Russian Piping Tip Decorating – Frosting Flowers Tutorial

Russian Piping Tip Decorating – Frosting Flowers Tutorial

Hi Everyone it’s Lorelie Today I’m going to share with you how to use
Russian piping tips. Subscribe to my channel so you won’t miss
a thing. The brand that I bought is The Chef Cher Russian
Piping Tips Professional Cake Decorating Set. The set comes with seven large flower tips
and a small leaf tip. It also comes with disposable piping bags
and a coupler set for interchanging the tips. You’ll need a pair of scissors. Put the coupler inside the bag, then trim
off just enough of the plastic bag so the coupler fits snugly. We’re going to start with tip 33. Put that onto the coupler and screw it tight. Next fill your bag with your preferred buttercream. In this video I use two kinds of buttercream. My easy buttercream recipe American style. and my favorite Italian meringue buttercream
recipe. To give your flowers more interest and depth
use a combination of colors. I’m using yellow and peach here. This makes the flowers a little more interesting. Squeeze out the buttercream and release the
pressure as you pull up and away from the surface. You can always scrape off so don’t worry if they don’t come out perfect. Using your leaf tip fill in between the flowers. You can make a parchment bag for the leaves. I’ll put links to my tutorial on making parchment
paper piping bags and to both of the buttercream recipes that I use in the video. Isn’t that pretty? Now for the 27. Here is the technique that I use. I am showing you from a different perspective
so you can see my squeeze and release technique. So as you can see I squeeze until the icing
touches the cake and then continue to squeeze as I pull up and away and then completely
release the pressure. I’m exagerating a little bit so you can see
the release. And here is what the 27 looks like. Filling in with greenery brings the flowers
more to life. And here we have a 32 which makes a more delicate Rose The colors you choose will also make a difference. For example with this one I used a soft color
because I wanted to make the flower look a little more delicate. You can also pipe a second layer of flowers
to create height like I am doing here. This is the IMBC The Italian Meringue Buttercream
Recipe. I lightly microwaved it and smoothed it out
before filling the bag. These may take a few times beefore you get
the rhythm down and figure out which buttercream recipe you prefer. I find that any buttercream will work as long
as it is at the right temperature. Number thirty seven is another favorite of
mine. It’s the Tulip. I am using the Easy buttercream recipes which
is at Wedding Cakes For You. The Tulip looks especially nice when you fill
the center with a contrasting color to make the stamens stand out. Play around with various color combinations. I like the white with pink. Here are some Tulips that I made previously
with the white and pink combined. This is the number thirty tip which makes a very interesting design. Every once in a while THIS will happen. Just remove it and wipe the tip clean. Let’s move on to the twenmty four which also
makes an interesting flower. This has pretty distinct center stamens. I decided to do a double layer on this cupcake. And for the final demo we have a number 25. As you can see there are similarities between
certain tips. It definitely helps that this set is numbered. Once you get the hang of the Russian Piping
Tips they do make it easier for the novice decorator to create beautiful cupcakes and
they are also good for professionals to combine with classic flowers on a cake. Have fun with your Russian Piping Tips . Use hashtag lorelielook to show me your Russian
Piping Tips creations. Happy Baking and Happy Cake Decorating.

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  1. Thank you Lorelie the video is going to be very helpful! Can't wait to show you my designs this coming week!

  2. Would also love to know what your favorite cake pans are? I recently bought a set off of Amazon but I have not used them I would love to know what you recommend thank you

  3. thanx for the video i just got mines couple weeks ago n have not tried them i was looking for a video for contrast colours thanx

  4. I've just made the burrecrean and its too soft to pipe…not all flowers come out . What did I do wrong? Thank you…

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