Quinceanera Cake and a Gumpaste Dogwood Flower Tutorial

Quinceanera Cake and a Gumpaste Dogwood Flower Tutorial

In this video you will see how to create
this beautiful dogwood inspired quinceanera cake. The gum paste Dogwood
flowers are simple to make and look almost like the real thing.
Hi it’s Lorelie welcome back to my channel, and if it’s your first time
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and ring the bell. Start by rolling out a ball of gum paste
very thin. Cut the flower shapes. You can make your own gum paste, you can buy it
pre-made, or do what I did and add tylose powder to a fondant. The links are below Next step is to use your flower
impression mat and foam pieces and your finger pressure to create the veins for
the petals. Using a ball tool thin the edges of each petal. You can use muffin tins with tissue or
cotton balls to dry them. You can also use these special cups by Wilton. oh and
don’t forget to pinch the petals to create some movement I almost forgot to
tell you that part. Let the Dogwood flowers dry overnight.
Make the center’s next from Moss green gum paste. Dust them with a little lime
green petal dust and then once the flowers are dry you can dab the center’s
with a little bit of water and place them on the flowers. Next cut the leaves
and do the same as you did with the centers, as far as dusting with the petal
dust, and let those dry. All the tools that I’m using in this video are in my Amazon shop for you. I will leave a link for you below as well as a list for the products. While all that is drying, bake fill and
crumb coat your cakes. This is a 12 9 6 and it’s my most popular best-selling
cake flavor. It’s orange butter cake with white chocolate buttercream and
raspberries. You can find the recipes of my book already multiplied for you. It’s
on Amazon. The cakes are being frosted with my
Italian meringue buttercream frosting recipe. If you’re frustrated with
buttercream and not sure which one is best for what or how to smooth it
check out my buttercream masterclass. I’ll put the link below for you. You can put fabric ribbon directly onto
a cold buttercream cake. I used two layers of ribbon, one solid and one sheer.
A little dab of buttercream holds the ribbon together. To finish the dogwood blossoms use a
combination of pink and brown petal dust on the tips of each petal. Of course you
could also make Dogwoods in pink. No need for wires or toothpicks. they go
on with a dab of buttercream, and because they are very light they will stay in
place. I love texture. So that can be done with
a smattering of sprinkles and some piping. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in
the next video. And don’t forget to join me on Wednesdays at one o’clock I do
a live every Wednesday right here on YouTube. you

17 thoughts on “Quinceanera Cake and a Gumpaste Dogwood Flower Tutorial

  1. Dogwood flowers are probably the easiest gumpaste flowers to make. You can make them look very realistic with a dusting of brown and pink petal dust and by pinching or folding the petals. I put a link in the description box to a flower making kit that has everything you need to make these and tons of other flowers. You can also buy individual parts and build up an arsenal of tools over time.

  2. Can you tell me the purpose of the parchment circles between each tier? I haven't seen that before.

  3. YAY I bought that kit โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ. Love this cake. Absolutely beautiful!!

  4. What a lovely cake! I love it! So dramatic and clean. Thank you so much for the tutorial. Is the dogwood flower cutter and veiner a set or did you buy them separately?

  5. The most easiest beautiful charming cake I have ever seen. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  6. I have to let u know,I ordered my copy of your book, it was just delivered. Its like your here with me. so simple, I love it! much appreciated! thanks.

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