Quick Fatless Sponge Cake – By Vahchef @ vahrehvah.com

Quick Fatless Sponge Cake  – By Vahchef @ vahrehvah.com

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvah.com. Today I’m going to show you how to make fatless sponge cake and today we’re going to use you know a cake tin, you know what I did is just apply a little bit of
fat and then use butter paper lining this is a must do for fatless sponge cakes so you will be able to remove it easily otherwise this cake mixture will stick hard to your moulds. Now for this i’m going to take 3 eggs you know if you’re doing it with the hand, we usually separate the eggs white and yellow and beat them
separately but if you’re using a kitchen machine, the Kenwood what I have you don’t need to separate these eggs just make sure that your eggs are at room temperature that’s when the eggs will aerate very nicely; ok now just beat them till they are nice frosty and form peaks but the technique is adding sugar little by little while you’re beating once you have a nice kitchen machine
like this the beating can be done in three to four minutes in this we’re
going to add 85 grams of sugar but add sugar little by little and when the eggs are nicely beaten and almost done that’s when you will add some vanilla essence to this. These eggs have beaten perfectly and they should be able to form slight peaks
the way it is done here and that is when you will be getting good fatless sponge and it should be kind of a dropping consistency just the bitten eggs and that
is when we’re going to cut and fold flour; we have taken 85 grams of sugar so we’re going to take 85 grams flour
also so now just add flour, just sprinkle all over a little bit and then just fold
it okay look at this be very careful you
should not mix it aggressively and once you see that the flour disappeared and one more time look at this perfect and now we can add the rest of the flour all we’re trying to do is just the aeration has to be retain and then at the same time you fold in this flour you don’t want any of the flour to remain
but it has to be nicely mixed now look at this this perfectly mixed you don’t
see any traces of flour and at the same time we have managed to retain all the
aeration. ok now just for this mixture you know do not fill it up just around
seventy percent you can fill it and just with the spatula just to level it out
because this is kind of formed into peaks that should be good ok now you do not beat it like this
because the aeration will be gone now we’re going to bake this at 180
degrees centigrade for around 15 minutes ok now look at this this is perfect and
we’re going to let it cool down after that you can cut into pieces sprinkle
some icing sugar or even you can do icing chocolate icing any kind of icing
on this and you can make fantastic cakes using this fatless sponge. These have comeout very easily and after removing just remove of this and you have this very
nice look at them sponge means it has to be
really like a sponge ok this is fantastic, when you make this
fatless sponge you can eat it many ways you know today I’m just not going
to make anything but you know cut them into a nice small pieces and eat it you
know because if you’re going to keep it out there going to dry out a little bit
then you may have to use sugar syrup and what not but this is pretty good look at
this just cut it like this look at this you know they come out nice and awesome sponges; dear friends I’m sure you enjoyed learning how to make this fatless Sponge cake and we’re going to convert them into awesome wonderful cakes in the future by putting different icings but enjoy just with icing sugar and it will be awesome mmm mm-hmm dear friends do not forget that vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook, so please post your recipes and cooking
tips at vahrehvah.com so others can benefit from your great cooking. Thank

100 thoughts on “Quick Fatless Sponge Cake – By Vahchef @ vahrehvah.com

  1. It's always inspirational and motivational to watch your recipes and cooking/ baking tips. I'm going to make this fat less sponge cake, hoping it comes out as fluffy and soft as yours.🍰

  2. I am not getting peeks of egg 3 timea I tried but dint get plz tell me I have to do now and I dont have that machine

  3. very good and easy!! I didnt used the mixer machine, I beat the eggs with the steel whisk and the final result was aprox the same ^_^ and… I added a little cinnamon 🙂 I am a cinnamon lover!

  4. if we r using electric beater to beat eggs. do we need to separate the egg yolks or can be done as shown in the receipe?

  5. Thanks I'm going to make this today! I love your videos and your accent 🙂

    -Update: Hi I just made this and it was delicious however it didn’t came out as beautiful as yours. I followed all your step. I also whipped the eggs untill they were white, glossy and stiff. Oven was at temp, etc

  6. oh THANK YOU I was going to fail my exam if I didnt see this video. all i was doing wrong is putting all the sugar at once

  7. I tried this today. Very bland. Soft but terribly bland. Was screaming for flavor. Tasted like rubber.

  8. Hice el doble de cantidad y se medio horneó en 50 minutos! Es decir, una parte se horneó bien y la otra a medias. Imagino que lo ideal es hacer un pastelito pequeño para esta receta como se indica y si se quiere hacer mas q sea en otro molde, quizá así si se cumplan los 15 min de horneado y no los 50 min por el doble de cantidad del pastel. La parte q si se horneo bien quedo fantástica.

  9. hi Chef, Can i use this recipe to make pastries.When i use butter and make the cakes the cake gets hardened while refrigerating.

  10. i watch your videos since years and want to say thank you soooooo much for this idiotproofcake!!! this is soooo great and usable for so many cake creation ideas i have. Thank You!♥

  11. I made this once before and it turned out grait. Tomorrow I'll be making this for mother's birthday~♡

  12. I've been looking without success for a healthy low calorie & sugar recipe for my fav classic Victoria sponge. But anything that comes close is high calorie high fat it's a real let down when chefs cannot give an alternative that's packed with fat sugar high calories….

    Nice video got me feeling hungry now 🙃

  13. I was beating about 20-25min before my eggs would settle!! Feels like I had a good workout! O how my Patience was tested today. Just hope my cake come out good. Thank you anyway. Looks like you enjoy baking

  14. I am going to make these for my grandchildren myself I cannot eat it because I am gluten-free I hope you make good cake with gluten-free flour thank you

  15. chef i dont eat eggs otherwise but i am fine with having them in mayonaise and cakes. i tried this recipe nd it mine had an eggy flavour. ne tios to kill that eggy smell?? my mom said try half a lemon juice in recipe. will it work??

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  17. Hello Sir! This is an amazing video. I tried this recipe two times but there are some small issues. I beat the egg with sugar and vanilla essence to fluffy consistency but still after baking it I am getting the egg smell strong. Also the surrounding of the cake is crunchier than soft. I did exactly as in the video but I used pressure cooker for baking. Please give me some ideas to reduce the problems I mentioned. Also I am new to baking. Thank you 🙂

  18. Hello sir main ne yeh cake try ki hun bahot hi Achcha bana hai
    App Mujhe 1 kg ka measurement bataoge please

  19. What are the ingrediants used in bakery frosting.. And how they do it.. I need that type of frosting . Which wil not met for 2- 3 hours @ room temperature ..

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