Power Pea Soup and Patriotic Pancakes

Power Pea Soup and Patriotic Pancakes

Hey you! Are you hungry? What’s for dinner? Pea soup! Uuuuuhhhhuuuuhmmnnnn!! Oh, pea soup! Pea soup! Pea soup!Peas! Onion! ONE carrot! Thyme! Nnghhmm Nyaha! Salted sidepork! Egg! Flour! Butter Mmnngghh! Milk Let them soak over night! But we don’t have time for that now SO WE HAVE ALREADY PREPARED IT!! .___.Chop the onions! 😐 Put the chopped up ingridients IN THE PAN!Whip thoroughly FRY the shit! 😀 Mm! Nam Next time We’ll have carrot cake ¬___¬

100 thoughts on “Power Pea Soup and Patriotic Pancakes

  1. I can notice the feel "Oh shit" when you forgot and throw ceramic plate 

  2. Asså jag tar tillbaka vad jag komenterade på "Lethal Lasagna". Ni är faktiskt fortfarande helt jävla vansinniga.

    It's good for you.

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