Perfect Pancakes || How to Make Basic Pancakes || Kids Tiffin Box Recipes || Basic Recipes ||Ep:440

Perfect Pancakes || How to Make Basic  Pancakes || Kids Tiffin Box Recipes || Basic Recipes ||Ep:440

Hi.. Namaskar.. How are you? Hope all are doing good. Here we are fine. Today I have come with a basic recipe of pancake. Many had asked me how to make pancakes.. But then 90% people know to make this. So I thought I shall show the rest 10% who doesn’t know. Today I am showing how to make using egg but I will be mentioning the eggless way in the video. You can use maple syrup, honey, nutella or chocolate spread with this. I had shown how to make chocolate spread before. Many of you haven’t seen it. Its the taste of nutella that you can make at home. Make what your kids like. Kids love pancakes. Its a good item that you can pack in tiffins for them. All of you do try it out and dont forget to send me your feedback. So without any delay lets see how to make our easy peasy pancake. Ok. Lets begin to make our pancake. Today I am showing the egg version. I shall tell you how to make eggless too. I shall show you how to make pancakes using bananas and oats some other time. Now we shall do the basic version. Transfer 1 cup maida to a bowl. Add 2tsp baking pdr or you may substitute it with 1/2tsp baking soda. But its always best to use baking pdr to make pancakes. Only if you dont have it, use baking soda. Mix this well. This is one recipe that you can make on the spot. Many have been asking for the recipe. Mix this baking pdr and maida well with a fork or you may sieve it so that it is mixed well. I am not sieving it. I am just mixing it with a fork. You can substitute maida with wheat flour if you want. But pancakes are tasty with maida. But those who would like to avoid maida can use wheat flour. I am using eggs today because I am not using baking soda. If you are making it eggless, add 1/2tsp baking soda. So use baking pdr and baking soda if its eggless. But today I am using egg so I am adding just baking pdr. Mix this well and keep it aside. Take another bowl and add some melted butter Add little salt to it. Make sure it doesn’t exceed. Then add 1.5tbsp sugar. You can add 1tbsp or 1.5 tbsp sugar. I have added 1.5tbsp. Now we shall add 1 egg of room temperature. The egg shouldn’t be cold. Now lets beat all these well. Those who are not adding eggs, beat the melted butter, salt and sugar well. This is done now. I have boiled milk and let it to cool to room temperature. The milk shouldn’t be cold. Pour 3/4th glass milk. We shall pour more milk later on if needed. You can add vanilla essence to this. I am not adding because we have taken just 1 egg. You can add 1tsp vanilla essence if you want. Make sure all the ingredients are in room temperature. Now that’s also done. Now lets mix the maida and baking pdr mix to the egg milk mix. You should never add all together to the milk mix. Mix well to get rid of the lumps. After that add little more maida and mix again till no lumps are seen. We shall mix all this way. You shouldn’t stir to both the sides. Mix only to one direction. If you have very small lumps its ok. I have added all the maida now. Stir slowly till all the lumps are gone. We shall check the consistency now. If you feel its thick we shall add little more milk. It should be like Idly batter. So I’ve taken 3/4th glass+1tbsp milk You will understand that when you mix it. It shouldn’t be very loose. The consistency should be fluffy. Always use a fork to mix all these. It removes all the lumps than using a spoon. Now our batter is ready. I used 3/4th glass + 1 tbsp milk for this. Now we shall heat a pan for this. Keep it on medium flame. I am using a non stick pan so I am not using any butter or so. If you are using an iron or any other pan apply butter now so that it doesn’t stick to the pan. Brush some butter or oil to remove the pancake easily from the pan. I shall show you the batter consistency. This is the correct consistency. Its like idly batter. The salt should not exceed and shouldn’t be less too. Add salt correctly. Sweetness can be adjusted with the topping we will be adding later. So sugar in batter can be less. If you dont like much of sugar, you can add just 1/2 tsp sugar. But for kids here, I take 1.5tbsp sugar. Now lets wait till the pan becomes hot. Another important matter is that after making the batter, we should use it in 20mts. Later the effect of baking pdr will reduce. The pancakes wont rise or be soft as we want. So make it as soon as you mix it. Busy people might not be able to do all together in the morning. You can mix the maida and baking pdr and keep aside. Keep the rest of the ingredients ready too. Then you can mix and make it fast in the morning. One day kids said they wanted pancakes in the morning. I mixed all the previous night and kept it in the fridge. But I didn’t add baking pdr to it. I kept it out at 4.30am. By 5.30am the batter came to room temperature. Then I added baking pdr and made pancakes. If you want you can do it that way but its always best to make it fresh. Do it only if you dont have another option Our pan is hot now. Lets pour the batter. You dont have to spread it like making dosa. Let this get cooked on medium flame. One the top part is filled with holes, we shall turn it over. Never cook on high flame. Always cook on medium flame. If you dont have butter, its ok. You can sprinkle some oil if you want. You may think of sprinkling ghee. But I haven’t used ghee so I dont know. Once the holes have come, turn it over. Now one side is ready in an even colour. If you cook on high flame, the bottom part will turn black in colour and taste bitter. So never do that. Cook only on medium flame. This is the correct golden colour our pancake wants. You dont have to cook it for long after turning it over. You dont have to close and cook it too. You will be cooking it in steam then. Water content will be there Just cook it for 30 seconds or so. Lets transfer this to a plate now. Just wipe the pan if its a non stick pan. Brush some butter or oil each time before pouring the batter if its not a non stick pan. Just pour 1 ladle of batter. No need to spread it out. Never keep pancakes one over the other. Especially when they are hot, they will stick to each other. The second ones holes are seen. It takes around 3mts to cook one side. I shall make all the same way and tell you how many I got to make. Usually I get 8 pancakes with this. If you want fluffy pancakes, increase the amount of baking pdr. But I dont think we need more fluffier pancakes. Never press the pancakes while they are being cooked. People press dosas to make them rise. You shouldn’t spread or press the pancakes. This is also ready. I shall make all and let you know how many I could make from this batter. Now I have made all. I got 8 pancakes from 1 cup maida batter. You can have this with honey, maple syrup You can add fruits too. I spread some maple syrup and home made chocolate spread while giving to my kids. I had shown how to make it like nutella. I spread that for them. Cut some strawberries, mangoes and keep it in the tiffin box. Kids will love it. This is an easy recipe for bachelors too. You can make it fast in the mornings. Let me try out 1 pancake now. I am having maple syrup here. Thats what I like better than honey. Let me show you the texture. It has lots of holes inside. You can substitute maida with wheat flour if you want. Let me taste and see how is it. Let me have a slice of strawberry with it. I am just showing you strawberries because I have them. Its optional. Gives a nice colour contrast here. All of you do try it out. Its an easy peasy pancake and let me know your feedback. Until we meet with my next recipe..Thank you. Will it rain now Nandu? It looks like its going to rain. Amma.. do you see a tree bird? I cant see a single bird. Its over there on that tree. I can see it.. Why isnt your bus coming?

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