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hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with Scottish oak cakes that’s right these amazing oatmeal pancakes are
the perfect breakfast solution for people that just cannot decide whether
they want pancakes or opening but before we get started I should explain
the Scottish oak cakes I’m doing here are the softer pancake leg version as
opposed to the more popular Scottish Oh cake recipe which is sort of a drier and
much denser cookie and while there’s nothing wrong with that version I just
don’t want it for breakfast especially if I’m making these for some kind of
fancy brunch like Mother’s Day so now that we’ve cleared that up we can go
ahead and get started by dumping 1 cup of rolled oats into this saucepan and by
the way these are the regular rolled oats not the quick cooking kind and then
what we want to do here is pour in an equal amount of heavy cream and we will
give that a stir and bring all this up to a simmer on medium high and by the
way while I really want you to use the regular rolled oats for this if you have
to use the instant kind I would say just skip this step and just mix the cream in
cold and don’t cook it and I’ll try to touch on that in the blog post but
assuming we’re using regular rolled oats what we’ll do is bring this up to a
simmer and we’ll go ahead and give it another stir and then all we’re gonna do
is let this cook for exactly one minute before turning off the heat and letting
this cool down to room temp okay so we’re not cooking the oatmeal all the
way through we’re basically just giving it a little head start before we mix in
the rest of the ingredients okay so to recap we will let that cook for exactly
60 seconds and we’ll turn off the heat and let that cool down to room temp or a
leaves very close to it and once that is cooled down we’ll go ahead and transfer
that into a mixing bowl and we’ll add in the rest of our ingredients and as you
can see it’s that stuff cools down it’s gonna get nice and thick which is
exactly what we want and then once that’s been transferred in we’ll go
ahead and add a little bit of lemon both the freshly grated zest and a little bit
of the freshly squeezed juice and I should mention these are usually made
with buttermilk which is pretty tangy so the lemon here is going to help make up
for that acidity and then to help balance that we will also drizzle in
about a teaspoon of honey and I say about a teaspoon but I’m just guessing
since I’m not going to measure this I’m just gonna drizzle a touch in and then
we’re also gonna want to crack in one large egg
which if you’re making a video you really hope there’s some weird white
thing going across the yoke so that worked out but anyway let’s go ahead and
finish this up with a nice big pinch of salt as well as a little bit of baking
soda which yes classically would be added to our dry ingredients but I just
wasn’t feeling very classical so I decided to add it here and it makes
absolutely no difference in this and what we’ll do is give this a very very
thorough mixing with our spatula before adding our dry ingredients or I should
say dry ingredients since once this is mixed the only thing we’re gonna add is
a little bit of self-rising flour and if you don’t have self-rising flour all
that is is flour with a little bit of baking powder and a little bit of salt
milled into it and as usual I will give you the formula for that on the blog so
we’ll go ahead and stir in just about a quarter cup of that mixing until it just
disappears but then no further and if that didn’t seem like a lot of flour it
wasn’t alright I don’t want my o cakes to have a bready or cakey like texture I
want the inside to be nice and moist and very oatmeal like so we are just doing
the bare minimum of flour here to keep these together and to help us form a
beautiful crispy crusty surface when we fry these in butter so we’ll go ahead
and stir in our flour and that’s it our batter is now officially done and at
this point we have a big decision to make
we can if we want and I have cook these immediately or we can cover in plastic
and leave it on the countertop for an hour or two or if we want we can even
refrigerate this overnight and make them the next day so how long you wait to
cook these is going to be up to you I mean you are after all the William
Wallace of how long do stall this but while you do have the freedom to wait as
long as you want here’s something you should know the longer you wait to cook
these the creamier the texture of the inside will be all right if you fry
these right away those little pieces of oat are gonna retain a lot of that
texture whereas if you leave these overnight the inside will be very very
soft and creamy so you may want to experiment but generally I like to let
mine sit for about an hour on the counter before I cook them although
truth be told this time I let them go a couple hours simply because I was
waiting for a little better light for the final shots and this is what my
mixture looked like right before I headed to the stove and all I’m gonna do
is use a couple big spoons to transfer this into a skillet
that’s been set over medium heat it contains a generous amount of melted
butter and depending on how cold your kitchen is or whether you refrigerated
the mixture and out it may be a little stiff by using the back of your spoons
which you may want to dip into a little bit of that melted butter you should be
able to flatten these out pretty well especially once the mixture starts to
warm up in the pan all right so I went ahead and transfer
three portions in and after just a few seconds that mixture kind of warms up
and it’s fairly easy to press down into whatever thickness you want which should
probably be somewhere between a quarter and a half inch
I guess that’s 3/8 and what we’ll want to do is cook these for about three to
four minutes per side or until they are beautifully browned and we’ve achieved
some significant crust af– ocation which we have certainly achieved here so
we’ll go ahead and flip those over and give the other side three or four
minutes and once these are cooked through they should probably spring back
a little bit to the touch all right they feel kind of soft and mushy maybe let
him go for another minute or two but these were looking and feeling perfect
so we’ll pull those off the heat and go ahead and plate those up and yes you do
get extra credit for serving these next to some seasonal fruit or seasonal bacon
and then of course you can top these any way you want
but I’m going to be going with a little bit of butter as well as we used to be
called Grade B maple syrup but for some reason they changed the name to robust
thanks a lot Canada and I really wanted to drizzle this on seductively but
instead just ended up dripping awkwardly but nevertheless I persisted and I
eventually applied enough syrup to make me happy or happier and that’s it what
I’m probably incorrectly calling Scottish oak cakes are done and forget
about how gorgeous these are or how easy they were to make the real reason to
make these is because they’re absolutely delicious with the most interesting
texture contrast between that buttery crispy crusty surface and that soft
moist oatmeal like Center it really is quite texturally addictive and don’t be
fooled by those crumbs here and there which sort of kind of makes us look like
it would have a texture closer to a pancake but that is really not the case
and as I mentioned earlier the reason we didn’t add a lot of flour to this okay
if we want cakes will make pancakes here I’m going
for something much closer to crispy crusty butter fried oatmeal which is
basically what I accomplished so I really do love how these come out but
anyway that’s it my take on Scottie show cakes the
pancake addition I was originally gonna pitch these as a fancy Mother’s Day
brunch item which I still AM but above and beyond that these are so beautiful
easy and delicious why don’t we put these in the regular breakfast rotation
and see what happens but either way I really do hope you give these delicious
oatmeal pancakes a try soon so head over to food wishes calm for all the
ingredient amounts and more info as usual and as always enjoy you

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