any given moment with little perceived order. This has lead researchers to believe that
it is rotating very quickly and randomly. From this axis, two twin jets of ionized radiation
are emitted in seemingly random pulses. The radiation from these streams are much
more concentrated than the radiation emitted throughout the rest of SCP-1548. SCP-1548-EX communicates through morse code
using these radiation pulses. The messages SCP-1548 sends out are incredibly
random. While multiple distinct messages have been
recorded, these pulses account for

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