Pineapple Cake Filling Recipe for Coconut Cake or Summer Dessert Idea

Pineapple Cake Filling Recipe for Coconut Cake or Summer Dessert Idea

In this video I’m sharing a delicious
pineapple cake filling that you can make from scratch in a few easy steps. Hi
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This recipe was shared with me by my Brazilian friend Santusa and it starts
like this. In a large pot mix together one cup of flour, one-and-a-half cups of
sugar, and 3/8 teaspoon of salt. In another bowl mix together 3 eggs, 2 cups
of crushed pineapple, one cup of pineapple juice and 3 tablespoons of key
lime juice. Mix that together then pour it into the pot with the dry ingredients.
Mix all the ingredients together and then set over a flame that’s set to
medium. Stir while cooking for about 15 minutes or until it thickens. Pour the
mixture into a container. Cover that with plastic wrap and make a few holes in the
top so this a little bit of the steam can escape and then refrigerate
overnight. This video is part of a wedding cake series. UPLOADING PART TWO SOON. If you want to see
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8 thoughts on “Pineapple Cake Filling Recipe for Coconut Cake or Summer Dessert Idea

  1. Happy Monday!!! I'm starting of this week with a luscious tropical Pineapple cake filling. Here is the link to the original video from 2013. Wow that seems like forever ago!! The original Pineapple filling recipe has 2 tablespoons of butter added at the end, which you can opt to do. Either way it's yummy and great for the coconut cake. Stay tuned because this little video will be a part of a series for a small wedding cake order coming up.

  2. Oh, this looks heavenly. I'll bet it makes an amazing pina colada cake. πŸ˜€ I'll have to try it.

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