PRINCESS CAKE How to make princess birthday cake how to cook that reardon

PRINCESS CAKE How to make princess birthday cake how to cook that reardon

Welcome to I’m Ann Reardon.
For a printable copy of the recipes, including quantities and ingredients, simply go to the
website Today we’re looking at how to make a princess
cake using fondant and a vanilla cake with butter cream in the middle. To start with to make your cake, put all the
ingredients in the mixing bowl and set it on high, and leave it for about 2 or 3 minutes
until it is light and creamy. While that is mixing, you need to take a bowl that’s about
the size you that you want the skirt to be. And spray it with some cooking oil and also
you need one tin that also needs to be sprayed with cooking oil. Take some baking paper. We’re going to line
the tin base with baking paper. Fold it in half. And then fold it in half again. Using
one hand here because I’ve got my baby on my hip. Then once you’ve folded it in half
4 times, simply cut one corner around in the shape of your tin, then when you fold it,
you’ve got your circle ready to go in the base of your tin. And that is ready for your
cake. Check your mixture, it should be looking like
this light fluffy, and whitish in colour. You need to half fill your tin. If you put
any more than that in there, it’s going to overflow when it rises in the oven. Then when
I’m making my cakes that I want to layer, I like to push more mixture towards the edge
and away from the middle. Even though when you put it in the oven it’s going to flow
back into the middle, this seems to stop the large doming effect and the sides being too
low. Put the rest of your mixure into the oven proof bowl and then push that towards
the edge again. Bake in a moderate oven for about 20 minutes.
And then move both of them down to a lower shelf in the oven and then put a baking tray
over the top so that they don’t burn on top. The bowl in particular is going to take a
while to cook. You just need to keep checking it by placing a knife in the middle to see
if it’s done. If the knife comes out clean, it’s done. Once it’s cooked, tip it out and
allow it to cool completely and then we want to trim around the top edge of the bowl, because
we want it to be the shape of a skirt, not the shape of a bowl turned upside down. So
you need to take a sharp knife and trim off around the top. Start doing little by little,
you can always take off more. And then we’re gonna cut this into 3 layers. Being careful
not to cut your hand. There’s one, and then there’s two and three. So you’re doing two
cuts through which gives you the three layers. Then take your cake, which I don’t need to
level the top, because as I said, the way of moving it away from the middle has meant
that we’ve got a flat cake on top. So we’re just cutting it into 2 layers for our base
layer. There we go. And then using a cookie cutter for each of those layers in the middle,
take out a centre circle. This is to allow room to put the legs of the doll down the
middle of the cake. Then you can eat those bits. Then we’re going to take some simple syrup.
The recipe for that is on the website. If you click on the link in the description below
the video you’ll get all the quantities for the cake and the Simple syrup and everything.
The purpose for the simple syrup is that it keeps the cake moist. Often if you have an
ice cake, it can come out quite dry, but by adding some simple syrup, which you can flavour
how you like, it helps keep the cake moist and it doesn’t make the cake soggy at all. Put a layer of butter cream. Again the butter
cream recipe is also on the website, just link in the description below this video.
Then spread it. It doesn’t matter if it’s overlapping on the outside because we’re going
to put a layer of butter cream on the outside. We don’t want too much overlapping into the
middle, because that’s just going to be wasted. On your next layer, just repeat what we’ve
already done. So another squirt of your simple syrup, then add your butter cream, spread
it out and repeat this, all the way, with all your layers, up to the top. And you’re
just doing the same thing. As I said, don’t worry about butter cream sticking out on the
outside edge. Because we’re gonna use that to help cover the outside of the cake anyway.
And it’s easier if you’ve actually got it overlapping to the outside because then you
don’t have lots of gaps and holes that you need to fill. So there’s our final layer. Then using a large knife or spatular if you’ve
got one, spread out that butter cream that we had overlapping. If you need to get extra,
just get some extra out of the bowl and spread that around. So we’re trying to get a really
thin, smooth, what’s called a “crumb coat” over the whole cake. Then place that in the
fridge and let it set. The purpose of that is then when you put your
coat of butter cream over the top, you don’t get crumbs in it. So it’s easier to get it
smooth. So then once your crumb coat is set in the fridge, then put a coating of your
butter cream over the top of that. And then using baking paper, smooth up the edges, untill
you get a nice smooth surface on all sides of your cake. Any bumps and lumps will probably
show through your fondant. Next take some white fondant and roll out
a long strip using a knife or a pizza cutter cut down two sides so you end up with a very
long rectangle if it not wuite long enough it doesnt matter you can just join another
piece on but hte longer then further around the body it is going ot get. PIck it up and
then we are going to use this as our frill round the very bottom of the cake so as you
put it on make some creases and folds so that it looks like fabric that is gathered at the
bottom of the cake like a petticoat under neath the top colour that we are going to
use. Continue to do that the whole way around the edge of your cake. And then after that
we are ready for our pink you don’t want to roll it into a circle you want to roll a big
recatngle. If you roll it into a circle it will be smooth up the top whereas the dresses
get gathered in at the waist so you want the gathers to be up the top. so when you are
putting htat on just like you did with the other create creases at the top and just poke
it into the middle for now we will cut off the excess in a minute. Now we want to create
like swags at the bottom of the dress. So before it firms up just follow the line around
and tuck it up in some places around the base of the dress so that we have that curved shape
of swags going around the base of the dress, just makes it look pretty. Then for your next
piece fold it over at the start of it so that it doesnt look like you’ve added a piece so
it just looks like a fold in the dress and again do what you did before just crease it
as you go around making some nice little folds and tucks at the top of the dress. So that
it looks like fabric flowing down. And then when you get to the end just tuck the end
under again. And then repeat what we did with the other side. Make your swags just coming
up around at various intervals Then take a knife cut off your excess fondant that is
in the middle of the cake and you’ll probably have to get rid of that because it will have
some buttercream on it. Roll out another piece of your oink fondant and using a knife cut
a shape that looks similar to what I am making here it doesnt have to be exact but just as
best as you can and then place that over the top of your doll and wrap it around the back
so wrap it tightly around, trim off some excess before you wrap it. Wrap it tightly around
the doll and the take your knife now taht it is in place and just cut out a v shape
at the neck it is easier to do this once it is on the doll rather than off becasue when
you do it off it can stretch a bit while youare putting it on and it is hard to get it exactly
in place and exactly perfect. SO then just using your knife just push and smooth it so
that you get that nice rounded look at the top and then we are just going to cut off
a little bit at the back to make it straight going the whole way around. Just press your
knife along until you are happy with the dress line that you have got. Then bend your dolls
legs and push her down into the cake. Make sure you’ve got the best bit of your cake
at the front so have a look at your dress choose the best side and turn it round and
then push your doll into place. Roll out some white fondant place a bowl or
something round over the top and cut out a circle so that you’ve got a good circle of
white fondant, this is to make the frill that is going around where the bodice joins the
dress. Then using the tip of a piping piece or anything circluar that is sharp that you
have just cut not the whole way through becasue we dont want to cut out a circle we just want
to make a bevelled type edge so just goining around rolling it as you go to make a bevelled
edge the whole way around the circle and then just oull the excess fondant away. Using something
else that you have this is a measurng cup cut out a cirle from the middle. And then
with you kinfe just at any point just make a slit through. And now we can pick that up
and wrap it around the waist. Just makes it look prettier, gives a bit of contrast adn
also covers over any gaps you may have in the join of th bodice to the skirt. It is
going ot be slightly too big so just wrap it around and overlap it by one sort of frill
and then trim it off. And there you have your basic findant bit of it. Now we are going
to make it look pretty we are going to make some little flowers. if you’ve got a flower
cutter use that if not then I will show you a method here. Just hold it in place and using
a knife push into the centre to make your petals so again just hold it in place in the
centre and then using a knife push in to make your petals and then you’ve got a little flower.
Then taking a little bit of your red gel colour, mix it with a little bit of water on a pint
brush and just starting from the centre on each petal give a little bit of colour adn
this just look smore pink than red once it is on there which is what we are after. And
do that on each of the flowers. Then we are going to take soem of the little silver balls
and place one in teh centre of each of your flowers and then you can set the flowers to
one side so that they can dry a little bit before we put them on the cake. Now mix up
some royal icing The recipe for the royal icing is on the website if you click on the
link in the description just below this video there will be a link that takes you to the
recipe for the royal icing adn then just pipe little dots all the way around where the frill
meets the bodice. and tehn coming down and around the edge by piping the little dots
it makes it look more like lace and it just makes it a little bit prettier it’s the little
details on teh cakes that make them look extra special and just finishes them off nicely.
Then around the bottom of your dress as well coming up where your swags come up put some
dots going upwards/. And then about three rows of dots all the way around the edge of
the cake. And take your flowers put some of your royal icing on the back and just where
each swag comes up place a flower up the top. And there you have your buttercream cake covered
in fondant. Thankyou to everyoe who has subscribed clicked like and clicked on share to let others
know about the channel, really appreciate your support, Enjoy.

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