Samogitian Pancakes – Žemaičių blynai

So, welcome, everyone to
MO’s kitchen. MO is all dressed-up today
with new clothes. Ehhh… On this episode we
will make Žemaitiški
[Samogitian] pancakes, right? Yes. Tell us, MO, what we will
need. Minced boiled potatoes. Mh. Boiled minced meat. Herbs. Herbs, fried onions for the
meat. Eggs for potatoes, peppers for
the meat, starch for potatoes. Some salt over there. Mh. These are the ingredients
for the sauce. What’s here? We will melt butter later, some
flour. And there will be sauce. MO is putting onions
to the meat. Herbs. Pepper. Salt. Mix everything well. Everything’s mixed. Eggs. Salt. Starch. Of course mix everything well. Mangle. Mangle. The batter is prepared. Then we will make pancakes. Don’t say hello, little Romas. I won’t say hello. I know. We’ll add some oil now. You’ll shape it now. We’ll definitely shape them. Put your wallet away. Such a nice pancake. Let it get warm. Mh. Here are pancakes cooking. The pan is not full yet. It fried nicely. Let’s turn
the pancakes over. We will make the sauce now. It’ll need… amm. Butter. First you have to melt it, right? Yes. We’ll put some… Flour. 1 tablespoon? That will be enough. A little bit more maybe. You don’t need a lot of
sauce, Romas. Here. We’ll add some water and
sour cream, Romas. I see. We’re adding some water. Not so much of sour cream,
you know. And some sour cream. Will a couple of spoons be
enough? That will be enough of the
sauce. One side fried nicely, let’s
turn them around now. The sauce is mixed. You can say it’s done. We’ll
add some salt. So, you’ll add some sauce,
right? For sure. It’s time to try it now. Mh, So. It’s really good. I think
viewers will be happy with it.
So… Thank you for making it, MO! You’re welcome! Annnnd… Let it be tasty. Thank you viewers for
watching, Subscribe, like and comment. Thank you and until next
episode! MO? Say “bye”. Good-bye! So, tell us, MO, how many
of these pancakes did you
make in the canteen? A lot or not? A thousand servings Be serious about it. For sure. Really? Yes. There have been buffets. Your hands can fall off
while working. They won’t. There have been buffets. Mh. For delivering. People order, right? Yes. You were responsible for
the meat section, right? Or what was it? Yes, for the meat.

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