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Yener’s Cake Tips Hi, guys
Over 40 years I’m decorating cakes And if you ask me the question What is the most commonly used ornament
in the cake decorating business I would say easily: Roses! So I’d like to show you today
my way of making roses In just a couple of minutes Without using any special equipment This is the all that needs to make a rose I have two colors of fondant So I chose two colors, because
I’m gonna make a variation of different colors I like to have multiple tones in one rose So I use Vizyon but this doesn’t mean
that you can not use anything else So you can use your own favourite one I have a plastic bag here
A simple plastic bag I want to have the plastic bag
open in one side Alright, like that It’s like a page Alright Like this Will be perfect Alright I have a transparent pusher In these two formats I will show you this is you can use But I prefer this one, because I can push
single petals at the time Alright So let’s get ready with fondant I have red fondant here And I have white here Alright So I’m gonna take a little bit of red fondant And then create a pink fondant
mixing with white So this will be my base color That’s nice So Today I’d like to make Two-, four- and five- petals roses So two in the center, in one color
which is this color A little bit lighter color Four-petals on the side This is the second layer And after that
I’m gonna make another 5-petal outside Okay I want to take this much of this one And this much of this one Gonna make the second tone Okay Let’s see how’s this
The second tone, okay And then the third layer
even lighter than this Just a little bit Almost white Okay, we’re ready So these are the three colors we need I’m gonna roll this Just about.. Like broomstick size That’s the one Second one And the third one Two pieces from the first one One and two Four pieces from the second one One, two, three, and four And after that five pieces for the outer petals Two.. Three.. Don’t take this one One, two, three, four That we can take, no problem So I’d like to do all the petals all in once,
not one by one Okay, so One and two One, two, three Four And one, two, three, four, five As you see I’m not really worried
about their positioning Make sure that there’s enough space in between
Maybe just put four here And then four here Will be easier to do
Alright And then, close it So you can use, as I said, this But you need something with
a little bit more power, force to apply So that’s why individually done like this
is much more easier Because with this one I can turn left and right So what is this? About five millimeter perspex sheet
just like a spoon shape If you can do that yourself
you will use it for years long I made this one many-many years ago
and it never breaks Okay So Push Push So, as you see, that’s a zero here, but Anywhere else is not zero
so I have to direct my finger around Just glide my finger around
to make the same thickness everywhere As thin as possible The trick is, the thicker part here
will construct the rose into the right shape So that’s why I’m not touching the back part Okay Open Turn around Open again Push it back Turn around Watch this First Turning Before we finish turning, push this one in So that is the first two-piece Second row will be four So the second color is this color One Two Three And four Make sure that your
balancing is equally distributed around Don’t touch the top Just touch the bottom a little bit
keep it cylindrical shape So, now the outer layer One I’m trying to stay in the same height Or the outer level a little bit more higher Because once we squish in the middle
the center will pop out Three Four And five Alright Now watch me Four fingers, two fingers here
two fingers here (from the opposite side) Manipulate the rose
by squishing a little bit at the time So when I see this one goes too much, I squish
the other side, and it will centralize it Okay, now Watch this
My finger has these little corners here So I’m pushing here and doing this You can also do it like that, no problem One and two One and two One and two So this rose is done within 2 minutes Or maximum 3 minutes I couldn’t stop myself, I did a couple more So I’d like to show you more, maybe
some small ones that you can see also So, again We’re just rolling like a broomstick size,
a little bit larger than the broomstick size Okay You don’t have to worry about this fondant
because it doesn’t dry too quickly This Vizyon fondant So I’m just gonna leave it in room temperature
like this, I don’t worry about it getting dry Alright So A couple more slices You don’t have to worry too much
about the size of the slices Just about 1 centimeter is good enough Alright So let’s do know a couple more small ones This is one And two And then four around One Two Three And four Okay This is two-four One And three Variety of sizes can be achieved by
manipulating just number of petals Not the size of the petals Alright I want to show you this, look at that One single petal, nothing else
but just pushing one side down and turning around That will match into the end of the arrangement Like, let’s say one here One there And one there Okay, just like this And you have smaller roses on the side You can even chop this one from one side Slightly with angle While the rose is quite soft Alright So you can place it like that Alright And after that
you can maybe just put like this Alright, and this one here Imagine it with leaves and branches around And this is the end of the branch Maybe just go to the other side like that And this is here. It’s up to you Again, this one we can also chop a little bit I always do that, I chop a little bit
to make the rose sit at the right angle Look at that Let me show you how to do this I’m putting here Just take a knife, or a palette knife Spatula also can do Just push in like that If you use a plastic knife
you can do it at once Because plastic knife doesn’t really stick
to the side of the fondant Just turning around like that Look at that, that’s ready to use Alright, and you can also chop this
if you like So there are my very simple roses
you can do them in no time And you can use them for an expensive cake Thanks for watching again And if you liked this video, please like
and subscribe to my channel And there’s a lot more to come
till the next one. Bye for now Yener’s Way
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